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Electrical Distribution System PDF: Students of Electrical Engineering looking to get hold of the Electrical Distribution System PDF can get access to all the required information and details on the subject from this article.

The Electrical Distribution System PDF aims at providing the students with all the necessary information that they require in the course of the study. These notes foster a reliable source of knowledge and enhance the grades of the students. Students of the electrical engineering branch can access the Electrical Distribution System PDF from this article and can ease their preparation for examinations.

An Electrical Distribution System is the process of distribution of electricity from the power generation system to the consumer. The Electrical Distribution System consists of a number of substations through which the electric current passes before it finally reaches the consumer. The study of the electrical distribution system consists of several technical terms that often confuse the students. The Electrical Distribution System PDF acts as a saviour for the students and helps them in the preparation and revisions.

By referring to the Electrical Distribution System PDF, a student of the electrical engineering branch can get hold of all the information that he/she requires. This PDF explains all the technical terms and concepts related to the Electrical Distribution System.

Introduction to Electrical Distribution System

Electrical Distribution System or Electric Power Distribution System is the process of electricity distribution from the main station of power generation to the final consumers. This process involves a lot of electrical equipment that smoothens the process of transmission of electricity from the power generation station to the consumer. The types of equipment used in this process are distribution substations, primary distribution feeders, distribution transformers and secondary circuits.

In the Process of Electric power distribution, First, the energy is delivered in bulk from the power source to the distribution substations. Then, in the distribution substation, various voltage regulating devices are used to reduce the voltage of electric current for the distribution to the local consumers.

The Electrical Distribution System generally consists of two distribution channels, i.e. Primary Distribution and Secondary Distribution. In Primary Distribution, the primary circuits carry the high voltage electric power to the distribution transformer located near the house of the consumer. Then, in the secondary distribution, the distribution transformer lowers the voltage to 120/240V, which is then transmitted to the household of the consumer through secondary circuits.

Electrical Distribution System Study Material and Notes PDF Download

Many students who opt for electrical engineering, face difficulty in understanding the concepts and the terms used in the Electrical Distribution System chapter. The students can now download and access the Electrical Distribution System PDF from this article to expertise the topic and score better grades in the semester examination. The Electrical Distribution System PDF provides a detailed explanation of the topic and also provides probable questions for better preparation of examinations.

These PDFs are considered to be the most suitable and reliable form of information that a candidate can get. They make the learning process for the students simple and easy. The Pdf guides the students with every bit of information on the topic and helps them to understand the concepts of the Electrical Distribution System without any confusion.

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The PDF also comes with a set of important questions and practice question papers, that intend to give the students knowledge about the types of questions and the pattern of examination. They provide all the details on the topic, which gives an overview of the topic to the students of electrical engineering.

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Electrical Distribution System Reference Books

Preparing for exams of any subject without books makes no sense. Books are considered to be the chief source of information for any given subject or topic. Without books, preparation of the exam is considered to be incomplete. Books are a must required source of knowledge for a student. Books provide the students with detailed information on the topic. Scoring better grades without referring to books is quite impossible.

Different books are written by Different Authors on various subjects and topics. Similarly, there are different books by different Authors on Electrical Distribution systems. These Books guarantee quality information to the students. The Authors of these Books have years of experience on the topic, and they explain the topic in detail to the students. The books clear every bit of doubt about the topic from the minds of the students.

This article provides a list of the best and highly recommended books on Electrical Distribution Systems, and the students can choose the books that meet their requirements of knowledge accordingly.

  • Electric Distribution System, written by Abdelhey A. Sallam and Om P. Malik
  • Control and Automation of Electrical Power Distribution System, written by James Northcote-Green
  • Electric Power Distribution Engineering, written by Turan Gonen
  • Electric Power Distribution Handbook, written by T. A. Short
  • Electrical Distribution Systems, written by Dale R. Patrick and Stephen Fardo
  • Electrical Power Distribution Systems, written by V. Kumaraju
  • Electric Power Distribution, written by A. S. Pabla
  • Transmission and Distribution Electrical Engineering, written by brain Hardy and Colin Bayliss

Electrical Distribution Systems Reference Books

Electrical Distribution Systems Curriculum

The best way to make the preparation of exams effective is to have an initial idea and outline about the topic. The initial idea of what to study and how to study can be gained by following the syllabus of the Electrical Distribution System. The Syllabus or curriculum of a subject is always set, keeping in mind the intelligence and knowledge of the students. The curriculum of the Electrical Distribution System reduces the pressure of study from the minds of the students. By following the syllabus properly, a student can easily secure better grades.

