Python Programming – Pre-Defined Attributes

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Python Programming – Pre-Defined Attributes

Pre-defined attributes

Class and class instance objects has some pre-defined attributes:

Class object

Some pre-defined attributes of class object are:

This attribute give the class name.

>>> MYClass . __name__
' MYClass '

This attribute give the module which the class was defined.

>>> MYClass . ___module___
' ___main___ '

A class has a namespace implemented by a dictionary object. Class attribute references are translated to lookups in this dictionary, e.g., MyClass . i is translated to MyClass .___dict___ [ ” i ” ].

>>> MyClass.___dict___
{ ' i ' : 12345 , '___module___' : '___main___ ' , '___doc___ ': ' A simple example class ' , ' f ' : <function f at 0x0640A070>}

This attribute give the tuple (possibly empty or a singleton) containing the base classes.

>>> MyClass.___bases___.
( )

This attribute give the class documentation string, or None, if not defined.

>>> MyClass.___doc___ 
' A simple example class '

Class instance object
Some pre-defined attributes of class instance object are:

This give attribute dictionary of class instance.

>>> x. ___dict___ 
{ }

This give the instance’s class.

>>> x. ___class____ 
<class ___main___ .MyClass at 0x063DA880>

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