Human Values Notes and Study Material PDF Free Download

Human Values Notes: Graduates trying to get hold of the Human value Notes and Reference Sources can access this article to avail the best and most credible notes and enhance their preparation or revision process of essential concepts.

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Graduates can avail the best and most credible Human Value Notes Pdf and other Reference Sources from this article and improvise their preparation methods and approaches with the best and updated reference sources to achieve better grades.

Introduction to Human Value Notes

Human Values refer to core human values imbibed as an inherent factor in humans that bring out the fundamental goodness of humans and society at large.

The importance of Human Value is that it is a representation of the right and the wrong, and provides a comprehensive understanding of behaviours, motivation, and attitudes. There are five primary human values that everyone should hold is their respective professional or service-  Peaceful co-existence, Right Conduct, Discipline, Peace, and Truth.

Human Values play an integral part in every individual’s life as it enhances one’s personality, and this, in fact, turntables and affect the employability quotient. Individuals with better human values have a better quota or high chances to survive in a work environment.

Human Value Notes and Study Materials PDF Free Download

Graduates can access and avail the Human Value Notes, and Study Material briefed in this article. Students can better and enhance your preparation with the ultimate preparation tools provided in this article and secure better aggregate scores.

Students can download the Human Value Notes and Study materials for free from here and refer to them whenever during the preparation or revision process. The utilisation and use of the reference sources help candidates get an enhanced view of the important concepts and change their score chart.

Here, are a list of a few important notes on Human Value for a thorough preparation-

  • Human Value and Professional Ethics Notes Pdf
  • Human Value Notes Pdf
  • Human Value Handwritten Notes Pdfs
  • Human Value Notes- Unit-wise Breakdown Pdfs
  • Human Value Past Year’s Question Paper Pdfs
  • Human Value Notes for HVPE-MBA Pdf

Human Value Reference Books

Referencing is an important aspect and reference books are a rich source of information and well-researched data. The article on Human Value Notes provides candidates with the best books as per the subject experts’ recommendations that provide excellent conceptual background. Candidates can access the article and read through the Human Value Books and other Reference Sources during your preparation.

The list of best and highly recommended books on Human Value that improvises preparation are as follows, and candidates should select the book that meets their knowledge and prepare accordingly.

  1. Book on Foundations of Managerial Work – Contributions from Indian Thought by Chakraborty S.K.
  2. Business Ethics by Milton Suoeyenlas, Robert Almeder, and James Humber
  3. Science and Art of Happy Living by Sharma S.N. and Sharma Anita
  4. Ethics and the Conduct of Business by John R Boatright
  5. Book on Management’s Next Frontier: Bhartiya Scriptures Applied by S.P. Bansal, Mukulkanitkar, and Amit Dashor
  6. A Foundation Course in Human Values and Professional Ethics by R.R Gaur, R Sangal, and G P Bagaria
  7. Human Values by A.N. Tripathy
  8. Book on Limits to Growth by Donella H. Meadows, Dennis L. Meadows, Jorgen Randers, and William W. Behrens III
  9. In the Woods of God Realization-Swami Rama Tirtha by Swami Vivekananda, Karma Yoga, and Ramkrishna Math Prakashan
  10. Professional Ethics and Human Values by M. Govindarajan, S. Natarajan, and V. S. Senthilkumar
  11. Book on New Mantras in Corporate Corridors by Subhash Sharma
  12. Professional Ethics by R. Subramaniam
  13. Ethics in Management: Vedantic Perspectives by Chakraborty S.K
  14. Human Values and Professional Ethics by Tanu Shukla, Anupam Yadav, and Gajendra Singh Chauhan
  15. Professional Ethics and Human Values by A. Alavudeen, R.Kalil Rahman, and M. Jayakumar

Human Value Updated Syllabus

The syllabus is a course planning tool that organises, structures, and improvises every student’s preparation approach. The best way to effectualise your preparation is by having an initial idea and an overview of the Human Value Syllabus.

The Human Value Course Curriculum ensures that students hold a crystal clear idea of what to study and how to study all the important topics or concepts during preparation. The article on Human Value Notes offers a detailed view of the course curriculum, taking into consideration every student’s requirements.

The article on Human Value Notes also provides a unit-wise breakdown of all the important topics that fall under each unit so that students allot time to each topic and prepare accordingly.

Students should encompass all the important concepts on the Human Value programme before attempting the paper to ensure that the exam is reasonably easy. Candidates should also stay aware of the Human Value Syllabus to prevent oneself from wasting unnecessary time on redundant topics.

