Top Commerce Project Topics & Ideas for Students | Current Topics Related to Commerce for Project

Commerce is one of the key elements behind the success of every business. To execute smooth trading operations and maintain profit, a company must focus on commerce, which deals with many things, not just selling and buying. As a fresher, you need to have a proper understanding of every aspect of commerce. In this article, we have listed out some commerce project topics that will help you learn more about commerce.

With the advancement of technology, the world is moving towards digitalization which is why we are getting to see a lot of e-commerce solutions. The introduction of machine learning and AI has made e-commerce more efficient and reliable. E-commerce has now become an important topic for students pursuing graduation and postgraduation.

Students are now required to work on multiple commerce project topics based on e-commerce to experience trade-related issues and explore the operational challenges. When they resolve these issues practically, they will get to learn a lot of skills.

In this article, we have included multiple commerce project topics & ideas for you so that you can work on a good project.

Top 10 Commerce Project Ideas and Topics

In every business, the end customers are considered as Kings; a business needs to analyze their preferences and needs before formulating any marketing strategies and starting any manufacturing. To make sure that this chain of processes works smoothly, we need to rely on commerce.

If you are grinding your brain to come up with ideas that can help you achieve your goals in the commerce field, then you are at the right place because we are going to list out some of the best commerce project ideas. When you work on these ideas, they will not just get you to experience different problems but also guide you on how to resolve them. On top of that, this will be an addition to your resume, thus increasing your chances.

Impact of Outsourcing Material Availability Decision-Making


To identify the criteria that are used when a business plans to outsource material availability and strategize the whole outsourcing process.

outsourcing is considered to be beneficial for every business entity, but it comes with a lot of challenges. Usually, businesses opt for outsourcing when they want to minimize their labor cost. However, a business has to take care of a lot of aspects before getting into outsourcing.

Although outsourcing has different levels of challenges and is a completely complex process, if you strategize properly and formulate an effective pre-plan to control outsourcing, it can prove advantageous to your business. First, you need to understand there is no connection between the company’s performance and the outsourced aspects; they are completely independent of each other because the material availability is not affected directly.

The two main challenges that you might face while opting for outsourcing are:

  • First will be time; this is when the production gets slowed down because of the unavailability of materials.
  • Second, the financial stability of the business; if it’s weak, then that might be challenging.

By working on these commerce project ideas, you can come up with solutions to resolve the above challenges. You will also get practical knowledge on outsourcing that will help you in the future.

Improving Employees Performance By Monetary Incentives


To perceive the relationship that exists between employees’ performance and monetary incentives.

You must have noticed that in every industry, the bonuses are fixed, and they do not change considering the hard work of employees. If an employee performs more than expected and achieves the target then he/she is entitled to a fixed bonus. Hard work is not considered in the case of fixed bonuses. Therefore, it is clear that monetary benefits don’t depend on the employee’s performance.

One of the most annoying reasons that make an employee demotivated is when the company delays the release of bonuses to its employees. In such situations, the employees become dissatisfied and lose the urge to work harder and earn better.

In some companies, employers quote the bonus in advance to motivate the employees. In such cases, employees are required to achieve the set goals before a fixed time in order to be eligible to get the quoted bonus. This way, employees can perform more efficiently and proactively.

When you work on these commerce project ideas, you will get to learn a lot of things about monetary benefits, but most importantly, you will learn how incentives can motivate an employee and create an urge in them to perform better.

Outsourcing Human Resource in Beverage and Food Firms


To understand the end results when a company outsourced human resource functions on organizational performance. This will include predicting the potential benefits that will come from this decision and also how much effect it will put on the employee’s performance in the long run.

When a company is not able to allocate a budget for a separate human resource department, then it leaves the company with one solution, which is to take the help of outsourcing. This might decrease the company’s liability for its working employees, but this hasn’t proved beneficial in the long run. According to many reports, it is difficult to have a focused career in outsourcing.

The main reason that makes a company opt for outsourcing human resources is cost. Outsourcing might help in reducing the cost of a company and also in bringing some productive resources to the company. However, you won’t be able to enjoy these benefits in the long run.

