Communications Engineering Notes | Syllabus, Reference Books and Important Questions

Communications Engineering Notes: If you are planning to pursue communications engineering and looking for the best notes and study material, you are in the right place. However, before that, you need to understand what are the basics that are to be studied under this subject. With BTech Geeks communications engineering notes, students can get a better understanding of fundamentals in engineering. Also, they get verified conclusions for them.

Thus it can help them begin with research-based knowledge in a better way. Communication Engineering is all about gaining experience in different modes of communication. The various forms to communicate with other people includes radio, broadband, satellites, the internet, and other wireless telephone services.

In the notes of communications engineering, you will learn about design, development, and the implementation of various forms of communication techniques. Also, students will learn about the working of such techniques. Avail subject-wise B.Tech Notes related to Engineering Departments like ECE, CSE, Mech, EEE, Civil, etc. all in one place and plan your preparation according to your requirements.

In the article below, you will get the coverage of topics in communication engineering notes with the updated curriculum to prepare accordingly.

Introduction to Communication Engineering

Communication Engineering is all about research on the various services of communication and to find solutions for other technical issues. The technical experts of communication will keep testing different ways of message transfer and for the smooth working of communication channels. In all, a communication engineer will deal with networks, security, telephonic systems, and IT. Thus students need to have an understanding of networks, have excellent technical knowledge and ability to implement it, adaptability skills to master and adapt to a situation and ability to work as a team. It is all about team task. A single person cannot handle communication. The Communications Engineering Notes will help students to grow efficiently into this field.

Communications Engineering Notes and Study Material PDF Free Download

Notes are to help students prepare well for their finals. However, it is also important to have clarification for each topic. While students are planning to pursue a career under this subject, they need to refer notes with accurate description. Also, these notes will let them avoid a last-minute rush to prepare well. Communication Engineering is not only a real-time application but also about clarification for different concepts so that it becomes easy to work with.

The entire concept deals with the basics of communication that how it takes place, what is the requirement, and what setup you need to prepare for it. In the present world, it has become one of the predominant concepts with a high future career scope. Students who want to step into the IT field can also go for this learning. However, when it is about exams, you need full fledge of notes to prepare in the minimum time as possible. These communications engineering notes are surely going to help them in the mere future aspect.

Communications Engineering Reference Books

For the students, those who are planning their career in communications engineering should go with some of the best books in this field. These books are referred by the top universities of the world and also in many institutes and colleges. Below are some listed books for communication engineering to prepare well for your concepts.

Book Name  Written By
Communication System  Simon Haykins
Principles of Communication Systems Taub and Schilling
Digital and Analog Communications 1st Edition  K. Sam Shanmugam
Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic processes Peebles
Modern Digital and Analog Communications B.P. Lathi
Fundamentals of Digital Communication Proakis

Communications Engineering Syllabus

Communication engineering is the fast-growing subject which works on specific disciplines. Many different colleges and universities offer this course. However, students also need to go through some certain basic concepts under this. All the basics are covered under these notes with detailed understanding for each. However, before that, it is essential to know the complete syllabus to prepare accordingly. Below is the listed syllabus which is to be covered under communications engineering:

Digital Communication Techniques Study about LPC tool, multiplexing of signals, Working with cables and signals
Adaptive Signal processing practical treatment of spectral estimation, signal modelling, array processing, and adaptive filtering
Antenna System Design Designing of Antenna with a parabolic reflector of elliptical-shaped
Wireless Networking telecommunication networks, business installations, communication without cables
Statistical Signal Processing analysing simple signals, using statistical analysing techniques
Optical Communications and Networks Optical wires for Networking and communication
Radar & Navigational Systems Knowledge about radar signals and navigating areas
VLSI Signal Processing Complete research in VLSI signal processing, image processing, design, and theory

List of Communications Engineering Important Questions

With every subject or a topic, there are some essential questions associated which are believed to be the part of the question paper. These communication engineering notes cover all such crucial questions at the end, which are supposed to appear in the finals.

  1. How will you define modulation?
  2. What do you mean by amplitude modulation?
  3. How will you define the modulation index?
  4. How will you define AM and FM? What are the fundamental differences between the two?
  5. Why do we perform DSB transmission?
  6. What is the Envelope Detector? Mention some of its uses.
  7. Draw the spectrum for AM signal.
  8. How will you define VSB?
  9. Define sampling theorem, and why do we need it?
  10. List the different types of AM modulators.
  11. Why is it essential to have modulation in communication?
  12. Describe the entire concept of SSB in detail.
  13. How will you generate generating a single-sideband signal with the help of balanced modulators and phase filters?

FAQ’s on Communications Engineering Notes

Question 1.
Why should one opt for Communication Engineering Notes?

Notes help in the clarification of the entire process and concepts. During the exams, it is not possible to clarify your every doubt in detail, and it creates a last-minute rush. Hence with these notes, you can frequently learn and understand the basics and cover up your entire syllabus in communication engineering.

Question 2.
Is Communication Engineering an excellent future scope?

Communication engineering is a vastly growing field these days. It is all about development, repair, implementation of the communication setup. Thus it defines how communication takes place. Hence, there is a vast growing future scope for this concept.

Question 3.
What are different career opportunities in Communication Engineering?

Communication Engineering works as a frontier for other technologies. Hence there is a considerable employment scope under this subject. It includes the basics concepts of communication and defines how it takes place between two people. Also, it covers about signalling and the frequency of a signal for passage. Thus, it has a vast real-time application for those who are looking for pursuing a career in this field.  They might get an excellent job in ISRO and DRDO.

Question 4.
Which is the basic concept to learn under communication engineering?

The basic concept studied under communication engineering is modulation and signalling.


The entire notes available for Communication Engineering are basically to help students during exam time preparation. Hence these are to avoid last-minute tension and stress that generally develop during the examination. All the important notes and concepts are covered under these notes so that students need not search for them in the future. It will surely help candidates to improve their knowledge and further prepare for competitive exams. Students can quickly practise numerical problems from these notes.