Python projects list – Python Project Ideas & Topics for Beginners to Try in 2021 | Interesting Python Projects List for Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced Level Students

Python Project Ideas & Topics for Beginners: Python is currently one of the most popular languages for programming. It seems that in 2021 and beyond, this trend will continue. So if you are a Python novice, work on some Python project ideas in real-time is the most acceptable thing you can do.

In this article, you can get 42 best python project ideas for Python beginners to gain practical experience. In addition, project-based learning helps strengthen the understanding of students. Therefore, it is suitable for novices in programming knowledge, but not limited to them. First of all, however, we should address your more relevant question:

Why build Python Projects?

Python projects list: When it comes to software development professions, professionals are required to design their projects. However, developing real-world projects is the best method to improve your talents and transform your theory into practice.

If you work on live projects, it will help:

  • To build your trust – When you use essential tools and technology, you are confident about your abilities and recognize your weaknesses.
  • For experimentation – while working on a Python project, you will need to learn about new tools and technologies. The more you understand state-of-the-art development instruments, environments, libraries, the greater the possibility for experimenting. The more you try out new concepts from the python project, the more knowledge you get.
  • Knowing the nitty-gritty of SDLC – You will obtain a deeper grasp of how the software development cycle works by developing a project from the beginning. Over time, you will learn how to design, execute code, manage the testing process, fix errors, deploy code and occasionally upgrade your software product.
  • Master programming fundamentals – One of the most significant advantages of constructing real-world projects is that you master programming concepts and models in numerous languages with continual practice.

There are, therefore, a few Python Projects for startups here:

Python Project Ideas: Beginners Level

Python bot ideas: This list is suitable for students, starting with Python or data science in general, and includes a list of python project ideas for students. These concepts for the Python project lead you to all of the practicalities that your career as a Python developer needs to succeed.

In addition, this list should start you began if you are seeking ideas for a Python project for a final year. Therefore, let’s get directly into some suggestions for the project by Python, which will reinforce your base and enable you to climb the ladder.

1. Mad Libs Generator

Fun python projects for intermediate: The Mad Libs Generator is one of the best ideas for testing hands-on python projects for kids. It is an excellent project for novices with the development of software. This project will teach you how to modify user-input data, mainly focusing on strings, variables, and concaténation. The design of the program requires users to provide several inputs, which are regarded as Mad Lib. Mab lib is one of the beginners’ python projects.

Either an adjective, a noun, and a pronoun can be the input. Finally, the request takes the data and arranges the entrances into the tale template form when all the information has been entered. Okay, sound fun?

2. Number Guessing

It is still an exciting one of the easiest python projects. Even a little game, you can call it. Make a software in which your computer chooses a number randomly from 1 to 10, from 1 to 100, or any range. Then provide users an indication to estimate the quantity. Whenever the user conjectures incorrectly, he gains another clue, and his score falls. There can be several, divided, larger or smaller clues, or all of them together.

Functions are also required to compare the input number with the estimated number, calculate the difference between both, and check whether an actual number has been input in this project.

3. Text-based Adventure Game

This is a basic version of the game Adventure. It is entirely based on text. This game version enables users to walk among many rooms in a single setting and provides descriptions for each place based on user input. It is one of the most intriguing projects in Python.

The direction of movement is critical here – you must establish walls and give instructions for users to move around, place limitations on mobility, and include a tracker that can measure the distance a user has gone or carried in a game. Again, mentioning work from Python can help your CV appear far more intriguing.

4. Dice Rolling Simulator

We shall imitate rolling dice, as the name of the application suggests. It is one of the exciting python projects and generates a random number every time the application runs, and users can repeatedly use the dice as long as they like. The program generates a random number between 1 and 6 when the user rolls the dices (as on a standard dice).

The number is then shown to the user. It will also ask users to roll the dice again. The Application should also contain a function that can retrieve and display a number randomly between 1 and 6. These Python projects at the introductory level will help establish a solid basis for basic concepts for programming.

