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Artificial Intelligence AI Handwritten Notes: For candidates looking to get hold of the Artificial Intelligence Notes PDF, this article provides access to the best handwritten notes that help you enhance your preparation process of all the essential concepts.

The Artificial Intelligence AI Handwritten Notes are a primary source of reference that makes preparation effective because handwritten notes are usually centered around the most important points. This source helps students better their preparation and secure better grades. This article updates students with the latest Artificial Intelligence curriculum.

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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence refers to the invigoration of human Intelligence in programmed machines to achieve the mimicking of actions and thoughts like human beings. Theorem Artificial Intelligence is also applicable to any machine that manifests traits that are often associated with the human mind and activities like problem-solving skills and learning.

The ideal characteristic of AI is its ability to rationalise and upvote the action required to achieve a distinct goal. Artificial Intelligence focuses on four primary types, namely, Self-awareness, Limited Memory, Theory of Mind, and Reactive Machines.

The Applications of Artificial Intelligence are perpetual, and the technologies are applicable in several industries and sectors. Artificial Intelligence holds a major scope in the healthcare industry and is a functional test for dosing drugs, surgical procedures, and different treatments in the operation room.

B.Tech Artificial Intelligence Handwritten Notes and Study Material PDF Free Download

B.Tech third-year CSE Students can avail of the best Artificial Intelligence PDF Notes updated in this article. Students can access and download the free pdf Notes for Artificial Intelligence AI and better their preparation with these ultimate tools and secure better marks.

Handwritten AI Notes allow the candidates to remember the material better, and their reference leads to a better preparation process. Students procure an added advantage with the use of the Artificial Intelligence Handwritten Notes as they acquire a better overview of all the important concepts under the course and change their score chart.

Here, are a list of a few important handwritten notes for a thorough preparation of the Artificial Intelligence course programme-

List of AI Artificial Intelligence Reference Books

List of AI Artificial Intelligence Reference Books

Books are a rich source of well-researched data and information. Reference books provide candidates with accurate traces of information. Therefore, candidates should ensure to consult books that provide excellent conceptual background. Students can avail the best books for Artificial Intelligence as per the subject experts’ recommendations from this article.

Graduates must ensure to refer and read through the Artificial Intelligence Books during your preparation as citations make preparation more persuasive.

The list of best subject recommended books for Artificial Intelligence preparation are as follows, and students can select the right book that meets their knowledge and criteria and prepare accordingly.

  • Artificial Intelligence, structures, and Strategies for Complex problem solving, -George F Lugar, Fifth Edition, PEA
  • Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies- Nick Bostrom, Oxford University Press
  • Artificial Intelligence- Rich, Kevin Knight, Shiv Shankar B Nair, Third Edition, TMH
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence: A Handbook for Business Leaders- Adelyn Zhou, Marlene Jia, and Mariya Yao,
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Patterson, PHI
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning- Anand Hareendran S. and Vinod Chandra S.S, PHI
  • The Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach, Second Edition, Stuart Russel, Peter Norvig, PEA
  • Artificial Intelligence: A beginners Guide- Blay Whitby, One World Publication
  • Artificial Intelligence, A New Synthesis, Nils J Nilsson, Elsevier
  • Machine Learning, Neural, and Statistical Classification- Donald Michie, Ellis Horwood
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Ertel, Wolf Gang, Springer
  • Artificial Intelligence: The Very Idea- John Haugeland, MIT Press
  • Artificial Intelligence- Saroj Kaushik, CENGAGE Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence- Patrick Winston, Third Edition, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Huimin Lu, Springer

Artificial Intelligence AI Curriculum

An effective preparation approach is having a basic and an initial idea of the Artificial Intelligence Syllabus. This article provides a detailed outline of the Artificial Intelligence Syllabus, keeping in mind every student’s requirements and exam structure.

A Course Curriculum is a course planning tool or a layout that presents all the important topics falling under the Artificial Intelligence course programme in a structured manner. Through the syllabus, students will acquire a clear idea of what to study, how to study, and all the essential concepts. In this article, students will procure a unit-wise break up of all the potent topics so that students allot time to each topic accordingly.

Students must ensure to cover all the important topics and practice all essential questions before attempting the Artificial Intelligence exam so that the paper is reasonably easy and answerable at the time of the exam. Candidates must ensure to stay aware and updated of the Artificial Intelligence Syllabus as it prevents you from wasting unnecessary time on redundant topics.

