Robotics Lecture Notes | Syllabus, Reference Books and Important Questions

Robotics Lecture Notes: Planning to choose a career in the field of Robotics. Acquiring the lecture notes of Robotics will help you to score good marks in the exam. The Robotics Lecture Notes Pdf includes a comprehensive study plan, all-important information and timetable. Students will get information about the latest Reference Books, Syllabus and Important Questions List for Robotics Lecture Notes Pdf. Students can refer to the Big Data Lecture Notes For CSE as per the latest and updated syllabus from this article.

Robotics Lecture Notes Pdf are one of the essential study materials that can improve the students’ preparation for the exam. Candidates with the help of these notes can score better marks.

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Introduction to Robotics

The interdisciplinary research field at the interface of computer science and engineering is known as Robotics. Robotics includes the design, operation, construction and use of robots. The purpose of robotics is to design intelligent machines that can assist and help humans in their day-to-day lives and keep everyone secure and safe. The primary period of robotic development and research was the mid-20th century, primarily within an industrial environment where constant movements and lifting of heavy objects made the use of machines over humans attractive.

Robotics Lecture Notes PDF and Study Material Free Download

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Robotics Lecture Notes PDF Reference Books

Reference books for Robotics Lecture Notes Pdf are an essential source of information. It provides explanations and necessary information about the topics. Students should refer to books recommended by subject experts as it will help them to understand the subject accurately. Candidates will understand the topics if the  y consult the latest version that includes the updated syllabus. Here is a list of the best-recommended books for Robotics Lecture Notes Pdf Reference Books.

  1. R C Gonzalez and C S G Lee – Robotics
  2. Robotics for Engineers – BY Koren
  3. J J Craig – Introduction to Robotics
  4. Robotics: Beginner to Expert – Everything About Robotics
  5. Peter Mckinnon
  6. Joseph A Angelo Jr – Robotics: A Reference Guide to the New Technology
  7. Saeed B Niku – Introduction To Robotics : Analysis, Control, Applications
  8. Brian Gerkey and William D Smart – Programming Robots with ROS
  9. Harald Molle – Arduino Robotics
  10. Robotics: Science and Systems by Wolfram Burgard Dieter Fox
  11. Theory of mechanism and Machines by Amitabh Ghosh and Ashok Kumar Mallik
  12. Robotics and Control by Nagrath and Mittal
  13. Robot Analysis & Control by Harry Asada & Slottine
  14. Applied Robotics: An Introduction by Edwin Wise

Robotics Syllabus

The best way to commence your preparation for the Robotics Lecture Notes Pdf course is to understand the syllabus and the topics of the subject. The syllabus of Robotics is a reliable course planning tool that plans and organises the subject for a student. The article on Robotics Lecture Notes Pdf provides a detailed structure along with the latest and updated syllabus, keeping in mind every student’s requirements and assessing their preparation efficiency.

The curriculum of Robotics provides students a clear idea about what and how to study and analyse the subject. The article on Robotics Lecture Notes Pdf presents all the essential topics under each unit so that students can allot time for each topic and prepare accordingly. Students must cover all the unit-wise topics .before attempting the Robotics Lecture Notes Pdf exam so that the exam paper is easy to answer. The updated syllabus also assures that students remain aware of the Robotics Lecture Notes Pdf updated syllabus to prevent from wasting unnecessary time on irrelevant topics.

Here is a list of the updated syllabus for Robotics Lecture Notes

Subject Topics 
  • Introduction
  • Automation Production Lines
  • Assembly Systems and Line Balancing
  • Automated Materials Handling
  • Automated Inspection and Testing
Control of Dynamic Systems
  • Mathematical Modeling of Physical System
  • Poles
  • State Space Method
  • Non – Linear Systems Phase Plane Analysis
  • Stability Analysis Concept of Stability
Robotic Engineering
  • Introduction
  • Rotation Matrices
  • Inverse
  • RP type and RR Type – Static Force Analysis
  • Sensors and Controller
Advanced Kinematics
  • Introduction
  • Kinematic Synthesis of Linkages
  • Kinematics Analysis of four link
  • Cams
  • Kinematic analysis of two-degree freedom of Robot arm
Fluid Power Systems
  • Introduction to Advantages and Disadvantages of Fluid Control
  • Hydraulic Control Valves
  • Hydraulic Power Elements
  • Characteristics of Pneumatics
  • Pressure and Speed Control  in Pneumatic Systems and Hydraulic
Computer Aided Mechanical Design and Analysis
  • Stresses in Flat Plates Introduction
  • Design of Pressure Vessels
  • Buckling in Vessels
  • Eigenvalue Problems
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Binary data representation
  • 8051 assembly language programming
  • 8051 timer/counter
  • Real word interfacing
  • Microcontroller Applications
  • Introduction
  • Analysis of trusses and frames
  • Finite element modeling
  • Steady state heat transfer analysis
  • Finite element formulation

List of Robotics Important Questions

Candidates pursuing Robotics can refer to the list of all the essential questions stated below for the Robotics Lecture Notes pdf. The questions  assigned  are aimed to help the students to excel in the examination. Here is a list of questions that will help the students to understand the subject precisely.

  1. Define the term automation.
  2. What are the different types of automation?
  3. State the Difference between pitch , yaw and roll ?
  4. What is resolution ?
  5. State the Industrial robot benefits ?
  6. What are the types of Joint Notion ?
  7. What are the major robot components ?
  8. Define the term work volume.
  9. What do you mean by the quality of robots ?
  10. What is the difference between palletizing and depalletizing?
  11. What is the Payload Capacity of a Robot ?
  12. State the terms Base and tool coordinate systems ?
  13. What is Robotics ?
  14. What are the major fields of Robotics ?

Frequently Asked Questions on Robotics Lecture Notes

Question 1.
What is Robotics?

The interdisciplinary research field at the interface of computer science and engineering is known as Robotics.

Question 2.
Name some of the subjects in Robotics.

Some of the subjects in Robotics are :

  1. Rotation Matrices
  2. Inverse
  3. Hydraulic Power Elements
  4. Fluid Power Systems
  5. Design of Pressure Vessels
  6. Mathematical Modeling of Physical System

Question 3.
What are the major fields of Robotics?

The five major fields of robotics: mobility, human-robot interface, manipulation, programming, sensors.

Question 4.
Name some of the reference books of Robotics .

Some of the important reference books of Robotics :

  • Modern Control Engineering – K.Ogata
  • Control System Theory – Norman Nise
  • Nonlinear Systems – H.Khalil
  • Nonlinear Control Systems – A. Isidori


The Robotics Lecture Notes Pdf and Study Materials presented above are aimed to assist the students at the time of exam preparations. They are reliable and have authoritative references focused on helping graduates and improving their knowledge and understanding of the subject during the time of preparation of the exam. Students can refer and practice from the provided notes for Robotics and essential questions from this article.