It is noticed that outsourcing human resources can lead to a disconnection between the employees. This will reflect in their attitude because most of them start working irresponsibly when some task is assigned to them. It is observed that employees have a high nutrition rate during these times.

This commerce project idea is best for food industries because, in these industries, the nature of commerce is completely time-sensitive, which can be a challenge for human resource professionals.

Role of E-commerce in Reducing Operational Cost


To examine and evaluate how e-commerce manages to reduce the functional cost with the help of comparative analysis

When you start working on this commerce project topic, you will get to know the benefits of e-commerce in today’s world. During the pandemic, the rate of electronic transactions has increased exponentially. An organization that operates from a physical office has to bear more expenses compared to those organizations that are working remotely.

Some of the costs that one has to bear when they operate through a physical office are administration, logistics, salesperson salary, electricity, lease or rent, telephone, taxes, heating & cooling, and repair & maintenance of the building. On the other hand, when organizations operate remotely, they only have to bear the cost of shopping cart software, web hosting charges, and distribution rates.

It is now clear that maintaining a physical office is expensive. So when organizations shift their business to e-commerce, they might reduce their functional and operational cost. On top of that, e-commerce has a lot of hidden benefits that will definitely help the organization to grow.

Reducing Unemployment Through a Co-operative Movement


To create and establish a cooperative movement in a working society in order to analyze its benefits on society members. It also examines various aspects of the cooperative movement, which is responsible for providing support to team members.

When you start working on this commerce project idea, you will come to know the benefits of a cooperative movement and how it helps to reduce unemployment. According to research, it was concluded that cooperative movements always support employees and their well-being in terms of career growth and education. This is why every organization should think of adopting it.

Since a cooperative movement aims to support and encourage existing employees to educate themselves and improve their skill set by taking multiple pieces of training, it must be considered as a compulsory task for every organization. In order to facilitate the cooperative movement that is set up, this commerce project idea recommends aiding organizations by giving them financial support from cooperative banks.

An Analysis of the Downside of Co-Operative Thrift and Credit Society


To show how pointless it is to establish a co-operative and credit society.

We learned from the earlier commerce project idea that Cooperative societies are established to help the employees and save a certain percentage of their salaries. The savings did will come in handy after retirement and can be used for making multiple investments in different areas. However, it is noticed that this type of society doesn’t form a consensus when the goals are not attained. It is seen that these cooperative societies have a disparity in the financial and personal contexts, which is why they are not able to make the employees happy.

These types of things happen because of poor management and the inefficiency of people who are in authority. The irresponsible attitude of people who are in authority killed the interests of its members. Another important aspect of this commerce project idea is that when individuals take loans from cooperative societies, most of the time, they fail to return them thus causing loss of money for the society. When the bad debts increase, the cooperative society gets affected.

Also, Check other Project Ideas

Analyzing the Role of Insurance Companies for Driving Growth of SMEs


To thoroughly understand the relationship that exists between SMEs and insurance companies. This project also makes you understand how insurance companies play a big role in the growth of SMEs. This project will involve different studying factors that are responsible for growth as well as failure. One of the major aspects that this project covers is that it talks about the reasons behind SMEs not wanting to insure themselves.

This project will give you an overlook of SMEs and how insurance companies are key to prevent them from getting shut down. SMEs are considered to be small and medium-scale enterprises. A small-scale enterprise consists of almost 5 to 10 employees, whereas a medium-scale enterprise is made of almost 50 to 100 employees.

SMEs are considered important in helping the economy of a country to grow because these are independent enterprises and have the ability to generate effective revenue, which will be treated as a contribution to the country’s GDP. It is good to make sure that these SMEs get covered by insurance. However, due to lack of awareness, many SMEs failed to get covered by insurance which is why they are unable to function for more than two years.

The factors that might cause SMEs to shut down are financial difficulties and departmental challenges in the long run. Insurance companies can help SMEs to overcome these challenges. With an insurance cover, the employees feel secure, which is why they work hard and become more efficient, thus making the SMEs more effective and productive. From this commerce project idea, you will learn that the secret trick to making an SME successfully is insurance cover.