Here, is the unit wise syllabus of the Electrical Distribution System:-


  • Introduction to Distribution Systems
  • Distribution System Planning
  • Factors Affecting the Distribution System Planning
  • Load Modelling and Characteristics
  • Coincidence Factor
  • Contribution Factor
  • Loss Factor
  • Relationship between Load Factor and Loss Factor
  • Load Growth
  • Classification of Loads
  • Designs of Distribution Feeders
  • Radial, Loop and Network Types of Primary Feeders
  • Introduction to Low Voltage and High Voltage Distribution System
  • Voltage Levels
  • Factors Affecting the Feeder Voltage Level
  • Feeder Loading
  • Application of General Circuit constants to radial feeders
  • Designs of Secondary Distribution System
  • Secondary Banking
  • Secondary Network Types
  • Secondary Mains

  • Location of Substations
  • Rating of Distribution Substations
  • Benefits derived through Optimal Location of Substations
  • Optimal Location of Substations
  • Voltage Loss and Power Loss Calculations
  • Derivation of Voltage Drops and Power Loss in Lines
  • Manual Methods of Solution for Radial Networks
  • Three Phased Balanced Primary Lines
  • Analysis of Non-three Phase Systems
  • Methods to Analyze the Distribution Feeder Cost

  • Objectives of the Distribution System Protection
  • Types of Common Faults
  • Procedure for Fault Calculations
  • Over Current Protective Devices
  • Principle of Operation of Fuses and Circuit Breakers
  • Coordination of Protective Devices
  • Objectives of Protection Coordination
  • General Coordination Procedure
  • Types of Protection Coordination
  • Capacitive Compensation for Power-Factor Control
  • Different Types of Power Capacitors
  • Shunt and Series Capacitors
  • Effects of Shunt Capacitors
  • Effects of Series Capacitors
  • Difference between Shunt and Series Capacitors
  • Calculation of Power Factor Correlation
  • Capacitor Allocation
  • Procedure to Determine the best Capacitor Location
  • Voltage Control
  • Importance of Voltage Control
  • Methods of Voltage Control
  • Equipment for Voltage Control
  • Line Drop Compensation
  • Voltage Fluctuations

Electrical Distribution System Important Questions

Students, before appearing, the examination must check their knowledge by practising some questions. By practising more questions, they can become better learners and can secure better grades. They can evaluate themselves by practising the sample questions. The questions that are provided here give an overview of the pattern of questions that can come in the examinations.

  • What is meant by the Electrical Distribution System?
  • Establish the relationship between the Load factor and Loss factor.
  • State the difference between Radial and Loop types of Primary distribution Feeders.
  • Define the terms Feeders and Distributors
  • Define a Substation
  • What is a Distribution Transformer?
  • State the Classification of Different Types of Substations?
  • Describe the Operating Principle of fuses
  • How does a Circuit Breaker Operate?
  • State the different types of Capacitors.
  • What is the Importance of Coordination of Protective Devices?
  • What do you mean by Protective Devices? Explain.
  • Discuss the Disadvantages of Low Voltage
  • Discuss the importance of Voltage Control.
  • Briefly describe the Methods of Voltage Control.

Electrical Distribution Systems Important Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions on Electrical Distribution Systems Notes

1. What is the Meaning of Primary Feeders?

Primary Feeders or Primary circuits are the distribution circuits that transmit the electricity from the substations to the local distribution transformers. Their arrangement can be made in three different ways, i.e. Radial, Loop and Network types. They may be arranged under the ground or over the ground.

2. State the Factors affecting the Electrical Distribution System Planning?

The Factors affecting the electrical distribution system planning are as follows:-

  • Types of Primary Distribution System.
  • The voltage level at the customer point.
  • Types of secondary circuits used.
  • Size and location of the distribution transformer.
  • Loads at the primary distribution level.
  • Size and location of the distribution Substation.

3. Can you give the Definition of the Distribution transformer?

A Distribution Transformer is a piece of important electrical equipment that is used in the process of electricity distribution. It is basically an electrical isolation transformer that converts high-voltage to lower voltage levels in the transmission process of electricity. The main function of an electric distribution transformer is to step down the high electric voltage to low electric voltage for the use of home and other industrial appliances. Almost all the electricity that is transmitted from the power generation station passes through at least one distribution transformer before being consumed by the end-user.

4. How is the Electrical Distribution System PDF helpful?

The ultimate aim of the Electrical Distribution System PDF is to provide the students with detailed information about the topic. The PDFs act as a reliable source of information for the students. They guide the students in every way possible and helps them in securing better grades. The PDFs are prepared by teachers who have years of experience on the topic, and this guarantees the quality of the PDF to be top-class, and it also assures that they are free from any error. The PDF provides certain important questions that can enable students to become better learner.


The information provided on the Electrical Distribution System in this article is reliable and genuine. They will help the students with solutions to different questions on the topic. The Electrical Distribution System PDF aims at providing every bit of information on the topic to the students that can ease their preparations for the examinations.