PHP projects for beginners – PHP Project Ideas & Topics for Beginners | Simple PHP Project Topics List

PHP projects for beginners: The best way to learn any programming language and to keep growing is to work on projects. These projects will be able to help challenge your creativity while you try out what you know. This means that if you are a beginner with PHP, the best thing you can do is work on some real-time projects.

This is because while theoretical knowledge is important, what will help in a real-time work environment is a practical approach to learning. In this article, we will be looking at some of the Best PHP Project Ideas for Students so that they can work on to get experience.

Importance of Building PHP Projects

PHP project ideas: But, why would you want to build PHP projects in the first place? Now, it is important to understand that aspiring developers need to work on projects when it comes to their careers. Working on real-world projects is an excellent way to better your skills and to put theoretical knowledge to use.

As you work on PHP projects, you will also be able to gauge your strengths and weaknesses as you get exposure to something that can boost your career as a software developer. There are various PHP Project Ideas on this list and you can go ahead and work on what works best.

What is PHP?

PHP projects ideas: Let’s take a look at what PHP is before we look at the project ideas and it is an open-source general scripting language. This is used by programmers to develop websites and website applications. The credit for this goes to Rasmus Lerdorf the Danish-Canadian programmer who developed this in the year 1994.

Best PHP Project Ideas List

Beginner php projects: Here is a list of different PHP Project Topics for people at all skill levels. These can help you work with practicalities that will help your career. It can help you even if you’re a final year student that needs project ideas.

Predict Movie Success Through Data Mining

Simple php projects: Are you a movie buff and like critiquing movies and talk about whether or not it was a hit? With this particular project, you can use PHP to predict how the movie will do and if it will be successful.

You can first get the historical data of the various constituents of the move, like the music, genre, producer, and actors. Then you can take the different factors into account that influence the success of any movie. This can include things like, is the movies releasing close to a holiday? What other movies are coming out around the same time as this one?

All of these factors are crucial and play a significant role in determining whether or not the movie will be a success at the box office. Apart from this data, you also need to put in the different classes for the movies like hit, average, or flop. The admin of the system here will also need an option where all the details of the movie will be added in, like the production house, cast, director, etc.

The admin can also put in the system the details of the upcoming movies. Your system will be able to predict the success of the movie by using the historical data of its constituents. If the last few movies of the lead actors were hits, then there’s a high chance the movie could be a hit.

You will definitely enjoy working on this particular PHP project. What’s more, is that mentioning PHP projects in your resume will make it look more interesting when compared to the others.

Social Network System for Job Placement

php beginner projects: A beginner with PHP can work on this project to make a web application that will connect the potential candidates and recruiters. Basically, this will work as a social network where people can communicate with one another and, through this, find opportunities that are suitable.

You can take inspiration for this project from the different social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. The former is actually based on PHP, so you can go ahead and imitate some of the features that you find on there.

This is a platform that will let recruiters post job opportunities with descriptions and other necessary details. The following functionalities are needed for it to work properly:

  • A chatting system where users can speak to each other.
  • The admin is responsible for letting people open accounts on this platform.
  • Options to post images.
  • Features where people can respond to posts and share their thoughts through methods like commenting or something similar to ‘liking.’
  • A window of registration where users can join the network.

Detect Net Banking Phishing

This is one of the more interesting Projects in PHP that you can work on. The most popular method of the transaction today is online banking. This is a great and convenient solution, but it has a lot of risks, and one of the most prominent ones today is phishing.

Phishing websites are ones that will ask the users to give them sensitive data like account details, passwords, and such and use this for the wrong reasons. A PHP solution can be made to detect such phishing websites.

You need to build a solution that is flexible and intelligent for this project, and it has to be one that uses classification algorithms. A data mining classification algorithm is one that can classify various websites in accordance with their legitimacy.

To be sure that the algorithm is accurate and behaves in an optimal manner, you need to put in features of phishing websites and train this model that you’re working on with them.  Some of the features that you can use to classify these websites are the level of encryption on the site, URL Identity, and Domain Authority.

Using a data mining algorithm is better when compared to other classifications algorithm. This is one of the most sophisticated projects that you can work on with PHP.

