Python Programming – Instance Object

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Python Programming – Instance Object

Instance object

The only operation that done using class instance object x is attribute references. There are two kinds of valid attribute names: “data attribute” and “method”.

Data attribute corresponds to a variable of a class instance. Data attributes need not be declared; like local variables, they, spring into existence when they are first assigned to. For example, if x is the instance of MyClass (created, before), the following piece of code will print the value 16, without leaving a trace:

>>> x . counter=1
>>> while x . counter<10:
. . . x . counter=x. counter*2
. . .
>>> print x . counter 
>>> del x . counter

The other kind of instance attribute reference is a method. Any function object that is a class attribute defines a method for instances of that class. So, x. f is a valid method reference, since MyClass. f is a function.