Best Online Computer Courses to Get a Job | Top 10 Computer Courses in Demand in India

Best Online Computer Courses To Get a Job: The era of technology gives a massive wave of opportunities to achieve high academic qualifications for millennials and generations Z. For most engineering students, computer courses are one of the most popular alternatives. Well, it is possible to separate computer courses into several areas. Your career will be determined and the correct method chosen. Every year demand for online computer courses increases as the numeration spreads across the country.

Computer students have perfect pay that draws young students to pursue their careers in computer science. If you’re hard on deciding what program or striving to acquire high promotion requirements, you’re going to have the top online computer courses in 2020 to promote an excellent future career.

Top Online Computer Courses to get a High Paying Job

There are a variety of online computer courses available before being added to the list. Choosing the correct computer course to enhance your profession is vital to determine your strength, weakness, and abilities. In addition, online computer courses are an advantage for students when graduates are not sufficient in a competitive economy.


Cybersecurity is necessary for everyone who carries out their financial transactions online. According to Statista, the highest demand for occupations in the year 2020 is cybersecurity. You can take a cybersecurity course if you’re interested in the Internet. Every transaction is made online or via its mobile app, from the finished technology to the eCommerce market. To prevent theft, Internet attacks, and unsuspected ransomware, it is essential to create a high level of cyber protection.

You can run a cybersecurity course online to learn the nature of cyber assaults, identify hazards online and take preventive action. In this course, you will learn how to evaluate technical risks and take preventative measures to avoid various online threats.

Data Science

Based on the LinkedIn posting, India is predicted to have around 150,000 employment by the end of 2021 with a data scientist, which amounts to over 62 percent in 2019. Data scientists search for their analytics in industrial areas such as drugs, aeronautics, oil, energy, and marketing. With only three years of experience, data scientists can earn up to Rs. 20.000 per year, making data science one among the most efficient online computer classes for high-wage work.

The course includes mathematical, statistical, photonic, advanced statistics in Python, deep learning, machine learning, and data science education. Thus, the course gives you a whole toolkit to be a skilled data scientist. You also receive instruction in debunking and typical misunderstandings from the data pool.

Big Data Engineering

As its name implies, Big Data is a big pool of data methodically analyzed and used to collect data. Today, when consumers choose to transact online, big data plays a critical role in helping organizations understand how consumers spend online.

You have to design, maintain, assess, and test Big Data solutions to follow the extensive data engineering program. The primary task for a prominent data engineer is to build large-scale data processing systems. If you also have an expert in data analysis and storage systems, you will be able to work with the latest data technologies such as R, MySQL, Python, NoS QL, etc. The leading Data Engineer can earn up to $146,000 a year, unusually the highest average wage for IT workers.

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Data Analyst

To extract the data from the unstructured data pool, a data analyst must apply correct statistical and logical thinking methods. You need to help organizations do qualitative research to provide structured data, which they can then employ to conduct their commercialization, administrative, and production activities. This is very closely related to data science, although the job of the data analyst and the job of the data scientist is very different.

In contrast to data scientists, considerable coding and programming are not necessary. However, you should know the latest data technologies and languages such as Python, Ruby on Rails, R, MySQL, etc. The data analyst can make up to $105,000 per year and up to a minimum of $69,000, according to Glassdoor.

Big Data Analysis

Data analysts can comprehend the newest trends in the industry and relevant views of the large pools of data. Many companies, including Fintech, can recruit you based on relevant big data to make informed judgments and improve company procedures. In addition, you can obtain important online and offline information from various activities, such as email marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, etc.

You need to grasp several techniques of storing data in Big Data Analysis. The plan also includes data from unstructured to structured data processing and analysis. This program prepares you for all your skills to analyze, process, manage and store unstructured and structured data for corporate purposes. According to the fact, the data analyst might generate up to $139,000 for his functions and obligations annually.

Web Designing

Suppose the web design course is your favorite one if you enjoy visuals. Web design encompasses the development of stunning designs, including logos, web designs, Websites, brochures, and other graphics and printed media elements. In addition to the visuals, you must master HTML, XHTML, Javascript, CSS, and more programming languages.

With increasing experience with mobile devices, you also need to create websites to improve the user experience and interfaces. The website design program covers all websites, including web design, HTML, PSD to HTML, and PHP. It would allow you to finish your design with programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw. A web designer’s average annual pay is about $64,000.

VFX Training And Character Animation Degree

The technology that focuses on smart devices and gadgets delivers a new era of games and films. The gaming industry is driven by increased reality and virtual reality, giving rise to modern technologies, particularly VFX and animation of characters.

You will also study advanced VFX effects, software skills, and technology extensively used in making movies during the VFX training course. A VFX artist’s scope is enormous because films, animated films, and games are increasingly demanded. Also, like in the game “Pokemon Go,” you can test character animators to create unique characters. An artist with 5 to 7 years’ experience has an average annual wage of $75 000, and the character animator makes $65,000 annually.

Software Development

Software development demands are rising, and mobile apps and online apps are emerging. A developer works with C++, Java,.NET, ReactJS, and many different programming languages. In addition, you must produce mobile applications, online applications, and software that is valuable for companies as a software developer.

You must focus on the current coding methods and development methods such as Hadoop, JavaScript, iOS, Android, Unity, and many other software developments and programming languages courses. Developers of software can make up to $108,000 per year.

Computer Hardware Engineering And Networking

The main focus of computer hardware and networking is on the maintenance and repair of critical computer elements. The constant use of equipment causes you to work with prevalent challenges. Predictive and preventive measurements can be strategized to avoid significant equipment maintenance.

You will learn several topics such as LAN, DTP, CCNA, and many others in computer hardware and networking courses. A computer hardware engineer’s average income is about $114,000.


These online computer courses for your work are available to you, which save your time and transit costs and make your routine flexible. You must now have a reasonably solid understanding of the type of online computer training you can take. The demand for these courses in India is substantial.

The ultimate decision of online computer courses depends on your profession and the type of jobs you want. Once you understand both, it will be much easier for you to choose the course.