5. Hangman

It’s a “Think Word” game more. Difference: random, integer, string, char, input/output, and boolean are the fundamental principles for this project. In the game, participants must enter letter assumptions and the number of assumptions for each user (a counter variable is needed for limiting the guesses). It is one of Python’s earliest exciting works.

A re-organized list of words from which users can collect words can be created. However, you also need specific functions to verify whether a user enters a single letter or whether the entry letter is in the magic word, whether the user enters a single letter, and print the relevant results (letters).

6. Contact Book

This is one of the fantastic crafts for beginners. Each person utilizes a contact book to save contact information, names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses included. It is a project on a command-line, where you will design a contact book application for saving and finding user contact details. Users should also be able to change contact data, remove contacts, and list stored contacts. The SQLite database is the perfect contacts storage platform. To manage a Python project for beginners, building your career with a good beginning can help.

7. Email Slicer

This is one of the most convenient and valuable Python projects in the future. The Application helps you retrieve the email address for the username and domain name. This information can also be customized for the app and sent to the host.

8. Binary search algorithm

You have ever heard the saying that you “find a needle in a haystack.” This program can be done using a binary algorithm for search. A list of random numbers can be created between 0 to 100, with a difference between two of the following values.

The application checks if the number is contained in the list when the user inputs a random number. It does so by the creation of the list of two halves. If the program discovers the number in the first half of the list, the other half will be removed and vice versa. The search continues until the user’s user number is found or the subfield size is 0 (this means that the number is not in the list). This python project idea is designed to help you construct an algorithm to find an item in a list.

9. Desktop Notifier App

Did you ever wonder how notifications function? That idea will shed some light on my little Python project. The desktop notifier applications run on your machine and provide you with information in a specified time interval. Therefore, we advise that you create such a program with libraries like notifications, requests, etc.

10. Python Story Generator

It is a pleasant yet thrilling python project that works wonderfully with children. In short, the computer will ask for inputs from users, such as a place name, action, etc., and will then create a tale about the data. The tale will always be the same, although the input varies slightly.

11. YouTube video downloader

A YouTube video downloader is the most fantastic way to begin experimenting with practical projects for pupils. Every month over a billion people watch YouTube. Sometimes we want to download videos permanently. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t provide you with this choice. Still, you can design an application with a simple user interface that allows you to download YouTube videos in various formats and video quality. It is a tough assignment, but when you start working on it, it is straightforward.

12. Python Website Blocker

Many undesirable websites continue to appear as we visit the Internet. It is one of the handy projects of Python in which you can create software that prevents opening particular websites. This program is suitable for students who wish to concentrate without interruptions in social media. The python project can assist your curriculum vitae to look a lot more fascinating than others.

13. Spin a Yarn

Things become more exciting here because strings at first seem endlessly more complicated to play with.

The Application initially requires the user to input a series. These may be an adjective, a preparation, an appropriate substantive, etc. Once all the information is present, they are placed using concatenation in a predefined tale template. Finally, the whole story has been printed to read a misconceived insanity!

14. What’s the word?

This name emphasizes that the user has to devise the generated term at random. However, you can establish a list from which the term should be conjectured, and you can also limit the number of conjectures permitted.

You may then write your own rules! Whether the printed alphabet is in this specific location can be indicated when the user enters the word. You need to check whether the user has entered alphabets or numbers and to display error warnings correctly.

15. Rock, Paper, Scissors

If you’re bored of not having your gameplay, you will enhance your mood by a 5-minute session of rock, paper, scissors, and computer.

We’re using the random feature here again. First, you move, and then you make the program. You can either use an alphabet or use a whole string to indicate the motion. To check the authenticity of the move, a function must be configured.

The winner of the round is decided to utilize another function. Either you can choose to play again, or you can select in advance a certain amount of moves. It also needs to develop a scoring function to return the winner at the end.

