Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail | List of All Gmail Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail: Sending and receiving emails has become an integral part of our daily lives. For this purpose, one of the most popular platforms that we use regularly is Gmail. Though Gmail has a very user-friendly interface, knowing shortcut keys or hotkeys helps us out in any platform that we work in. These shortcuts help us in reducing our effort and save our time while working.

However, for Gmail, one needs to turn the keyboard shortcuts on manually to use the feature. The process to turn the keyboard shortcuts on will be discussed in detail further in this article.

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Below in this article are the lists of keyboard shortcuts that one can use on a computer, Android device, or Apple device.

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How to Turn on Keyboard Shortcuts on Computer for Gmail?

Gmail shortcut keys: For Gmail, some keyboard shortcuts only work if you’ve turned them on manually. However, all keyboards do not support keyboard shortcuts, but most of them do. To turn keyboard shortcuts on, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Step 1: On a computer, go to Gmail.
  2. Step 2: In the top right corner, click Settings followed by See all settings.
  3. Step 3: Click Settings.
  4. Step 4: Scroll down to the “Keyboard shortcuts” section.
  5. Step 5: Select Keyboard shortcuts on.
  6. Step 6: Scroll down again to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts That You Can Use on Computer

Gmail hot keys: Some of the functions for which you can use keyboard shortcuts in Gmail are listed below:

  1. To navigate your inbox and messages.
  2. Format text.
  3. Complete actions like archiving and deleting.

Besides these, there are a lot more functions as well, which we will get to know later in this article.

If you wish to see an entire list of keyboard shortcuts, including those that need to be turned on, you need to type ‘?’ after you open Gmail.

Note: Keyboard shortcuts work differently on PC and macOS computers or devices. For PCs, you’ll use Ctrl instead of Cmd and vice-versa for macOS computers.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Compose and Chat

Keyboard Shortcut Function
p Previous message in an open conversation
n Next message in an open conversation
Shift + Esc Focus the main window
Esc Focus the latest chat or compose
Ctrl + . Advance to the next chat or compose
Ctrl + , Advance to previous chat or compose
Cmd / Ctrl + Enter Send
Cmd / Ctrl + Shift + C Add cc recipients
Cmd / Ctrl + Shift + B Add bcc recipients
Cmd / Ctrl + Shift + F Access custom from
Cmd / Ctrl + K Insert a link
Cmd + ; Go to the next misspelt word (Mac only)
Cmd / Ctrl + M Open spelling suggestions

Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail

Keyboard Shortcuts for Formatting Text

Keyboard Shortcut Function
Cmd /Ctrl + Shift + 5 Previous font
Cmd / Ctrl + Shift + 6 Next font
Cmd / Ctrl + Shift + – Decrease text size
Cmd /Ctrl + Shift and + Increase text size
Cmd / Ctrl + B Bold
Cmd / Ctrl + I Italics
Cmd / Ctrl + U Underline
Cmd / Ctrl + Shift + 7 Numbered list
Cmd / Ctrl + Shift + 8 Bulleted list
Cmd /Ctrl + Shift + 9 Quote
Cmd / Ctrl + [ Indent less
Cmd / Ctrl + ] Indent more
Cmd / Ctrl + Shift + L Align left
Cmd / Ctrl + Shift + E Align centre
Cmd / Ctrl + Shift + R Align right
Cmd / Ctrl + \ Remove formatting

Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail 2

Keyboard Shortcuts for Actions

Keyboard Shortcut Function
, Move focus to toolbar
x Select conversation
s Toggle star/rotate among superstars
e Archive
m Mute conversation
! Report as spam
# Delete
r Reply
Shift + r Reply in a new window
a Reply all
Shift + A Reply all in a new window
F Forward
Shift + F Forward in a new window
Shift + N Update conversation
] or [ Archive conversation and go previous/next
Z Undo last action
Shift + I Mark as read
Shift + U Mark as unread
_ Mark unread from the selected message
+ or = Mark as important
Mark as not important
b Snooze
; (This shortcut isn’t available in classic Gmail)
: Expand entire conversation
Shift + t Collapse entire conversation

Keyboard Shortcuts for Hangouts

Keyboard Shortcut Function
h + m Show menu
h + a Show archived hangouts
h + i Show Hangout requests
h + c Focus on the conversation list
h + p Open phone

Keyboard Shortcuts for Jumping

Keyboard Shortcut Function
g + i Go to Inbox
g + s Go to Starred conversations
g + b Go to Snoozed conversations
g + t Go to Sent Messages
g + d Go to Drafts
g + a Go to All mail
Cmd / Ctrl + Alt + , and Cmd / Ctrl + Alt + . Switch between the Calendar/Keep/Tasks sidebar and your inbox.
g + k Go to Tasks
g + l Go to label

