Production Planning and Control Notes | Syllabus, Reference Books and Important Questions

Production Planning and Control Notes: Production Planning and Control are the vital tasks of Production managers. The Production process is always decided in advance and is then carried out according to the plan. It is one of the major aspects in the conversion of the raw materials to the finished goods. The entire conversion process thus involves several steps like deciding the production output, how to carry out the entire procedure, when to produce, and many more. Students can refer to the Big Data Lecture Notes For CSE as per the latest and updated syllabus from this article.

This is an important concept for the aspirants of the Product Manager role, and all the students learning the subject must go through this article completely to get the best Production Planning and Control notes and other study materials.

Since the entire procedure of Production Planning and Control requires higher precisions and accuracy, and an immense understanding of the various needs and requirements, the aspirants must learn every concept well to come up with the best outputs in the future.

The entire process plays a significant role to produce the best final outputs and the affordable ones, ensuring that they are preferable and popular across the globe. For the production managers to have an immense understanding of every concept involved in the entire process and how one must go on with the complete procedure, it is must go through the complete contents available in this article.

This article contains some globally best and approved Production planning and control notes, study materials, reference books, syllabus, and a list of important questions. These contents will help the students in basic as well as advance level learning, and will surely turn out fruitful in their academic life as well as their careers.

Here is a list of all the contents available in this article:

Introduction to Production Planning and Control

Production Planning and Control is the coordination and direction of the materials and physical facilities of the firm for attaining the pre-specified goals of production in the most efficient manner.

Production Planning and Control involves organizing and planning the entire manufacturing process, like scheduling, routing, inspection, and dispatching coordination. It also involves the Control of materials, operation time, tooling, methods, and machines.

The final objective behind it is the supply and movement of the labour and materials, utilization of the machine, and other activities related to the production. This all starts with a common goal to bring the desired manufacturing outcomes in terms of price, time, and quality.

During the process of planning and control of the entire production process, some key elements and techniques that must be followed in a phased manner are as follows:

  • Routing
  • Loading
  • Scheduling
  • Despatching
  • Expediting or Follow Up

Production Planning and Control Notes and Study material PDF Free Download

Production Planning and Control is an important subject with a wider syllabus, and real-life application and implementation based learning procedure. To clearly understand every topic and step involved in the entire process, it is a must for the students to go through the lecture notes and study materials provided for their assistance.

The notes and study materials are available in the pdf formats and are also downloadable on any of the devices. Furthermore, the students can easily access these precisely and accurately designed notes to have the best preparation and learn every concept in detail.

Lecture notes and study materials available for Production planning and Control also contains the supporting examples and solved problem statements to ensure that the students can easily understand the application and implementation based concepts well. These study materials will also ensure that the students do not have to go for many materials to understand a single topic that requires examples for clearer understanding.

Moreover, the expertly designed notes and study materials follow the right syllabus and curriculum, as accepted by some top institutions and organizations and carry the problem statements to help the students in practising about all the complicated concepts.

Production Planning and Control Reference Books

There are many books available across the globe for various subjects, and so are for Production Planning and Control too. But, the reference books mentioned here are the most recommended ones that are compiled by some well-known scholars of the subject. The reference books contain several descriptions about all the related concepts of the subject, and also have many problems, and examples stated to enhance the learning process for the students.

Since Production Planning and Control is an application and implementation based learning the subject, thus having reference from several books helps in effective learning as with these the students can get ideas about the views of several experts in the subject, and how many experienced experts will consider different problems to come up with the best production outputs.

The best and most recommended reference books for Production Planning and Control are mentioned here:

  • “Production and Inventory Control: Theory and Practice” by R N Van Hees and W Monhemius
  • “Production Planning and Inventory Control” by Narasimhan and Seetharama L
  • “Fundamentals of Production Planning and Control” by Stephen N Chapman
  • “Inventory Management: Advanced Methods for Managing Inventory within Business Systems” by Geoff Relph and Catherine Milner
  • “Hierarchical Operations and Supply Chain Planning (Advanced Manufacturing)” by Tan C Miller

Production Planning and Control Curriculum

Curriculum and syllabus of a subject are a brief about all the included topics and subtopics of a subject and a description about the right sequence that one must follow while learning any subject to understand all the included topics and concepts clearly.

Production Planning and Control has a lot of related topics and concepts. Thus the students must follow the right syllabus and sequence while learning the concepts to get the best outcomes and best results ever.

The syllabus available is the one approved by several top institutions and universities, and are approved by the top boards too.

