J2EE interview questions and answers for senior developers – Java J2EE Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

J2EE interview questions and answers for senior developers: Java is the most popular programming language that helps developers to begin their software developer careers in various startups or top MNCs. The most difficult task to commence their career as Java Developers is cracking the interview rounds conducted by different industries. But holding & practicing with the best Java J2EE Interview Questions for Freshers with Answers tutorial, you can prove your knowledge of J2EE during an interview effortlessly and secure a developer job in the Java platform.

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Java J2EE Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

J2EE interview questions and answers for experienced: J2EE stands for ‘Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition’. It is an open and standards-based platform for the development, deployment, and management of multi-tier, web-enabled, component-based, and server-centric enterprise applications.

Mainly, it covers various Application programming interfaces for building effective systems. The list of concept-wise Java J2EE Interview Questions for Beginners & Expert Developers is compiled here for a clear understanding of J2EE concepts, theories, and some common coding techniques for freshers and experienced candidates.

Java j2ee interview questions and answers for experienced: Be prepared with all J2EE concepts and left a great impression in front of the interviewers, by reviewing the most commonly asked Java 2 platform enterprise edition interview questions for freshers. Basically, companies ask interview questions to test & examine your basic understanding of the J2EE platform.

Also, they compare your knowledge of J2EE to other platforms during the interview process by throwing such Fresher Java 2 EE Interview Questions. Therefore, stick to this tutorial and collect all important questions and answers that are asked frequently about J2EE during interviews.

Frequently Asked Java J2EE Interview Questions for Freshers with Answers

  1. What is the Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE)?
  2. What are the main benefits of the J2EE platform?
  3. What technologies are included in the J2EE platform?
  4. What’s new in the J2EE 1.4 platform?
  5. What is the J2EE 1.4 SDK?
  6. What tools can I use to build J2EE applications?
  7. Who needs the J2EE platform?
  8. What is an EJB Platform?
  9. What are the roles of J2EE Architect?
  10. What are the responsibilities of the bean developer?

Basic J2EE Interview Questions 2021 for Beginners

  1. What do you understand by J2EE?
  2. What do you mean by J2EE Module?
  3. Define the Struts in the J2EE framework?
  4. What are the four types of J2EE modules?
  5. What does the application client module contain?
  6. Define Hashtable in J2EE?
  7. What does the web module contain?
  8. What does the Enterprise JavaBeans module contain?
  9. Define Hibernate and HQL?
  10. What does resource adapt module contain?
  11. What are the main components of the J2EE application?
  12. Define ORM and its working in J2EE?
  13. What is authorization?
  14. What are the major benefits of hibernate?
  15. How will you explain save() and saveorupdate() methods in hibernate?
  16. What is the concept of connection pooling?
  17. Give some advantages of ORM (object-relational mapping)?
  18. What is B2b?
  19. What are the main components of multi-tier architecture?
  20. Explain JTA, JNDI, and JMS.
  21. Describe the EAR, WAR, and JAR.
  22. What are the different modules used in Spring?
  23. What do you understand by ActionForm?
  24. How will you explain CDATA?
  25. What do you mean by the Component Contract?

Top 15 Fresher Java Interview Questions

  1. What are the key differences between C++ and Java?
  2. What is the static keyword?
  3. What is an interface?
  4. What is the use of Classloader in Java?
  5. What is the Java Collections Framework?
  6. Explain the JVM architecture?
  7. Which class is a superclass of all classes?
  8. What is the use of System class in Java?
  9. What is Type casting in Java?
  10. What is break and continue statement in java?
  11. What are finally and finalize in Java?
  12. What is the inner and anonymous inner class?
  13. What is aggregation in Java?
  14. What is an Iterator?
  15. What is an instanceof keyword?

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This ultimate collection of topic-wise beginners’ interview questions on Java J2EE helps to practice well at the last moment of the interviews and boost up their confidence. Also, the Java J2EE Interview Questions for Freshers pdf covers the important areas of the J2EE programming language from basic to advanced level. So, the interview appeared candidates are advised to go with this best & most popular Java J2EE Fresher Interview Questions & Answers tutorial and prepare efficiently.

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FAQs on Java 2 Enterprise Edition Interview Questions PDF for Senior Developers & Freshers

1. What is the purpose of Java J2EE?

The purpose of the J2EE platform in Java Programming Language is to grow multi-tier, web-based applications using a series of protocols, and application programming interfaces (APIs). It offers the enterprise level with a java platform ie., fast, safe & secure, enhance on the J2SE.

2. What are the types of J2EE modules?

You can observe four types of modules that are defined by J2EE. They are as follows:
Application Client Module.
WEB Module.
Enterprise JavaBeans Module.
Resource Adapter Module.

3. Write the list of Top 5 Java 2 Enterprise Edition Interview Questions and Answers?

Here are the top 5 commonly asked questions about J2EE during interviews:

1. What is J2EE?
2. What components comprise J2EE applications?
3. What are the J2EE client types?
4. What do you mean by J2EE Module?
5. What is a J2EE container?

4. From where freshers can find the most popular Java 2 EE Interview Questions List? 

Freshers, as well as expert coders, can really find the most popular Java J2EE Interview Question with Answers from various online education portals but the best one among them is BtechGeeks.com