Implications of Globalisation on National Security


To examine and evaluate the rate of transnational threats and the methods that are used to breach security. Furthermore, it gives an overall view of the effects of globalization on increased national security.

When you start working on this commerce project idea and deeply analyze it, you will get to know two aspects of globalization. Firstly, it is noticed that wherever there is a threat of security breaching, there is growth in the business. The ease of communication and to and fro of trade are considered threats to national security.

At the same time, it has also helped many organizations to grow their business to a larger extent. The threats of security breaching force organizations to strengthen their security measures and streamline all of their services. Considering the advantages and disadvantages, we conclude that globalization is beneficial for most sectors.

Globalization also helped many underdeveloped countries to improve their national income and stabilize their financial conditions. On top of that, with the help of globalization, industries were able to do a lot of awareness among customers that stimulated the customers to buy items that are needful to them. Globalization is believed to have a positive impact on the national income of a country.

Exploring the Importance of Commerce in Today’s World


To understand the benefits and advantages of commerce in today’s world.

When you start working on this commerce project idea, you will come to know about different aspects of commerce and its benefits. Some of which are:

  • Commerce will help humans to accomplish many of their wants. Trade between different countries was possible because of commerce. When trade or movement of goods takes place, it automatically fulfill the want that humans have. This also puts a positive impact on social welfare. This distribution of goods through e-commerce has helped many small businesses to survive and grow in the competitive market.
  • Commerce helps in improving the standard of living. When the flow of money increases, it automatically makes people buy more things and improve their standard of living as their financial stability becomes better. Product delivery to diverse locations also made it possible for many people to buy things from the comfort of their homes.
  • Commerce empowers both consumers and producers. Imagine, if manufacturers keep producing products and no one is there to buy them, what will happen to the economy? The country’s economy will go into recession in such situations, but commerce prevents such events from happening. Retailers and wholesalers are the ones who facilitate the movement of goods in the market. Now, with the introduction of e-commerce, it has become easier to link customers with retailers and wholesalers.
  • Commerce is responsible for growth in manufacturing, transporting, warehousing, banking, and advertising. So to ensure that these departments run smoothly, organizations require human resources, thus increasing the employment opportunities for people.
  • When trade increases in a country, it has a positive impact on production and consumption rate. When the production and consumption rate increases, it automatically increases the national income of the country.
  • Commerce is responsible for growth in different auxiliary sectors such as insurance, publicity, banking, advertising, and marketing.
  • Commerce has given rise to globalization. International trade has now become a normal thing. Countries are strongly involved in exporting and importing different goods. This also has a positive impact on the relationships of different countries.
  • Commerce has facilitated underdeveloped countries to export their goods to other countries. Such trade increases their flow of money and helps them to develop.

Importance of E-commerce in Emerging Markets


To know the benefits of e-commerce, upcoming trends and identify solutions for the present challenges.

You are aware of the fact that the importance of the internet has increased in this couple of years. People across the globe are using the internet and spending most of their time on it. With the rise of the internet, online shopping also got introduced, and it enabled people to buy anything from anywhere. Considering the present situation, it is believed that e-commerce is the future. E-commerce is taking over traditional commerce because it costs you less and is easy to handle.

E-commerce platforms allow consumers to conduct a comparative analysis and buy the product which is available at the best price. When a consumer succeeds to buy a product at the best available price, it is like an achievement for them as they were able to save a penny from their purchase. The clarity in communication between the consumer and the e-commerce platforms makes things easier.

Apart from all the benefits, there are some risks involved with e-commerce. One of the main threats that e-commerce involves is the breaching of customers’ trust. The failure of e-commerce business is possible when everything doesn’t go according to the plans formulated. The only key to achieve success in e-commerce is customer satisfaction.

The upcoming trends in e-commerce will make it possible for business ventures to experience growth in the market. Businesses will start adapting AI technology and augmented reality for improving the customer’s experience. Technology will help e-commerce companies to increase their reach and scalability.

Wrapping Up

As of now, every country’s economy and development depends upon commerce which is why this is the most talked-about field. If you want to be a skilled professional in this field then you must work on any of the above commerce project ideas. After completing your work on these topics, you will have a better knowledge of commerce and how it works.