Here is the updated curriculum of Production Planning and Control:

  • Objectives and benefits of planning and Control
  • Functions of production control
  • Types of production job
  • Batch and continuous
  • Product development and design
  • Marketing aspect 
  • Functional aspects Operational aspect
  • Durability and dependability aspect aesthetic aspect
  • Profit consideration 
  • Standardization, Simplification & specialization
  • Break-even Analysis
  • Economics of a new design.
  • Method study, the basic procedure
  • Selection-Recording of process 
  • Critical Analysis
  • Development 
  • Implementation 
  • Micromotion and memo motion study 
  • Work measurement 
  • Techniques of work measurement 
  • Time study 
  • Production study 
  • Work sampling 
  • Synthesis from standard data 
  • Predetermined motion time standards.
  • Product planning
  • Extending the original product information
  • Value analysis
  • Problems in lack of product planning
  • Process planning and routing
  • Prerequisite information needed for process planning 
  • Steps in process planning
  • Quantity determination in batch production
  • Machine capacity
  • Balancing Analysis of process 
  • Capabilities in a multi-product system.
  • Production Control Systems
  • Loading and scheduling
  • Master Scheduling
  • Scheduling rules
  • Gantt charts
  • Perpetual loading
  • Basic scheduling problems 
  • Line of balance 
  • Flow production scheduling 
  • Batch production scheduling
  • Product sequencing 
  • Production Control systems
  • Periodic batch control
  • Material requirement planning kanban 
  • Dispatching
  • Progress reporting and expediting 
  • Manufacturing lead time
  • Techniques for aligning completion times and due dates.
  • Inventory control
  • Purpose of holding stock
  • Effect of demand on inventories
  • Ordering procedures
  • Two bin system 
  • Ordering cycle system
  • Determination of Economic order quantity and economic lot size 
  • ABC analysis
  • Recorder procedure
  • Introduction to computer integrated production planning systems 
  • elements of JUST IN TIME SYSTEMS
  • Fundamentals of MRP II and ERP.

List of Production Planning and Control Important Questions

Apart from having all the other study materials, it is also necessary for the students to have a list of important questions of the Production Planning and Control topic to have the right idea about the type of problem statements rising from the concepts. Here is a list of some important questions for the subject:

  1. Describe the types of production systems briefly.
  2. Explain the aspects of product design and development.
  3. Explain the functions of production control.
  4. Describe simplification and standardization with their advantages and disadvantages.
  5. Discuss the main objective of method study and describe its procedure.
  6. Explain the various charts and diagrams used in the method of study.
  7. Explain the techniques of work measurement.
  8. Explain the steps involved in a work sampling study.
  9. Explain Micro motion and memo motion.
  10. Describe the steps involved in process planning.
  11. Explain the process followed in value analysis.
  12. Determine the quantity of batch production. Explain how it is done in detail.
  13. Explain the steps involved in product planning
  14. Explain machine capacity and balancing.
  15. Explain the components of MRP and their functions.
  16. Describe the Gantt charts. Explain their types and the ways to construct them.
  17. Explain the steps involved in master scheduling.
  18. Describe the dispatching functions. Explain the documents that the dispatchers raise.
  19. Explain the charts used in the LOB.
  20. Describe the ABC analysis and mention its advantages.
  21. Explain the trends in PPC.
  22. Explain JIT and any of its two elements.
  23. Describe the effects of demand in inventories.
  24. Explain the economic order quantity for purchasing models.
  25. Explain the types of inventory control.

Frequently Asked Questions on Production Planning and Control Notes

Question 1. 
Describe the objectives of production planning and Control.

The main objectives of production planning and Control are as follows:

  1. Output quality
  2. Utilization of plant
  3. Efficiency of process
  4. Goods’ delivery
  5. Inventories’ maintenance
  6. Flexibility
  7. Work effectiveness
  8. Team spirit
  9. Absenteeism
  10. Ideas for newer methods
  11. Lower supervision
  12. Lower waiting time

Question 2.
What are the stages of Production Planning and Control.

The main stages of the entire process are pre-planning, planning, and Control.


This step covers data analysis and outline for the basic planning policies based on the sales report, product design and development, and market research. This stage many deals with the issues of equipment policy, newer materials and process, layout and workflow. It also deals with collecting data on 9Ms, mainly, money, men, method, materials, market, machine, minutes, milieu, and matter, concerning availability and cost.


After specifying the task in the previous stage through 9Ms, the appropriate materials, facilities, and methods are then selected for accomplishing the work. It is mainly followed by scheduling, estimating, and routing. The better this stage is, the better the accomplishment procedure will go. Planning can be short term or long term based, depending on the needs and approaches.


This stage is mainly affected by the inspection, dispatching, and expediting for the controls of the inventories. It also deals with controlling the scrap and analyzing the task under progress and all the control measures essential for the product under consideration.

Question 3.
What are the main characteristics of Production planning and Control?

The main traits of the entire process are as follows:

  1. The process deals with planning and Control of the manufacturing processes of an enterprise. Does it deal with questions like what to manufacture? When to manufacture?
  2. How to keep production efficient? Etc.
  3. All the resources are efficiently used in the process for better efficiency maintenance.
  4. Several factors of the process integrate effectively and economically using them.
  5. The manufacturing procedure organizes such that none of the working centres overworks or underworks.
  6. Work starts regulating from the first stage of gathering and processing the raw materials to the final stage of getting the finished goods.


This is one of the best articles for the students learning production planning and control measures. It also contains some expertly designed notes and reference materials to help the students get brief case study based examples and realistic approaches on how to handle various productions and come up with the more efficient measures to reach the outcomes.