Engineering Mathematics 2 Notes and Study Material PDF Free Download

Engineering Mathematics 2 Notes: Choosing a career in the field of Engineering. Obtaining the best notes for Engineering Mathematics 2 will help the students to score better marks in the engineering exams. The Engineering Mathematics 2 Notes PDF includes a complete study method, all-important information and time-table. Students will get information about the latest Reference Books, Syllabus, and Important Questions Lists for Engineering Mathematics 2 Notes PDF.

The Engineering Mathematics 2 Notes PDF and Study Materials are the essential study resources. The reference materials nurture and develop better preparation and assist students in obtaining good grades. Students can refer to the Engineering Mathematics 2 Notes PDF as per the latest updated syllabus from this article. Students can refer to the Big Data Lecture Notes For CSE as per the latest and updated syllabus from this article.

The article given below helps the students access the best Engineering Mathematics 2 Notes PDF as per the latest curriculum.

Introduction to Engineering Mathematics 2 Notes

The branch of applied mathematics that involves mathematical techniques and methods,  typically used in the industry and engineering fields to solve real world problems is known as Engineering mathematics. It helps in solving complex problems of the dynamic nature by coalescing computing techniques, mathematical theory and engineering techniques.

Engineering Mathematics provides a strong foundation of concepts like Advanced matrix, Complex mathematics, linear algebra, Fourier and Laplace transformation, differential equations, partial differentials, and probability and statistics. It helps students to develop analytical skills to tackle complex mathematics based engineering problems.

Engineering Mathematics 2 Notes PDF and Study Material Free Download

Candidates pursuing Engineering Courses can avail from the Engineering Mathematics 2 Notes PDF and Study Materials updated in this article. Students can download the study materials and notes and use them as a reference during the revision or preparation process. Candidates pursuing their engineering courses can obtain the notes and other study materials. Aspirants can start their preparation with all the ultimate tools to help them score better marks in the exam.

The students can refer and use the Engineering Mathematics 2 Notes PDF and Study Materials as a reference. Students pursuing a graduate degree can also download Engineering Mathematics 2 Notes PDF.

Engineering Mathematics 2 Notes PDF Reference Books

Reference books for Engineering Mathematics 2 are an imperative source of information. It provides necessary information about the topics with essential explanations. Students can develop a solid base when they refer to books that subject experts’ recommend.

Candidates would understand the topics more precisely if they consult the latest version that introduces the updated syllabus. Here is a list of the best-recommended books for Engineering Mathematics 2.

  • Kreyszig, E. (2010). Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 10th edition. John Wiley & Sons.
  • O’Neil, Peter V. (2011). Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 7th edition. Cengage learning.
  • Colley, S.J. (2012). Vector Calculus, 4th edition. Pearson Education, Inc.
  • Zill, D.G., Shanahan P.D. (2013). A First Course with Applications: Complex Analysis, 3rd Edition. Jones & Bartlett Learning.
  • Dyke, P.P.G. (2001). An Introduction to Fourier Series and Laplace Transforms. Springer-Verlag London Ltd.
  • Hanna, J.R. and Rowland, J.H. (1990). Fourier Series, Transforms and Boundary Value Problems. Second Edition. Dover Publications, Inc. New York.
  • Pinkus, A. and Zafrany, S. (1997). Fourier Series and Integral Transforms. Cambridge University Press. The United Kingdom.

Engineering Mathematics 2 Notes PDF Syllabus

The best way to commence your preparation is to understand the syllabus and the topics of the subject. Keeping in mind every student’s requirements, we have presented a comprehensive view of the Engineering Mathematics 2 Notes PDF Syllabus.

The Engineering Mathematics 2 Syllabus aims to present the students with a brief idea of what to study, the unit-wise breakup of the topics and how to allot time to each subject.

Applicants must make sure that they are aware of the course Syllabus to prevent unnecessary waste of time on unnecessary topics.

Here is an updated list of the Engineering Mathematics 2 Notes PDF syllabus :

Unit 1

Vector spaces

Relations, sets, partition of set, equivalence relation, functions, Cartesian product of Set, Binary operations, Subgroups, Fields.