Unit-Wise AI Syllabus

The updated unit-wise breakup of the Artificial Intelligence Syllabus is as follows-

UNIT-1- Introduction

Definition of Artificial Intelligence, Characteristics of Intelligent Agents, Problem Solving Approach to Typical Artificial Intelligence problems, Future of Artificial Intelligence, and Typical Intelligent Agents

UNIT-2- Problem-Solving Methods

Searching with Partial Observations, Constraint Propagation, Optimal Decisions in Games, Stochastic Games, Backtracking Search, Alpha Pruning, Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Beta Pruning, and Game Playing

Search Strategies- Heuristics, Optimisation of Problems, Uninformed strategies, Local Search Algorithms, and Informed Strategies

UNIT-3- First Order Predicate Logic

Unification Process, Resolution, Ontological Engineering, Mental Objects and Mental Events, Prolog Programming, Knowledge Representation, Reasoning with Default Information, Events, Forward Chaining-Backward Chaining, Reasoning Systems for Categories, and Categories and Objects

UNIT-4- Architecture for Intelligent Agents

Negotiation and Bargaining, Trust and Reputation in Multi-agent systems, Agent Communication, and Argumentation among Agents

UNIT-5- Artificial Intelligence Applications

Natural Language Processing, Hardware, Moving, Language Models, –Perception, Information Extraction, Robot, Information Retrieval, Speech Recognition, Planning, and Machine Translation


  • Artificial Intelligence enhances the workforce and work community and creates new demanding and skilful jobs
  • Implementation of basic Artificial Intelligence Algorithms like Dynamic Programming or Standard Search Algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence helps flag bias and encourages organisations to drive diversity
  • Identification of problems which are amenable solutions of Artificial Intelligence methods, and those Artificial Intelligence methods which may suit to solve a given problem
  • Artificial Intelligence moves companies to a business-outcome Approach, powered by Artificial Intelligence-orientated architecture
  • Designs and carries out an empirical evaluation of various algorithms based on the formalisation of a problem, and states the conclusions that support evaluation.
  • Artificial Intelligence increases efficiency and refocuses the everyday efforts and tasks emphasising on creation and creativity.

List of Artificial Intelligence AI Important Questions

Bachelors in Technology (B.Tech) in CSE students can avail the list of all essential questions from this article. Students can go through the list mentioned below on the Artificial Intelligence course programme. All the given review questions are of great significance and aim to help the candidates excel in the examination.

  • Write short notes on the following-
    1. Simple Reflex Agent
    2. Goal-based Agent
    3. Model-based Agent
    4. Utility-based Agent
  • With a neat-labelled illustration, discuss the Multi-Agent Systems 
  • Elucidate the importance of Artificial Intelligence in the future.
  • Write short on Certainty Factor and then enlist the various components of the Certainty Factor.
  • Illustrate a neat-labelled diagram and then justify briefly based on the truth maintenance system
  • Elucidate on the Bidirectional Search
  • Derive an algorithm for Recursive Best First Search
  • Define each problem caused due to incomplete knowledge on the states or actions with examples
  • Write a short note on Alpha-Beta Pruning about Algorithms.
  • With a neat-labelled illustration, explain Optimisation Problems.

Frequently Answered Questions on Artificial Intelligence Notes PDF

Question 1. 

Scope of Artificial Intelligence as a good career choice?


Artificial Intelligence is a stable and lucrative career field with demanding, prodigious, and different verticals that last to grow, but the industry remains competitive. The roles in Artificial Intelligence are niche and require advancement in technical background and substantial hands-on experience. There is a skyrocketing demand for trained professionals in this field.

Question 2. 

Name a few important Artificial Intelligence AI Notes for reference.


Artificial Intelligence: A beginners Guide- Blay Whitby, One World Publication, Artificial Intelligence, A New Synthesis, Nils J Nilsson, Elsevier, Machine Learning, Neural, and Statistical Classification- Donald Michie, Ellis Horwood, and Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Ertel, Wolf Gang, Springer

Question 3. 

How is reading Artificial Intelligence Notes PDF useful?


Artificial Intelligence Books are designed keeping in mind all the professionals, students, and business leaders of the country. Artificial Intelligence Books provide a context inclusive of AGI, Deep learning, ANI, Machine learning, and other numerous cases concerning the business world. Artificial Intelligence Books provide well-researched and accurate information that betters preparation.

Question 4.

State a few important Artificial Intelligence questions for preparation.


  • Illustrate a neat-labelled diagram and then justify briefly based on the truth maintenance system
  • Elucidate on the Bidirectional Search
  • Derive an algorithm for Recursive Best First Search
  • Define each problem caused due to incomplete knowledge on the states or actions with examples


The article on Artificial Intelligence Notes PDF is a credible and reliable source of information that provides the latest and updated sources of reference for students to practice effectively. The book mentioned above aims to help and enhance every student’s knowledge and understanding of the subject matter during preparations and at the time of examination. Students can download the Artificial Intelligence AI Notes PDF Download, refer to the subject expert-recommended books and study materials, and practice a list of all the important questions from this article.