16. Leap it!

You enter one year in this python project and check whether or not it’s a springtime year. To do this, you must develop a function that acknowledges a leap year pattern and can try to match the year you are entering. Finally, you can use a Boolean expression to print out the result.

17. Find out, Fibonacci!

You provide a number, and the constructed function checks if the number is part of the sequence Fibonacci or not. The work underpinning the above ‘read it!’ program is comparable.

One common issue in all the initiatives mentioned above is that they will help you correct your basics. You are the bug fixer and the developer. Not to mention: Working with a variety of functions, working with variables, strings, integers, operators, etc., closes. Just as 2 + 2 is the basis of your understanding of mathematics, these principles will help you comprehend and maintain them in a fun way through doing projects.

These are some of Python’s most straightforward ideas for projects to work on. So let’s continue to the next level once you finish them.

Check Out Other Project Ideas:

Python Project Ideas: Intermediate Level

18. Calculator

However, creating your graphical UI calculator does not make you acquainted with a library like Tkinter that allows you to create buttons for different operations and display results on a screen.

19. Countdown Clock and Timer

It is a second utility application for the user to set a timer, and when the time is up, the Application tells you.

20. Random Password Generator

It’s a strenuous effort to create a strong password and remember it. Instead, you can construct a program that uses some words and then uses those words to create a random password. Then, by using the phrase the user submitted as input, you can remember the password.

21. Random Wikipedia Article

It is a sophisticated yet uncomplicated program. First, Wikipedia is searched for, and a random article is selected. Then the user asks whether or not he wishes to read the paper. If yes, the material will be displayed; else, a random report will be presented.

22. Reddit Bot

It is an excellent idea for novices in the python project. Reddit is a convenient platform, and as many individuals as possible desire to be online. Whenever they uncover something helpful, you can create a bot that monitors subsections and reports. It saves Redditors a great deal of time and offers important information.

23. Python Command-Line Application

Python is known for developing excellent programs on the command line. For example, you can set up your Application to send emails to others. The program will then request your credentials and email content and send the information via your created control line.

24. Alarm Clock

This is one of the python ideas for the project. People throughout the world are using alarm clock apps. The Application for an intermediate-level developer is relatively easy, Command Line Interface (CLI). This project, however, is not your alarm clock run-of-the-mill. You can enter YouTube links to a text file in this program and create the Application to read the file. Then, if you set a specific alarm clock time, a random YouTube link will be selected from the text file, and the YouTube video will be played.

25. Tic-Tac-Toe

We all have good recollections of Tic-Tac-Toe playing with our schoolmates, right? It is one of the funniest games anyplace you can play — a pen and paper is everything you need! Two people can usually play Tic-Tac-Toe simultaneously. The participants are building a grid of 3 tonnes. This is one of the most incredible concepts in Python.

As the first player puts “X” in one of the squares, the second one places an “O” in every square. This process will continue until every player places X and O alternatively. The player with three consecutive X or O on the grid successfully creates horizontal, vertical, or diagonal wins.

To develop this project, you can utilize the Pygame library. All the modules for computer graphics and sound are loaded into Pygame.

26. Steganography

The art of hiding a secret message in a different kind of media is Steganography, hiding an encoded message in a picture or video, for example. You may design a program that secures communications for you in images.

27. Currency converter

You may construct this simple GUI application with Python. As you assume with the name, you’re creating a currency translator that can convert currencies, such as the Indian rupee, into a pound or euro from one unit to another.

The design of this Application will be simple — the primary function should be to convert monetary units from one to the next. The standard Tkinter interface to the Tk GUI toolkit included with Python can be used in conjunction with Tkinter.

28. Post-it Notes

Post-it notes are a great technique to record simple tasks in order not to forget them. We are going to make the actual adhesive post-it notes on this project virtual. The main aim is to allow users to carry their post-it notes wherever they go (since it is on a digital platform).

The program should be able to create an account, create alternative layouts for post-it notes, and classify users’ messages. For this project, you can choose Django, as it offers an integrated user authentication function.