The updated unit-wise breakdown of the Human Value Syllabus is as follows-


  • Types of Values
  • Pancha Koshas and Personality Development
  • Concepts of Dharma
  • Concept of Values
  • Concept of Vivek
  • Ethics, Values, and Culture: Indian Ethos and Value Systems
  • Three Gunas
  • The relevance of Values in Modern Management
  • Nishkama Karma and Purusharthas
  • Four Ashram

UNIT- II- Karma Yoga

  • Concept of Karma Yoga
  • Idea of God
  • Sanskrit Shlokas as Management Sutra
  • Field and Knower of the Field
  • Karma and Freedom Faith
  • Concept of Universe
  • Nature of Intention in action
  • Peace of Mind
  • Righteousness
  • Swadharma
  • Concept of Knowledge
  • Concept of Yagya

UNIT- III- Gautama’s Nyaya Darshana

  • An Overview
  • Perception
  • Theory of Inference
  • Nyaya arguments for Monotheism
  • Human values in Law
  • Epistemology
  • Verbal Testimony
  • Law and Morality
  • Inference
  • The Nyaya theory of Causation
  • Law and Lawmakers
  • Comparison
  • Nyaya argument for the existence of God

UNIT-IV- Indian Education in the Eighteenth Century

  • Survey of Indigenous Education in the Madras Presidency 1822-26
  • Circa
  • Extracts from G.W. Leitner’s History of Education in Punjab since Annexation and 1882
  • Fra Paolino Da Bartolomeo on Education of Children in India, 1796
  • Correspondence between Sir Philip Hartog and Mahatma Gandhi on the Question of Indigenous Indian Education in the Early British Period
  • Extracts from the W. Adam’s State of Education in Bengal: 1835-38
  • Alexander-Walker on Indian Education, Literature, etc.

List of Human Value Important Questions

Candidates can access the most credible sources of reference and read through the list of all the important questions enlisted below on the Human Value course programme. All the review questions enlisted below focus to help the candidates excel and secure better grades in the examination.

  1. Briefly explain the Values or Human Values.
  2. Write a short note on the role of Value Education in fulfilling one’s aspirations.
  3. Elucidate on Human Values and Contrast the difference between Skills and Human Values.
  4. State the Basic Guidelines in Value Education.
  5. Discuss with a neat-labelled illustration the statement- Self-exploration is a process of dialogue between ‘what you really want to be’ and ‘what you are’.
  6. Explain Natural Acceptance and state your argument on its innate, invariant and universal nature.
  7. State a comparison between wealth and prosperity with suitable examples. Also, state which element is more suitable and why?
  8. Define prosperity with examples and state your reason for quoting something as prosperous.
  9. Elucidate on the basic requirements that fulfil human aspirations with correct priority.
  10. State the significance of SSDD, SVDD, and SSSS.
  11. Write a short note on the activities- Recognising, Fulfillment, Knowing, and Assuming with suitable examples.
  12. State a contrast between the needs of the body to that of the needs of the Self.
  13. Explain with a neat-labelled diagram the difference between Human consciousness and Animal consciousness.
  14. Briefly explain the right utilisation of the body.
  15. Please write a short note on the conflicts experienced when natural acceptance does not guide our activities.

FAQs on Human Value Notes

Question 1. 
Define Human Value with suitable examples.

Human values are core human virtues or values that guide individuals through their interaction with other human beings.

Examples of Human Values are Appreciation, Empathy, Respect, Listening, Acceptance, Affection, Consideration, and more.

Question 2. 
State the significance of Human Values in our life.

Human Values are highly significant as they represent the moral, ethical values, and people should be ready to sacrifice anything to upload their values. It is highly significant that end values or destination values such as happiness, honesty, love, and integrity seek attainment, practise, and integral elements to live with for every human being.

Question 3. 
What is the significance of Human Value Notes?

Human Value Notes help students identify the importance of social skills and human values and strike a balance between personal and professional goals for sustained happiness. Human Values develop appropriate management patterns and technologies and make people realise the significance of trust and enriches the interacting nature and creates a balanced personal and professional life.

Question 4.
How is the Human Value Syllabus useful during exam preparation?

Human Value Syllabus is a course planning tool that organises, structures, and improvises every student’s preparation approach and the best way to effectualise your preparation is by having an initial idea and an overview of the concepts through the Syllabus.

The Human Value Course Curriculum ensures that students hold a crystal clear idea of what to study and how to study all the important topics or concepts during preparation to ensure that the exam is reasonably easy. The syllabus also ensures that candidates stay aware of the Human Value Syllabus to prevent oneself from wasting unnecessary time on redundant topics.

Human Value Notes Conclusion

The article on Human Value Notes is a credible and reliable source of information and the source of reference books, study materials, and sources mentioned above in the article aim to enhance and improvise each student’s knowledge and comprehension of the subject to secure better CGPA. Students can access and download the Human Value Notes and Study Materials, refer to subject expert-recommended Reference Books and the list of all the Important Questions for free from this article.