Java servlets tutorial for beginners – Java Servlet Tutorial | Free Online Beginner’s Guide on Servlet in Java Programming

Java servlets tutorial for beginners: Beginners who want to improve their knowledge right from basic to advanced on Servlet Technology must refer to this free BTech Geeks online tutorial. In Java Programming, Servlet technology is one of the most important parts and it is utilized to create a web application. In this servlet tutorial, you guys gonna learn just from what is meant by servlet? List of concepts included in the java servlet programming, Why learning servlets, Advantages of servlet in java, and more.

What is a Servlet?

Java servlet tutorials: Servlet Technology is scalable and robust due to the Java language. For creating dynamic web pages servlets is the best technology. It has access to the entire family of Java APIs, involving the JDBS API for accessing the enterprise databases. However, Servlet is an API, Interface, Class, Web Component, and many that helps in performing required tasks while creating a web application.

List of Servlet Topics Covered in Java

Java servlet tutorial: Complete knowledge about Java Servlets can be gained by grabbing the best opportunity of choosing the respective topic of servlet from the available list of covered servlet tutorial topics. Right from basic level to advance level topics are listed out here for better learning about Servlet Technology in Java Programming.

Prerequisites to study Java Servlets

Servlet tutorial: Let’s first understand what is all about java servlets before you start with programming. Also, you need to have a good grip on the Java Programming Language. Along with this, you should also have an idea of concepts like web application and how the internet works. By going through this free online java servlet technology tutorial, you will definitely learn complete knowledge about it.

Why Learn Servlet?

Utilizing Servlets, there is a possibility to collect input from users via web page forms, present records from a database or another source, and produce dynamic web pages easily.

Usually, Java Servlets serve the same purpose as programs executed using the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). However, Servlets in Java offers numerous excellent benefits compared with CGI. They are as fashion:

  • The Performance of the Servlet is much better.
  • Servlets perform within the address space of a Web server. No need to create a separate process to handle each client request.
  • Servlets are most trustable because the Java security manager on the server executes a set of restrictions to safeguard the resources on a server machine.
  • As they are written in Java, servlets are platform-independent.
  • All Java class libraries functionalities are available and accessible to a servlet for better performance.
  • Thus, it can interact with applets, databases, or other software through the sockets and RMI mechanisms that are known already.

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Servlet Advantages

We can observe several benefits of Servlet than CGI. Some of the most common Java Servlets Advantages are listed below for your knowledge:

  • Robust: Servlets are managed by JVM, so we don’t have to worry regarding memory leaks, garbage collection, etc.
  • Better Performance: Generally, the web container creates a thread for managing each and every request to the Servlet.
  • Secure: No need to worry about vulnerable because it uses java language. So, it is more securable.
  • Portability: As it uses java programming language you can have better flexibility.

Servlet Online Quiz for Beginner’s

Here is a list of basic and core Servlet quizzes online for beginners to check their level of knowledge about the concept and also clarify your queries on servlet concepts. Our below-provided servlet quiz comprises servlet basics, request, response, session, cookies, filter, and listener topics. Let’s do some practice & understand the topics perfectly:

Q1. Which of these is not an Application Server?

a. JRun
b. WebLogic Server(BEA)
c. Apache HTTP Server
d. GlassFish

Q2. Who does controll life-cycle of a servlet?

a. browser
b. client
c. container
d. user

Q3. Which tag of DD maps the internal name of Servlet to the public URL pattern?

a. servlet
b. servlet-mapping
c. web-app
d. servlet-mappings

Q4. Which life cycle metod is called once in servlet life?

a. class loading
b. init()
c. service()
d. destroy()

Q5. Which interface contains servlet life-cycle methods?

a. HttpServlet
b. GenericServlet
c. Service
d. Servlet

List of Interview Questions on Servlets in Java

Are you searching for the most commonly asked servlets interview questions? Then, here is the list of Top 10 basic interview questions on Servlets in Java. Have a quick glance at the questions and prepare yourself for better placements in top companies.

1) How many objects of a servlet is created?
2) What is the life-cycle of a servlet?
3) When servlet object is created?
4) What is servlet collaboration?
5) Can you call a jsp from the servlet?
6) What is Session Tracking?
7) What are Cookies?
8) What if we pass negative value in load-on-startup?
9) What are the annotations used in Servlet 3?
10) What is the use of attributes in servlets?