29. Site Connectivity Checker

The site connectivity checker works by accessing the URL and displaying the URL status, whether it is a live URL or not. In general, site connectivity inspectors regularly visit URLs and deliver the results. It works in the same way – the live status of URLs will be checked. One of the intriguing python projects for beginners is the website connectivity monitor.

You have to create the code from scratch for this Application. You can choose between TCP or ICMP for your connections. To add instructions that enable users to add and delete URLs in the list of URLs that they want to verify, you can use click, docopt, or argparse frames.

30. Directory Tree Generator

You may visualize the relationship between files and directories using a directory tree generator, which helps you comprehend the file and directory location. You can use the os library to list the files and folders in a particular directory for this project. Again, the frameworks of docopt or argparse are ideal instruments for the job.

These are some suggestions of Python intermediate projects that you can work on. If you still want to test and undertake demanding assignments.

Refer to our Python Programming Examples with Output Page to get different python project ideas with source code and create one on your own for your academic projects.

Python Project Ideas: Advanced Level

31. Speed Typing Test

Let’s start up ideas for beginners for expert Python projects. Remember the old test taping game that Windows XP and previously used? Similar software can be developed to test your typing speed. First, you have to use a library like Tkinter to develop a UI. Then create a fun typing test that shows user speed, precision, and words at the end of the day. Source code for the software can also be found online.

32. Content Aggregator

Websites, articles, and information are provided on the Internet. It is difficult to get through each of them if we want to find something. You may construct a content aggregator to search famous websites automatically and search for relevant content. The aggregator then meets all the content and enables the user to choose the stuff they are interested in. It’s pretty Google-like, yet impartial. And for your next Python project, this is a perfect idea!

33. Bulk File Rename/ Image Resize Application

This is a sophisticated project that you require in machine education to be well trained. We’ll first teach the software how to pre-process data and then carry out several tasks to resize and rename photographs. As the program begins to learn, bulk functions can be handled at once.

34. Python File Explorer

It is an important project because it tests your knowledge of Python’s different concepts. You need to design an app that anybody uses to scan your system files. Functions like searching and copying can also be added. Tkinter is a practical choice for this project since it makes it easy and quick to construct GUI applications.

To use Tkinter, you must import the file dialogue module from Tkinter to create the Python File Explorer. This module is intended to open and save files and folders.

35. Plagiarism Checker

The writing of content is one of the most prolific web companies. Unfortunately, a free tool for verifying plagiarism in documents is not available on the market. However, the search API may be used to develop software that scans the top few pages of Google and tests for plagiarism utilizing a natural language processing library.

36. Web Crawler

A web crawler is an automatic software script that navigates the Internet and archives the website material. One of the most useful python applications to get current information is a web crawler. For this type of program, you must employ a multi-thread notion. You can construct the Crawler Bot using Python Request Module or utilize Scrapy. It is an explicitly built web crawling open-source framework for Python to scavenge web data and extract it using APIs.

37. Music Player

Everybody likes music; you may also make the Application for your music player. Besides playing music, your program may explore and search for music in your file folders. It is an interactive interface that regular people may utilize as one of Python’s creative projects you could confront.

The software has a nice UI to explore track, increase/decrease volume, display the song name, artist, and album. The primary purpose of this project is to include Python programming, management of the base, building of algorithms, and processing of data.

38. Price Comparison Extension

This may be a valuable idea for a project python. You can design a program like Trivago that looks for a product’s pricing on some great sites and then shows you the most excellent bargain. It’s a practical program, as many companies have launched this tiny program. This extension can be used for foodstuffs, paperwork, etc.

39. Expense Tracker

As the name suggests, a cost tracker is a software tool that allows you to track your cost and evaluate costs. You will develop a simple expense tracker in this python project to keep track of the user’s cost.

