Industrial Engineering Notes PDF Download | Syllabus, Reference Books and Important Questions

Industrial Engineering Study Notes PDF Download Free: Industrial Engineering Type Course pertains to that part of engineering focused on providing the technology and developments required in the advent of industrialisation. Thus, it is a very important topics in the realm of today’s world of developing and underdeveloped countries. Avail topic-wise B.Tech Notes related to Engineering Departments like ECE, CSE, Mech, EEE, Civil, etc. all in one place and plan your preparation according to your requirements.

Below BTech Geeks have provided several type of resources that will prove to be helpful for people studying Industrial Engineering course content. Here’s a list of the mentioned IE type resources:

Introduction to Industrial Engineering Notes

industrial engineering study notes pdf

Industrial Engineering Lecture Notes are incredibly important for every student studying this particular subject. Each student studying Industrial Engineering must understand the importance of the subject in the context of the world today. Aside from that, here are some good Industrial Engineering Study Notes to help you do extremely well in your exams.

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  • Lecture Notes Industrial Engineering
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  • Lecture Notes in Management and Industrial Engineering
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B.Tech Industrial Engineering Study Notes – Free PDF Download

Industrial Engineering concerns itself with the optimisation of the various technologies, devices, applications, etc that are required during the process of development and industrialisation. Industrialisation refers to the coming up of development in remote areas to make them urban. The machinery and technology that is used inside these infrastructural buildings of industry come under the purview of Industrial Engineering.

Industrial Engineering looks at the most efficient way of using resources to produce the most output. It creates technology and machinery to suit this very fashion of industrialisation and development. Thus, it holds immense importance, especially in developing countries like India. Industrial engineers have an important place in our society and we must take this course seriously. Students of Industrial Engineering must be highly focused on doing well here.

Industrial Engineering Reference Books for IES & Gate

Reference books are something which are essential to a student’s life to provide them with usable knowledge rather than just theoretical knowledge. Having reference books by your side not only helps you study better but also increases your chances of scoring higher marks with the more information you pick up from these books.

Some great Industrial Engineering reference books are listed as follows.

  • Industrial Engineering and Management by OP Khanna
  • Financial Management by IM Pandey
  • Engineering Economy by Theusen
  • Engineering Economy by NVR Naidu, KM Baby, G Rajendra
  • Engineering Economy by Paul Degarmk
  • Engineering Economy by Riggs JL

Industrial Engineering Syllabus & Curriculum

The Industrial Engineering curriculum is fairly simple and is divided into 7 units. It is important to have the course curriculum mapped out in front of us to always make sure that we have covered every topic there is to cover and have not missed a single one. It is reassuring as well, to have the curriculum at hand, to make sure that our study schedules are on track.

Below is the curriculum breakdown of the Industrial Engineering course:

Course Units
Transform Calculus, Fourier Series and Numerical Techniques
  • Laplace Transform
  • Inverse Laplace Transform
  • Fourier Series
  • Fourier Transforms
  • Difference Equations and Z-Transforms
  • Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs)
  • Numerical Solution of Second Order ODEs
  • Calculus of Variations
Mechanics of Materials
  • Simple Stress and Strain
  • Principal Stresses
  • Thick and Thin Cylinder
  • Torsion of Circular Shafts
  • Columns
  • Bending Moment and Shear Force in Beams
  • Bending Stresses in Beams
  • Deflection of Beams
Fluid Mechanics
  • Properties of Fluids
  • Fluid Statics
  • Buoyancy and Fluid Kinematics
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Flow through Pipes
  • Dimensional Analysis
Basic Thermodynamics
  • Fundamental Concepts and Definition
  • First Law of Thermodynamics
  • Application of First Law of Thermodynamics
  • Second Law of Thermodynamics
  • Consequences of the Second Law of Thermodynamics
  • Entropy
  • Pure Substances
  • Ideal Gases and Mixture of Gases
  • Mixture of Ideal Gases
Mechanical Measurements and Metrology
  • Standards of Measurement
  • Measurements and Measurement System
  • System of Limits, Fits, Tolerance and Gauging
  • Comparators and Angular Measurement
  • Interferometer and Screw Thread Gear Measurement
  • Sensors and Transducers
  • Intermediate Modifying and Terminating Devices
  • Measurement of Force, Torque and Pressure
  • Temperature and Strain Measurement
Manufacturing Process
  • Casting Process
    • Introduction
    • Patterns
    • Sand moulding
    • Binder and Additives
    • Cores
  • Concept of Gating and Risers
  • Moulding Machines
  • Special Moulding Process
  • Metal Moulds
  • Theory of Metal Cutting
  • Metal Removal Operations
    • Turning
    • Milling
  • NC and CNC
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Flexible Manufacturing System
Foundry and Forging Laboratory
  1. Testing of Moulding Sand and Core Sand
  2. Foundry Practise
  3. Forging Operations

