B.Tech Notes | Bachelor of Technology Study Material, Course Details, Duration, Eligibility, Admissions, Fee, Career Prospects

B Tech Bachelor of Technology: If you are a higher secondary school student and are unclear about choosing between B. Tech and B.E or other courses, then this BTech Geeks article on B Tech is the apt course for your reference.

Bachelor of Technology course programme is a professional engineering undergraduate degree offered in multiple disciplines. B.Tech undergrad degree emphasis majorly on the basics of engineering mathematics, various concepts, informational technology, and other subjects or topics focused on the specialisations. Avail subject-wise Lecture Notes related to Engineering Departments like ECE, CSE, Mech, EEE, Civil, etc. all in one place and plan your preparation according to your requirements.

B.Tech is four years of academic study in various specialisations such as- Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, and many others.

Since the world we reside in needs technological experts in various sectors for development and informational technology, there remains a high demand for B.Tech graduates.

Bachelor of Technology Course Syllabus and Notes

The course curriculum for B Tech Bachelor of Technology course programme offered in India comes spread across eight semesters. The course curriculum for every B.Tech specialisation course programme is different with different focus and subjects. Here are a few syllabus or course curriculums for certain popular B. Tech specialisations-

About B.Tech Bachelor of Technology

Bachelors of Technology is a four-year full-time course undergraduate course programme that encompasses various fields of engineering and technology. B. Tech is a course programme designed to develop and strengthen the technical skills of aspirants in the core developmental and technological sector.

Bachelors of Technology offers both theoretical and practical knowledge and also provides practical and hands-on training to learn and master the working of different hardware and software in their respective fields.

B.Tech enables students to work in sectors apart from the core engineering sectors such as Consultancy, Information Technology, Management, and Data Analysis sectors. With strong technical skills, B.Tech grads can apply and commence their career in various Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) and other governmental postings.

Course Highlights

Course Name Bachelor of Technology
Course Level Undergraduate level
Course Duration Fours Years
Eligibility Criteria Class 10+2 with 60 per cent aggregate
Placement Opportunities Government or Private sectors, Public, Sector Undertakings, Institutions, and IT Sectors
Employment Roles Software Engineer, IOT Specialist, Civil Engineer, Testing Engineer, Mechanical Engineer
Average Income Rs. 8 Lakhs/- to Rs. 25 Lakhs/- per annum
Similar Courses B.E.

Skill Set Required

  • Multi-disciplinary exposure
  • Creativity
  • Familiarity with Industry standards
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Analytical and Creative thinking
  • Acquaintance with Computers and IT technology
  • Deep and intense knowledge of the core subject
  • Teamwork
  • Application of the subject knowledge
  • Leadership Skills

Course Duration

The course duration for the B.Tech course programme is four-years long. There are typically two kinds of engineering course programme:

  • A three-year-long B.Tech course programme after Diploma in engineering
  • A four-year-long B.Tech course programme after class 10+2

Bachelor of Technology Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for B.Tech Bachelor of Technology programme admissions is as follows:

  • Candidates should have completed or qualified class 10+2 examination with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as the core subjects from a recognised institution board ( State/ICSE/CBSE/IGCSE).
  • Candidates should have procured a minimum of 60 per cent average aggregate or more in the qualifying examination.

However, the eligibility requirement is a section for B. Tech that varies from institution to another institution.

Admission Protocol

The admission protocol for B.Tech course programmes occurs through a national level or state-level or even institutional-level entrance examinations.

Entrance Examinations:

To get enrolled for a Bachelor in Technology course programme, students have to appear and qualify for University-level, National-level or state-level entrance examinations. The top five standard entrance examinations taken by a large number of students for the B.Tech course programme are as follows:-

  • JEE Main
  • JEE Advanced

Fee Structure

The average course fee for the B. Tech course programme is around Rs. 40,500/-  to Rs. to 1.5 Lakhs/- per year. However, governmental institutions offer lesser fee programmes as compared to private institutions.

Top Institutions

Top institutions that offer B Tech Bachelor of Technology course programme is as follows:

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  • Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani
  • Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Bangalore

Employment Prospects

Bachelor of Technology is one of the most widely accepted course programmes. The demand for B. Tech graduates is growing increasingly across every domain. Since there is a global advancement in technology taking place in almost every field, every company – private or government, big or small, recruits B. Tech graduates in various capacities. Students who are holding a Bachelor of Technology degree gain a lot of advantage during career placements or interviews due to the imbibed technical skills.

Areas of Employment

Graduates in the field of Bachelors of Technology get employed in areas such as-

  • Government or Private sectors
  • Public Sector Undertakings
  • Institutions
  • IT Sectors

Job Postings

B Tech Bachelor of Technology graduates can pursue multiple job profiles depending on the company or institution such as-

  • System Analyst
  • Aerospace Designer
  • Software Engineer
  • IOT Specialist
  • Civil Engineer
  • Testing Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Technical Support Engineer

Top Recruiters

The top fifteen companies recruiting B. Tech graduates after the four-year successful completion of the course programme are-

  • Goldman Sachs
  • Larson & Turbo
  • Microsoft
  • Infosys Technologies
  • Morgan Stanley
  • TATA Consultancy
  • IBM Global Services
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Accenture Services
  • Google
  • ISRO
  • HCL Technologies
  • Schlumberger
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Apple

Salary Package

The salary or pay package for B. Tech graduates differ from one organisation to another organisation. The top and prominent recruiters in the core sector offer the best pay packages, ranging from Rs. 8 Lakhs/- to Rs. 25 Lakhs/- per annum.

Certain overseas firms and companies offer salary packages up to Rs. 1 Crore/- per annum depending on the area of employment and job post.

In other sectors that recruit B. Tech graduates, the average pay package varies between Rs. 3 Lakhs/- to Rs. 12 Lakhs/- per annum.

The pay packages also vary from one institution to another institution. Graduates working in top B.Tech institutions are offered a high pay package as compared to graduates from other technical colleges.

Frequently Asked Questions on B Tech Bachelor of Technology

Question 1. 

State the primary difference between Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech ) and Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.).


Bachelor of Technology is a skill-oriented course programme which mainly focuses on the applications while Bachelor of Engineering is knowledge and theory-oriented course programme.

B.Tech programme deals with technical aspects while B.E deals with the engineering aspects of the study.

Question 2. 

Mention a few skills required to pursue and improvise B. Tech course programme.


A few important skill set required are-

Multi-disciplinary exposure, Creativity, Familiarity with Industry standards, Verbal and written communication skills, Analytical and Creative thinking, Acquaintance with Computers and IT technology, Deep and intense knowledge of the core subject, Teamwork, Application of the subject knowledge, and Leadership Skills

Question 3. 

Which branch or specialisation in B.Tech course programme provides major scope?


The most popular and important branch to pursue specialisations in the field of  Bachelor of Technology specialisation in Mechanical Engineering. A few other disciplines in B.Tech course programme are Computer Science Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. However, there are other numerous engineering branches that hold great significance and that have a good scope and great demand like Aeronautical, Chemical, Industrial, Biotechnology, Instrumentation, Marine, etc.

Question 4. 

Name four important books for the B.Tech course programme.


  • Fundamentals of Software Engineering by Rajib Mall
  • Digital Integrated Electronics by H. Taub and D. Schilling
  • Control Engineering by Derek P. Atherton
  • CAD-CAM & Rapid prototyping Application Evaluation by Miltiadis A. Boboulo


We hope that the data and information briefed above regarding B Tech Bachelor of Technology course programme has helped improve your comprehension of the subject with in-depth knowledge and understanding.