Subspaces.Basis and Dimension of vector space. ome properties of subspaces.Finite linear combinations Dependent and independent vectors, The infinite dimensional vector spaces Ck[a, b], Lp[a, b], k = 0, 1, 2,… and p >0

Unit 2

Linear Transformations

Linear transformations, Kernel and Range of a linear transformation, nullity theorem., Solution of system of linear equations, Eigenvalues and eigenvectors, eigenspace, Caley-Hamilton theorem and its implications.

Linear transformation over finite basis of Matrix, Change of basis of Matrix, rank of a matrix, Similar matrices.  Inner product spaces, Inner product of Matrix, norm induced by an inner product, parallelogram law.

Unit 3

Orthogonal Expansion

Orthogonal and orthonormal system and vector, Orthogonalization process of Gram Schmidt . Expansion of function in Fourier series , Convergence and sum of Fourier series, Even and odd functions, Orthogonal expansion of function in L2. Gibbs phenomenon, Trigonometric approximation, Parseval‘s relation, Bessel inequality,  half range expansions, Half range Fourier series , odd and even extensions, Fourier integrals, Fourier sine and cosine transforms.
Unit 4

Holomorphic Functions

Holomorphic functions, C-R equations, Planer sets, curves, domains and regions in the complex plane, continuous and differentiable functions of complex variables, Laplace equation, Harmonic functions and their applications.
Unit 5

Complex Integration

Line integral, bound for the absolute value of integrals, Cauchy inequality, Liouville‘s theorem (with proof), morra‘s theorem (statement), fundamental theorem of algebra, Power series, Cauchy integral theorem, Cauchy integral formula, Derivatives of holomorphic functions, radius of convergence and Taylor‘s series.

Laurent Series, Continuation of Laurent Series, Singularities and Zeros, behavior of f(z) at infinity, Residues, Residue integration method, Residue theorem,Evaluation of real integrals.

Unit 6

Differential Equations

Exact differential equations, Integrating factors, Linear differential equations. Existence and Uniqueness of solutions and Bernoulli equation, Wronskian, Homogeneous linear equations of second order.

Nonhomogeneous equations, Solution by undetermined coefficients, Solution by variation of parameters, Second-order Homogeneous equations with constant coefficients, complex exponential functions Euler –Cauchy equation, System of differential equations: introductory examples-mixing problem involving two tanks, linear systems, model of an electrical network, Conversion of an nth order differential equation to a system.

List of Engineering Mathematics 2 Important Questions

Candidates can refer to the list of all the essential questions stated below for the Engineering Mathematics 2 Notes. All the questions are aimed to help the aspirants to excel in the examination. Here is a list of some important questions of Engineering Mathematics 2 that will help the students to have a better understanding of the subject.

  • Determine the unit vector in the direction of a = 2i + 3j + k
  • State the theorem of Cayley-Hamilton.
  • De the matrix corresponding to the quadratic form 2xy+2yz+2zx.
  • State the theorem of Gauss Divergence
  • Define the Stokes theorem.
  • State the Green’s theorem.
  • Explain conformal mapping.
  • Give the unit average vector to the surface abc = at (2, 1, 1).

Frequently Asked Questions on Engineering Mathematics 2 Notes

Question 1.
Define the term Engineering Mathematics?

The branch of applied mathematics that involves mathematical techniques and methods that are typically used in the industry and engineering is known as Engineering mathematics.

Question 2.
Name some good resources to prepare for Engineering Mathematics ?

Some of the good resources to have in depth knowledge for  preparation of Engineering Mathematics are Study Materials, Books, Lecture Notes, Reference Textbooks for Mathematics.

Question 3.
What are the strategies to prepare for Engineering Mathematics?

Candidates preparing for the engineering exam should make notes on all related questions and study materials for smooth preparation. They should practice more test series, mock tests and explore more books for preparation of exams. They should also practice the updated version of EM 2 books.

Question 4.
Classify the maths used in Engineering Mathematics?

Some of the maths used in Engineering Mathematics are advanced calculus, analytic geometry, trigonometry to determine limits, mean values, vectors, integrals and derivatives.


The Engineering Mathematics 2 Notes PDF and Study Materials presented above are aimed to assist the students at the time of exam preparations. They are reliable and have authoritative references focused to help graduates and improve their knowledge and understanding of the subject during the time of preparation of the exam. Students can refer and practice from the provided notes for engineering mathematics and important questions from this article.