Software Project Management Notes | Syllabus, Reference Books and Important Questions

Software Project Management Notes: Prepare well for software project management exam with expert-written notes. Taking notes on Software Project Management helps engineering students to study a different type of management. These notes cover conflict management, requirement management, risk management, software configuration management, and more.

It becomes efficient for candidates to learn various aspects of Software Project Management, such as planning, monitoring, execution, and control. Students will get information about the latest Syllabus, Reference Books, and a List of Important Questions through Software Project Management Notes. Students can refer to the Big Data Lecture Notes For CSE as per the latest and updated syllabus from this article.

Students pursuing engineering can manage their crucial time and money as well by referring to handy, and easily available Software Project Management notes. Professionally written notes help candidates to stay active and avoid feelings of distractions while preparing for exams. Well-organised information in Software Project Management notes lets students highlight key ideas for the final exam.

The article given below helps the students access the best Software Project Management Notes as per the latest curriculum.

Introduction to Software Project Management

The branch of project management concerned with planning, resource allocation, and delivery of software projects refers to Software Project Management. The software or web projects have a unique lifecycle process that involves numerous testing rounds. Apart from it, project management in software engineering includes the time-to-time update and customer feedback. From planning of a project and resource management to scheduling of events and tasks, software project management comprises of various activities.

Software Project Management Notes and Study Material PDF Free Download

Software Project Management notes present an innovative management framework that distinctively suits the intricacies of modern software development. Engineering students become able to specify the supporting points of a presentation. This pdf aims to make understanding and learning easier and faster for graduate students. A set of well-arranged and concise notes, including every chapter, offers what students want for study, learning, and preparing for the exam.

Engineering graduates can now keep their schedule intact after studying these notes for Software Project Management. Referring notes for effective planning, monitoring, controlling, and execution is the best way to stay focused on the Project Management exam. So, if students want to become the best in their respective fields and score high marks, then taking notes is like a direct ticket to make it happen.

Software Project Management Reference Books

Students from different engineering institutions can go through reference books for Software Project Management. These books offer comprehensive information about technology changes, the need for software project management, project estimation, planning, scope, and more. Candidates can develop tremendous knowledge about different techniques for project estimation, resource management, and various tools through these books.

Reference books cover topics like Gantt Chart, Resource Histogram, PERT Chart, Critical Path Analysis, and more. With the help of practice questions, diagrams, and solved exercises, students can prepare well for their final exams. Check out the list of highly recommended Software Project Management reference books:

  • The Software Development Project: Planning and Management by Sam M Pederson and Philip Bruce
  • Pearson- Software Project Management in Practice by Pankaj Jalote
  • Software Project Management by S.A. Kelkar
  • Terry T Kidd- Handbook of Research on Technology Project Management, Planning, and Operations
  • Software Project Management A Unified Framework by Walker Royce and W, Pearson
  • Subramanian Chandramouli Saikat Duti- Software Project Management
  • Elements of Software Project Management by G.P. Sudhakar
  • Er. Rishabh Anand- Software Project Management
  • Software Engineering Project Management by Wiley, Richard H Thayer
  • Software Project Management by Mike Cotterell, Bob Hughes, and Rajib Mall

Software Project Management Syllabus

Checking out the entire syllabus is the primary step before starting the exam preparation. After referring to the syllabus, students can analyse which topics are important from the exam point of view. The syllabus of Software Project Management provides an idea of how and what to study section-wise. It ensures that students find it trouble-free while attempting the annual exam. Here is the list of latest topics covered in the Software Project Management syllabus:

Project Evaluation and Project Planning
  • Importance of Software Project Management
  • The categorisation of Software Projects
  • Different Software Project Management Methodologies and Activities
  • Objectives of Software Project Management
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Software Project Management Principles
  • Management Control
  • Cost-Benefit Evaluation Technology
  • Strategic Program Management
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Stepwise Project Planning
Project Lifecycle and Effort Estimation
  • Software Process and Process Models
  • Mental Delivery
  • Extreme Programming
  • Choice of Process Models
  • Agile Methods
  • Basics of Software Estimation
  • Rapid Application Development 
  • COCOMO II A Parametric Productivity Model
  • Managing Interactive Processes
  • COSMIC Full Function Points
  • Effort and Cost Estimation Techniques
Activity Planning and Risk Management
  • Objectives of Activity Planning
  • Sequencing and Scheduling
  • Project Schedules
  • Forward Pass and Backward Pass Techniques
  • Network Planning Models
  • PERT Technique
  • Resource Allocation
  • Circular Path Method
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Cost Schedules
  • Creation of Critical Patterns
Project Management and Control
  • Framework for Management and Control
  • Visualizing Progress
  • Collection of Data Project Termination
  • Project Tracking
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Software Configuration Management
  • Contract Management
Staffing in Software Projects
  • Managing People
  • Best Methods of Staff Selection
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • The Oldham-Hackman Job Characteristic Model
  • Decision Making
  • Working in Teams- Team Structures
  • Ethical and Programmed Concerns
  • Communications Genres and Communication Plans

List of Software Project Management Important Questions

Candidates preparing for academic as well as competitive exams can refer to software project management important questions. Check out the list of crucial questions that will help students to score high rank:

  • Define what software project management is.
  • Write some points of difference between technical project management and contract management.
  • Describe various characteristics of software project management.
  • Write techniques for project cost valuation?
  • What are the product description elements?
  • Explain different categories of software projects.
  • What are the merits of project scheduling?
  • How to collect data?
  • Write the activities involved in project management.
  • Describe how to calculate ROI.
  • Write a short note of the payback period.
  • Explain what project planning is.
  • Are decision trees beneficial in handling risks?
  • How to evaluate risks in software projects?
  • Is it possible to shorten the project duration?
  • Explain a brainstorming technique.
  • What is the procedure of Hazard identification?
  • Describe change control measures.
  • What falls in the category of organisational behaviour?
  • Write a short note on the importance of decision making.

Frequently Asked Questions on Software Project Management

Question 1.
What signs show that a software project is not managed properly?

Changes in the marketplace, ruling cost standards, no-cost model, shifts in management support, and various other factors show that a software project is in trouble.

Question 2.
What reasons are responsible for the software project flop?

Uncertain requirements and the absence of a detailed explanation are the common reasons due to which several software projects fail.

Question 3.
How to clear software project management exam?

Referring to expert-written notes on software project management and practising important questions help candidates to clear software project management exam with top marks.

Question 4.
Is software project management a worthwhile career?

From planning to successful project execution, software project managers play a crucial role in the success of any web/software project. A career in software project management is one of the rewarding and demanding careers.


Software Project Management Notes mentioned above help the student of engineering to secure a good percentage in final exams. Notes and study material pdf aim to develop student’s learning and paper attempting skills. Students preparing for Software Project Management exams can refer to these notes.