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Security Analysis & Portfolio Management for MBA Notes: The Security Analysis and Portfolio Management is an essential subject for the students of MBA. It includes many vital concepts, and a student needs to understand all of its basics well to excel in the examinations. But the question is, where to study from, and what topics to cover? This article contains all the vital details regarding the subject, including its syllabus and reference books.

Download Security Analysis and Portfolio Management lecture notes and books which are highly credible and especially designed by the subject’s experts from this post. These experts have immense experience and knowledge about all the concepts, including the basic and the advanced ones. Any candidate needs to access these certified resources to get amazing results in any examination.

Starting from the descriptions to the examples and solved and unsolved questions, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management notes and books cover it all. These resources do not leave any topics and concepts, ensuring that the students learning from them will always pass with flying colors and surely touch the skies.

The notes provided are in the form of PDF that the students can easily download whenever they wish to access them anytime and anywhere. These notes will help the students in easily and fast understanding of the concepts along with their implementations of the problems.

Everything that this article includes is mentioned here:

Introduction to Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Notes PDF

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management textbook

Starting with the securities, they are the assets that carry some financial values. They are tradable and fungible. Now moving on to its analysis, what is security analysis? Analyzing the tradable instruments of finance is termed as security analysis. It helps the financial experts or the security analysts determine the values of assets present in a portfolio.

Security Analysis is essential for calculating the assets’ values and finding out the effect of fluctuations in the market. It is classified as a Fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and quantitative analysis.

Now moving on to Portfolio Management, the stream deals with managing the securities and creating the individuals’ investment objectives. It is the art of selection for the best investments for the concerned individuals, guaranteeing maximum returns with minimum risks.

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Notes and Study material PDF Free Download

Students of MBA learn Security Analysis and Portfolio Management subject, ones in their course duration, and the study materials and notes are provided with easy downloading access. The notes cover many vital topics, like human resource, finance, marketing, accounting, statistics, operations, and others essential for MBA students.

The students can download and access these study materials and notes whenever they wish to and can learn the subject anytime according to their comfort. All the materials are easily available from single links, designed specifically to ease the task of accessing the best materials.

Download Security Analysis And Portfolio Management Notes pdf for MBA students from here as they are specially designed keeping all the requirements and vital concepts of the course in mind. These materials cover all the definitions, including the examples and the important questions of the subject.

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  3. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management textbook
  4. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management question paper
  5. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Questions and Answers pdf
  6. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Notes pdf from experts.

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Reference Books

Apart from the notes and the PPTs, it is important to learn the books’ concepts to cover up everything without leaving any single concept. The authors of the referred books for Security Analysis and Portfolio Management are the subject’s experts, having immense experience and knowledge of each key concept. For having an in-depth understanding of the subject, it is essential to refer to the below-mentioned reference books.

The preparation will touch the skies if the students refer to these books for the preparations. Further, with the best preparation, the students will pass the exams with flying colors and be the experts on the subject.

Here is the list of all the best books & Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Notes security analysis for MBA students.

  • Punithavathy Pandian, Security Analysis And Portfolio Management, Vikas Publications Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi. 2001.
  • Kevin. S, Security Analysis And Portfolio Management, Phi, Delhi, 2011
  • Yogesh Maheswari, Investment Management, Phi, Delhi, 2011
  • Bhalla V K, Investment Management: Security Analysis And Portfolio Management, S Chand, New Delhi, 2009
  • Prasanna Chandra, Portfolio Management, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, 2008
  • Avadhani, VA 2008, Securities Analysis And Portfolio Management, 9th edition, Himalaya Publishing House
  • Chandra, P, Investment Analysis And Portfolio Management, 3rd edition, TATA McGraw Hill
  • Fischer, DE & Jordan, Rj, Securities Analysis And Portfolio Management, 6th edition, Pearson Education
  • Gnanasekaran, E 2009, Securities Analysis And Portfolio Management, 1st edition, Lakshmi Publications

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Syllabus & Curriculum

Studying everything according to the syllabus is highly effective as it helps to understand the concepts well and in detail. Whenever a student follows the syllabus sequence for learning Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, he/she will learn everything well, without any confusion, as the interrelated topics are also well defined in a proper sequence in the curriculum of the subject.

Also, with the syllabus’s help, the students will get a clear idea of what is included in the subject and the topics and the subtopics. Thus, the learning process gets more effective in this manner, and the students are never confused about what to learn first and what later.