List of University Industrial Engineering Important Questions

Important questions for any topic provide that extra reassurance that what you have learnt, you are able to apply as well. Being able to solve questions for a subject shows that you are able to apply what you learnt. It also gives the student a feeling of confidence, that what they have studied has been understood by them and they are able to solve questions.

Below are some Industrial Engineering important questions.

  1. Define the following terms:
    1. Industrial management
    2. Time study
    3. Population
    4. Sample
    5. Safety stock
  2. What are the assumptions made in control charts?
  3. What are the types of plant layout?
  4. What are the four material handling equipments?
  5. For one of the brought out items, the following are the relevant data: ordering cost is Rs 500, holding cost is 40%, the cost per item is Rs 100, and annual demand is 1000. The purchase manager has placed five orders of equal quantity in a year, in order to avail the discount of 5% on the cost of items. Work out the gain or loss to the organisation due to his ordering policy for this item.
  6. Discuss the procedure to establish standard time for completion of a job by a stopwatch time study and explain various allowances given in time study.
  7. What does it mean by the following sentence: “FW Taylor proposed to modify the functions of foramen.”
  8. What are the merits and the demerits of decentralisation?
  9. Compare rural and urban sites with reference to selection of cement manufacturing industries.
  10. Discuss the types of production using examples.

Free PDF KTU University Industrial Engineering Study Materials To Download

The Industrial Engineering Subjects study notes and material of KTU University links are given here for scoring good marks in the university exam. Are you finding various ways to download pdf links of KTU university industrial engineering study notes for free & pass the exam with proper knowledge? can refer to this section.

On this page, you will find the 2021 IE study materials related to all subjects download links in pdf format. Just tap on the available pdf material to get free notes for Industrial engineering so prepare well for GATE and IES exam.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mechanical Engineering & IE Notes 2021

Question 1.
What are the best Industrial Engineering reference books?

The best Industrial Engineering reference books are as follows:

  • Industrial Engineering and Management by OP Khanna
  • Financial Management by IM Pandey

Question 2.
What kind of questions can I expect for the Industrial Engineering paper?

In the Industrial Engineering question paper, there will be theoretical as well as a few numerical questions. You will get questions to define different terms, or list the merits and demerits of a concept. Some diagrammatic questions can also be expected in the Industrial Engineering paper.

Question 3.
What is the basic curriculum for Industrial Engineering?

The following is the basic curriculum for Industrial Engineering:

  1. Transform Calculus, Fourier Series and Numerical Techniques
  2. Mechanics of Materials
  3. Fluid Mechanics
  4. Basic Thermodynamics
  5. Mechanical Measurements and Metrology
  6. Manufacturing Process
  7. Foundry and Forging Laboratory

Question 4.
Where can I find good study materials for Industrial Engineering?

In the above article, we have provided the best Industrial Engineering Notes, reference books, curriculum, and important questions as study materials for industrial Engineering. They will be extremely helpful for all students and you need not refer anywhere else for good study materials.


Now that we have taken a look at all the IE resources, which are Industrial Engineering Notes, reference books, curriculum, and important questions, students will be ready to start preparing for their exams. These notes and other resources will be very helpful to all students so it is best to share via email or other platforms and make it used in the way we have meant for them to be utilized. We hope the search for that these reference materials help you out, and that using these study materials, you score the highest marks that you can.