Expenditure trackers are one of the trending python projects, which should also be able to analyze the statistics to provide users with precise insights into their costs to plan their costs better. To build an interface for this Application, you can utilize PySimpleGUI, and even modules from Python such as Pandas and Matplotlib can be great project tools.

40. Regex Query Tool

The intended results for specific queries often are lacking in regular search tools. In such cases, a Regex query tool is necessary. In simple words, a regex is a series of strings so that you check the validity of your query while entering a question in this tool.

If the regex can match patterns in the user’s text query, it informs them of all the matched patterns. A Regex Query Tool is one of the trendier projects that allow users to instantly monitor their regex strings’ validity and search process on the Web. The re Library from Python is the ideal instrument for the user-input text to execute query strings.

41. Instagram Photo Downloader

This Application would download all your friends’ Instagram photographs automatically. Since Instagram grows daily, it is one of the most helpful python projects and comparable to the preceding command-line app because it uses your account credentials and searches for the ID and photo of your friend. Therefore, this program is helpful if users wish to eliminate pages and merely save pictures.

42. Quiz Application

This is one of the exciting concepts to develop in the Python project. It is a standard quiz that gives several questions to users (a questionnaire) properly curated and enables them to answer the same questionnaire, and shows the correct answer if they are wrong. The ultimate score of the user is shown for each test. The Application has an option to create an account, where certain users can be named as admins.

These administrators can produce tests for other users. The trials and tests are updated in this way. To record all users’ questions, responses, and scores, this Application needs a database. Further features like timers for testing can also be included.

Which Project Platform Should You Choose?

You may wonder which platform for your Python project you should use. Your software projects must be developed on a particular platform so that others (mainly those without technical know-how) can utilize your product as well. Three primary platforms are available for developers to build python projects – Web, desktop, and control lines.

1. Web

Software projects can be executed on the Web, Web applications. Moreover, anyone with an internet connection can access Web applications on any device – they do not have to be individually downloaded. Therefore, the Web is the perfect platform for such applications to create a software product for public usage.

Web apps are complex, backend and front end tasks. While the backend refers to your program’s business logic for manipulating and storing information, the front end refers to your application user interface – the part you can see and interact with. In addition, you must understand techniques like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to keep the backend as the center for your Web application.

But if you are working with Python, all of your development demands can be met. The Python library eliminates JavaScript, HTML, and CSS – unnecessary requirements. Besides, there are many additional web frameworks of Python such as Django, Flask, Web2Py, CherryPy, and Pylons.

2. Desktop GUI

As people around the globe extensively utilize desktop apps, the construction of a desktop application for fresh and middle-sized Python developers is a terrific project concept. The best thing about developing desktop GUIs is that you don’t need to master front-end technologies. For desktop applications, Python is all you will need.

Python is supplied with several desktop build frameworks. Although PySimpleGUI is a user-friendly Python framework, PyQt5 is one of Python’s complex GUIs.

Once a GUI has been developed for the desktop, you may compile this into an executable code for the OS you want to operate on, even compatible with all three major operating systems (Linux, Windows, or macOS).

3. Command-Line

Command-line Application is an app/program that depends entirely on the terminal/shell for user interaction. These applications work in a window of the console. As such, consumers can’t view any visuals or visual interface. Therefore, you need to enter specific commands to utilize command-line apps – the Application also provides the output via ASCII, while users can enter their input (commands) via ASCII characters. This is one of the most recent python projects.

Controller applications naturally require a certain level of technical command know-how. While not as easy to use as online or desktop programs, common-line applications are sturdy and robust. Python’s controls include a range of helpful frameworks, including click, docopt, place, cliff, and fire.


We explored 42 ideas of Python’s project in this article. We began with several starting projects that you may quickly resolve. Once the simple python projects have finished, you are encouraged to return, learn some new ideas, and test the intermediate projects. You can then deal with advanced projects when you feel confident. You need to take these concepts from the Python project into account if you would like to improve your python skills. So go now and try all the knowledge you collected with our python project guide to developing your project