Additionally, using the Security Analysis & Portfolio Management syllabus, the students can effectively divide the course to form a sequence of learning patterns that they can follow for better outcomes.

Here is the updated syllabus of Security Analysis and Portfolio Management.

Unit 1: Investment

  • A Conceptual Framework: Investment process
  • Risks of investment
  • The common mistakes made in investment management

Unit 2: Investment Environment

  • Composition and features of money market and capital market
  • Money market
  • Capital market
  • Instruments and financial derivatives

Unit 3: Risk and Return

  • Concepts of risk and return
  • Measuring risk in terms of standard deviation and variance
  • The relationship between risk and return

Unit 4: Fundamental Analysis

  • Economy analysis
  • Industry analysis and company analysis
  • Weaknesses of fundamental analysis

Unit 5: Technical Analysis

  • Tools of technical analysis
  • Important chart formations or price patterns
  • Technical indicators

Unit 6: Efficient Market Hypothesis

  • Concept of ‘Efficient Market’
  • Its implications for security analysis and portfolio management.

Unit 7: Behavioral Finance

  • Meaning of Behavioral finance
  • When, how, and why psychology influences investment decisions

Unit 8: Valuation of bonds and shares

  • Elements of investment
  • Bond features and prices
  • Call provisions on corporate bonds
  • Convertible bonds and valuation of bonds

Unit 9: Portfolio Management

  • Risks and Returns
  • Concept of portfolio and portfolio management
  • Concept of risk
  • Types of portfolio management

Unit 10: Markowitz Portfolio Selection Model

  • Concept of portfolio analysis
  • Diversification of risk
  • Markowitz Model
  • Efficient Frontier

Unit 11: Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)

  • Deals with the assumptions of CAPM
  • The inputs required for applying CAPM
  • Limitations of this Model

Unit 12: Sharpe-The Single Index Model

  • Measurement of return on an individual stock
  • Measurement of portfolio return
  • Measurement of individual stock risk

Unit 13: Factor Models and Arbitrage Pricing Theory

  • Arbitrage Pricing Theory and its principles
  • Comparison of Arbitrage Pricing Theory
  • Capital Asset Pricing Model.

Unit 14: International Portfolio Investments

  • Investment avenues for foreign portfolio investors
  • Risks and returns associated with such an investment.

Unit 15: Mutual Fund Operations

  • Mutual funds as a key financial intermediary
  • Mobilizing savings and investing them in capital markets.

List of Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Important Questions and Answers

Practicing the important questions is a necessary step while learning any concept or topic. It helps to gain more expertise in the subject and understand the concepts in a better manner. For Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, the important questions and answers are mentioned below:

  • Explain Investment.
  • Describe all the steps involved in the investment process.
  • What is the basic elements of the securities market?
  • Write a short note on the Indian management of stock exchanges.
  • What are the different categories of securities markets? Explain their role and functions.
  • Explain Fundamental Analysis? Bring out its correlation for an equity investment decision.
  • Why is company analysis important for an equity investment decision?
  • Explain Technical and Fundamental Analysis? Which is the superior one among the two, and why?
  • Explain Market efficiency?
  • Explain a risk-free asset. List out any two.
  • Compare Capital Market Line (CML) and Security Market Line (SML).
  • Distinguish between performance evaluation and performance measurement of the investment portfolio.
  • Why are investment companies needed? Explain the functions of an investment company.

FAQs on Security Analysis & Portfolio Management Notes for MBA

Questions 1.

What are the securities? Explain Security analysis and its need.


Securities are assets that have some financial value. Securities are fungible and tradable. These are the important assets of any individual or business.

Security analysis is the one that is carried over the securities for analyzing their tradable instruments and their financial terms. It helps the financial experts or analysts determine the values for each asset available in the portfolio. It is a method that effectively calculates the value of assets and thus finds out their effect on the market fluctuations.

Questions 2.

What is portfolio management? Also, explain portfolio theory.


Portfolio management is the stream that mainly deals with managing securities and creating investment objectives for individuals. It is an art for selecting the best investment plans for the concerned individuals that guarantee minimum risks and maximum returns.

On the other hand, portfolio theory, proposed by Harry M. Markowitz, states that the portfolio managers must carefully select the financial products and combine them on behalf of the clients. It is involved in guaranteeing minimum risks and maximum returns.