Predict User Behaviour

This is one of the PHP Project Ideas 2021 that is trending. Once you finish working on this project you will have experience in user behaviors and A/B testing, and both of these are important skills when it comes to the digital industry. Session web mining can be used in this project to predict the behavior of the user.

The first thing that you need to do is that you need to make a session file, and this is where you will extract user sessions from. The built system will display the information or the page that is more relevant to the user in accordance with the session created. YOu will need user data before you go about creating sessions though.

But apart from this, you also need to clean the data you have so you can identify the correct course for the correct user. Data cleaning will also help you remove all the information that is unnecessary since it can cause the performance of the system to be hindered.

A Chatbot for Students

This is a PHP project where the user’s messages are analyzed to a bot, and queries are made to reply accordingly. This is a web app that can be used to answer the queries of the students. You can make it a college query bot of sorts so that the students don’t have to go all the way to the college physically when they need answers to their questions.

The chatbot you make will use artificial intelligence to be able to analyze the queries of the users effectively to be able to give appropriate responses. If the chatbot is unable to give relevant responses to the question of the user, then they can give feedback to be able to improve the accuracy.

To make it even better, you can put in a visual user interface to make it seem like the user is actually having a conversation with a person. The chatbot can also give the students updates on the activities and events happening in college. You get to use the knowledge you have of PHP, user interface, and artificial intelligence for this project.

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Portal for Doctors

You, as a beginner with PHP, can use your skills to make a project that is based on healthcare as well. PHP has many different capabilities, and you can use them when working on this project. You can make a portal where different patients and doctors can interact on.

Patients can use it to book appointments on the portal in accordance with the timings of the doctors as well as their schedules. This is actually a very interesting yet impressive PHP project that you can work on.

This is a portal that can cut down majorly on the hassle from the process of appointment booking while being able to enhance efficiency. Doctors can also manage their appointments on this portal with ease. The system will also show the slots that are available for the appointment, so the patients can choose the ones that are convenient to them.

You can also add in other features for the doctors to be able to use. For example, the portal can make it possible for the doctors to add the medical records of the patient to the database. This way the patient will have a medical record that is consistent every time they log in to the account. Accessing and storing patient information is simplified in this manner.

You can also have a section for organ donation where people can register if needed. This can help medical professionals when they need to find organ donors urgently in cases that are emergencies.

Build a Clothes Recommendation System

If you’re a beginner with PHP, this is a great idea for you to start experimenting with. Here you will be working to make a clothes recommendation system. You will be using PHP to make a recommendation system that can be used for an online clothing store.

The solution you’re making can take user data like the products they’ve looked at, products in their wishlist, and the previous purchases to recommend the users’ related products. Collaborative filtering can be used to provide recommendations that are accurate as well as efficient since they can identify the similarities between different users.

These types of recommendation systems are very popular and are found in e-Commerce stores. The recommendation system that is the most powerful and efficient would be Amazon’s. You can also look at their system to get inspired on how to work around this project.

Product Rating System According to Customer Reviews

You may have seen different product rating systems of many of the prominent and popular e-Commerce platforms. These are systems that reflect the average ratings of the reviews given by customers so that a visitor can understand what the popular opinion on a particular service or product is.

This is a good solution where the customer experience is enhanced while the organization can find out what they can do to serve the customers better. The rating system you are building will need an algorithm to track and manage the customer reviews. You can also mine and match particular keywords that are in the reviews with your own database for opinion mining.

You can make a sentiment analyzing solution as well as it will be able to find certain keywords in the reviews of customers to be able to find out whether it is good or bad. You can also follow the ‘star rating system’ to show the average rating that people are giving to a product or survive out of 5 stars.

Fake Review Identification

The credibility of a platform can be damaged substantially because of fake reviews. For example, sellers on Amazon often add fake positive reviews for products since that can result in more sales being generated.

Amazon has put in many different measures to counter the issue of fake reviews, but it is understood that this is a major problem on different platforms.

You can use PHP to build a system that identifies fake reviews. The system can focus on the user IDs to see if that particular user has posted multiple reviews for different products using the same wordings and tones.

You can also put keywords in your system to help find which reviews are fake ones. For example, most of the time, fake reviews tend to be a lot more positive than usual. They have a lot of filler words and are very vague.

