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BTech Mechanical Engineering First Year Notes Free Download: Aspirants pursuing the B.Tech 1st Year ME Course must be looking everywhere for the subjects class notes, reference books & other study resources for preparation. This page is the right option for the freshers to access all the study resources freely & get good grip on the core subjects. Check out the Bachelor of Technology Mechanical Engineering Notes Pdf for two semesters and aid your preparation.

For knowing the overall fundamentals of Btech 1st Year ME, just have a look at the JNTUK, JNTUH, & various institutes common Mechanical Engineering First Year Syllabus and plan accordingly. Along with the lecture notes of Btech ME course pdf download, you even can find the best Btech I Yr Mechanical Engineering Reference Books, Review Questions, etc. for better preparation.

Download BTech ME First-Year Lecture Notes PDF for Free

Practicing the subject concepts thoroughly can make you score high marks in the exams. So, get these BTech ME Firs Year Notes in pdf form and download them offline too. You can download the BTech Mechanical Engineering First Year Lecture Notes Pdf through the quick links available on this page. You can view or download them for free of cost and prepare well during exam practice.

Utilization of Bachelor of Technology ME I Yr Study Material during your preparation is very important and have in-depth knowledge of the concepts. Also, you can discover the Btech 1st Year Mechanical Engineering Reference Books and important questions list over here to kick start your preparation so that you can score more marks in the exam.

List of JNTUH Bachelor of Technology 1st Year I Sem & II Sem Syllabus

I Year I Sem:

  • Mathematics – I
  • Engineering Physics
  • Programming for Problem Solving
  • Engineering Graphics
  • Engineering Physics Lab
  • Programming for Problem Solving Lab
  • Environmental Science
  • Induction Programme

I Year II Sem:

  • Mathematics – II
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Engineering Workshop
  • English
  • Engineering Chemistry Lab
  • English Language and Communication Skills Lab

JNTUK Btech Mechanical Engineering First Year Subjects List


  • English – I
  • Mathematics – I
  • Engineering Chemistry
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Computer Programming(CP)
  • Environmental Studies(ES)


  • English – II
  • Mathematics – II (Mathematical Methods)
  • Mathematics – III
  • Engineering Physics
  • Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Engineering Drawing

Various Institutes or Universities Btech ME 1st Year Sem-wise Syllabus Table

1st Semester 2nd Semester
Engineering Mathematics-I/Engineering Physics / Engineering Chemistry

Systems in Mechanical Engineering

Basic Electrical Engineering / Basic Electronics Engineering

Programming and Problem Solving / Engineering Mechanics


Engineering Mathematics-II/ Engineering Physics/ Engineering Chemistry

Basic Electrical Engineering / Basic Electronics Engineering

Programming and Problem Solving / Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Drawing (Engineering Graphics )

Project-Based Learning

List of Best Suggested Books for Btech ME 1st Year Graduates

Aspirants who are going to attempt their BTech 1st Year ME Exams should refer to these Mechanical Engineering First Year Best Reference Books suggested by the subject experts. These recommended books will make your preparation even more effective and help you get a good grip on the subject. Make the most out of these best reference books of the Btech first Year ME course and get to know the concepts in a detailed way.

  • Srimanta Pal, Subodh C.Bhunia, Engineering arithmetic, Oxford University Press.
  • Engineering Mechanics statics and dynamics – R.C.Hibbeler, eleventh Edn – Pearson Publ.
  • Engineering Mechanics, statics – J.L.Meriam, sixth Edn – Wiley Bharat Pvt Ltd.
  • Programming in C, Bl Juneja Anita Seth, Cengage Learning.
  • Text Book of Environmental Studies, Deeshita Dave & P. Udaya Bhaskar, Cengage Learning.
  • Dean G. Duffy, Advanced engineering arithmetic with MATLAB, CRC Press
  • A Textbook of Environmental Studies, Shaashi Chawla, TMH, New Delhi
  • Greenberg, Advanced Engineering arithmetic, second edition, Pearson edn
  • Applied Physics by P.K.Palanisamy, Scitech publications (2014) a pair of. Lasers and Non-Linear Optics by B.B.Laud, Newage international publishers (2008)
  • Basic engineering science by M.S.Naidu and S.Kamakshiah, TMH Publications
  • Engineering Graphics for Degree, K. C. John, letter of the alphabet Publishers
  • Engineering Drawing, Agarwal & Agarwal, Tata John Joseph McGraw Hill Publishers

BTech First Year Mechanical Engineering Important Questions List

Take a look at the Btech Mechanical Engineering First Year Review Questions listed below and prepare accordingly for your semester exams. Also, hold a good grip on the subjects by using the provided Btech Mechanical Engineering First Year Notes Pdf.

  • Explain the terms i) one-tailed and ii) two-tailed tests.
  • Explain how de Broglie’s hypothesis supports the concept of duality.
  • Describe the Kronig-Penny model.
  • What are the different styles of letter writing? Explain briefly with examples.
  • Write a letter of inquiry with a reply.
  • What is the difference between extensive reading and intensive reading? Explain.
  • Define impedance, susceptance, and admittance with examples.
  • What are the advantages & drawbacks of Pointers?
  • Discuss about rewind function?
  • Define type 1 and type 2 errors.
  • Define the Null hypothesis.
  • What is the disinfection of water? Explain the chlorination method.
  • Explain the steps involved in sewage treatment.
  • What forces are involved in the ladder wall application if the wall is rough?
  • What are the laws of friction?

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1. Where is the list of Best books for BTech 1st Year ME Graduates?

The list of Btech ME First Year Best Books is provided on our page for all graduates who are appearing for the Mechanical Engineering Semester I & II Exams. Just go through this page and find all required study resources for Btech 1st Yr ME Candidates.

2. How to download BTech Mechanical Engineering First Year Notes Pdf?

All you need to do is simply click on the available quick links and download the BTech Mechanical Engineering First Year Notes & Study Material. You can view or download them for free of cost and save them for further reference.

3. What are the best resources to learn all first year Btech ME Subjects?

Candidates can use the great resources like Lecture Notes, Study Materials & Reference Books available on our page to learn all first year Btech ME Subjects & get a good grip on them.

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