Keyboard Shortcuts for Thread List Selection

Keyboard Shortcut Function
* + a Select all conversations
* + n Deselect all conversations
* + r Select read conversations
* + u Select unread conversations
* + s Select starred conversations
* + t Select unstarred conversations

Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigation

Keyboard Shortcut Function
g + n Go to the next page
g + p Go to the previous page
u Back to thread list
k Newer conversation
j Older conversation
o or Enter Open conversation
` Go to the next Inbox section
~ Go to the previous Inbox section

Keyboard Shortcuts for Application

Keyboard Shortcut Function
c Compose
d Compose in a new tab
/ Search mail
g Search chat contacts
. Open the “more actions” menu
v Open “move to” menu
l Open “label as” menu
? Open keyboard shortcuts help

Note: Always remember these shortcuts keys will not work until keyboard shortcuts are turned on manually.

How to Customize Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail on Computer?

Besides the default keyboard shortcuts in Gmail, you can add, delete or customize shortcuts as per your convenience. The steps below will guide you in the process:

Turn on Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Step 1: On your computer, go to Gmail.
  2. Step 2: At the top right corner, click Settings followed by See all settings.
  3. Step 3: Click Advanced.
  4. Step 4: Next to “Custom keyboard shortcuts,” choose Enable.
  5. Step 5: At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.

Change Your Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Step 1: On your computer, go to Gmail.
  2. Step 2: At the top right corner, click Settings followed by See all settings.
  3. Step 3: At the top, click Keyboard Shortcuts.
  4. Step 4: Next to the action, type the keyboard key to make a new shortcut.
  5. Step 5: At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.
  6. Note: At a time, one key can refer to only one action.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts That You Can Use on Android

For Android devices, you can use the shortcuts listed below if you plug an external keyboard into the device. These keyboard shortcuts work with most kinds of external keyboards. The shortcuts are listed below:

Keyboard Shortcut Function
Ctrl + n Compose a new email
Ctrl + d Archive an email
Ctrl + Enter Send an email
Ctrl + s Save a draft
Ctrl + u Refresh your inbox
Right arrow Open selected conversation
Enter Expand or collapse an email in a conversation
Ctrl + x, Ctrl + c, or Ctrl + v Cut, copy, or paste
Ctrl + a Select all
Ctrl + m Open the side menu
Ctrl + , Open settings
Ctrl + ? Open Help & Feedback
Ctrl + r Reply all
Ctrl + i Mark as read or unread
Ctrl + p Print

How to Turn on Keyboard Shortcuts on iPad and iPhone for Gmail?

By following the below steps, you can turn on keyboard shortcuts for Gmail on your iPad. However, keyboard shortcuts aren’t supported on all keyboards. Also, as said earlier, iPhones currently do not support keyboard shortcuts in the Gmail app.

  1. Step 1: On an iPad, open the Gmail app.
  2. Step 2: In the top left, tap on Menu, and then click on Settings.
  3. Step 3: Tap on Enable keyboard shortcuts.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts That You Can Use on iPhone and iPad

If you connect your keyboard to the iPad, you can use the keyboard shortcuts listed below for the Gmail app. Some shortcuts will show a description when you touch and hold the ⌘

or Cmd on the keyboard you have connected to your iPad. To use any shortcut, tap the key after you have turned on keyboard shortcuts for Gmail.

Note: iPhones currently do not support keyboard shortcuts in the Gmail app.

Shortcuts You Can Use While Composing an Email

Keyboard Shortcut Function
Cmd + Delete Delete a line
Option + Delete Delete a word
Cmd + Return Send
Cmd + W Close

Shortcuts with Description Available

Keyboard Shortcut Function
z Undo
u Unselect all
! Mark as spam
# Delete
a Reply all
c Compose
m Mute
e Archive
f Forward
r Reply
x Select
Shift + I Mark as read
Shift + U Mark as unread
Cmd + U Refresh

Shortcuts Without Any Description

Keyboard Shortcut Function
Escape Go back
Return Open item
Up arrow Previous item
Down arrow Next item
j Next conversation
k Previous conversation
n Next message
p Previous message


Conclusion on Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail

In conclusion, we can say that using keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys on any platform or software always help us to ease out our process of working, and it is the same for Gmail as well.

By remembering all the keyboard shortcuts, you can easily move around and work without going to your mouse every time. If you want, you can print these shortcuts, which will help you work even more efficiently.