You can also feed in organic reviews to the system so that standard reviews can be differentiated from fake ones. This way, you can make a very effective and powerful system to identify fake reviews using PHP.

Automate Time Table Creation

This is another one of the PHP projects that is rather interesting. It is well-known that one of the common issues that students face is time management. They make timetables to be able to manage the various courses and subjects. A timetable or a schedule has to be such that all of the courses and classes that the students attend need to fit without overlapping the other. Apart from this, it also needs to make sure that the subjects all get adequate time to study so that the student doesn’t lag behind on any of them.

In this project, you will have to make a custom algorithm that uses a timetable object. This object should have options for different classrooms as class objects alongside a fitness score. The fitness score also depends on when the timetable crashes because of the various calendars of the different classes.

The class object will have week objects, and these will have days which in turn will have time slots. These need to have an address where the student and teacher are related. You ended to use a compostable configuration destination so obligations can be added.

If you have any doubts regarding the subject PHP check out our PHP Lecture Notes and clear all your ambiguities.

Customer Relationship Management for ISP

This is another project that a beginner with PHP can work on. You can make a CRM solution using PHP, where an Internet Service Provider is allowed to handle customer complaints in an effective manner.

These ISPs get different types of complaints, and they can classify them in accordance to their categories using CRM Software. In this manner, the complaints can be resolved faster, and the customer experience can be improved.

You can give the ISPs additional features if you take your CRM software one step further. For example, you can put in a feature where the customers are alerted when the plan is nearing the date of expiry. You could also include the functionality where customers are sent personalized internet plans according to their past data use.

If you build a CRM solution, you will get experience in many different areas like user experience, classification, and product development.

College Admission Prediction System

This is one of the project ideas of PHP that is a little advanced, so to say. You will have to make an admission predictor where students can find out what colleges they can get admission to based on their test results and grades.

The admin of this application should have the feature to be able to add in the details of the batch and the college. It will have to check the selection requirements of many different colleges as well as make the prediction after comparing them with the results of a student.

This particular prediction system for admissions will be able to automate the process of seat allotment for colleges as well. The admin will be able to allow seats in accordance with the selection criteria and then save all of these details to the system.

This is a project where you will be able to make a PHP based solution that is efficient but also will have your problem-solving skills tested. This is a great idea for your PHP projects if you want to improve your skills.

Review Mining for Restaurants

This is one of the project ideas on the list that you may find a lot of fun and very exciting. You will have to make a system where people’s sentiments in feedback are detected. Opinion mining is used to deliver the results that are desired here.

This will be a web application that takes in feedback from different users, and in accordance with the feedback, it will figure out if the restaurant in question is good or bad. You will have to use a database that has various keywords of both the good as well as the bad categories. For example, ‘best’ would be a positive one, whereas ‘terrible’ would be negative.

Once you have built this application, you can use it for many different restaurants, and the admin will have the option to be able to add feedback, keywords, as well as new restaurants. This has a lot of utility and can be used in the online food industry.

Data Mining Implementation for Secure Learning

Another Simple PHP Projects for Beginners is to work on data mining implementation. The learning sector has gotten a significant shift because of the pandemic as of recently. People are now more inclined to learn on online platforms as compared to doing it online as this is safe and human contact is reduced.

A significant problem that comes into the picture when talking about online learning platforms is security and privacy. This is the issue that you can find a solution for through PHP.

These are platforms that need to keep a lot of data on them like the study materials, student records, course details, and more. You can use PHP to build a security solution to make sure that the data stays safe.

Description and encryption techniques can be used to keep the courses safe and to avoid any breaches. PHP is actually a great tool to work on cybersecurity, and if you’re interested in this particular niche, you will enjoy working on this project.

The security implementation will make sure that the people who have access to the course material and other information are only those with authorization, like the students and instructor.


We hope that our list of fourteen different PHP Project Ideas & Topics for Beginners has been helpful to you and that you have enjoyed it. We covered some of the best ideas here, and if you want to be better at your PHP skills, then you need to work on these projects.

Only when you build projects like these and keep practicing will you be able to understand how real-world projects work. Once you’ve picked ideas that you like, you can go ahead and work on them or come up with your own unique ideas as well!