Shape your Career With World’s Highest Paying Jobs for Freshers and Experienced

Choosing a high paying career path requires focus, dedication, and guidance. Schooling is all fine and dandy, but it can’t ensure you’ll make an impact out in the real world. However, the right professional field will push you to learn new skills and help you grow as an individual. While choosing your high-paying career, make sure you make the right decision based on your interests, strengths, passions, and goals. For most people, choosing a job is all about salary, benefits, work-life balance, and culture.

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that everyone wants to make as much money as possible. That means getting a well-paying job that allows you to support yourself and your family whether you want an around the clock job or one that lets you spend time with friends and family.

If you’re looking to make money in the long term, consider one of these highest paying jobs in the world that are in demand. With the world becoming increasingly competitive, your future is in your hands. With hard work and perseverance, you can achieve anything you wish to achieve and we’re here to help. Today, we’re going to cover some of the Highest Paying Jobs in the World in different industries and explained their great benefits.

List of Highest Paid Jobs in the World that would Shape your Future

Job Title Qualification Salary 
Corporate Lawyers
  • B.A. LLB, BBA LLB, from a recognized university
Rs. 20- 50 LPA
Investment Banker
  • 10+2 (preferably Commerce)
  • B.Com/B.B.A Or Bachelors in Economics or Finance
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
Rs. 10-40 LPA
Data Scientist
  • Bachelor’s degree Computer Science/ IT or related field.
  • Master’s degree in Data Science or related field
Rs. 20-50 LPA
Medical Professionals
  • 10+2 with 60% marks in the Science stream
  • M.B.B.S, followed by M.D. or M.S
Rs. 20 – 40 LPA
IT Systems Manager
  • BSIT or B.Sc IT,
  • B.Sc CS
  • M.Sc in Computer Science
  • Advanced Certificate in Cyber Security
Rs. 20 -30 LPA

Now that we’ve glanced at the highest paying jobs in the world in future, let’s examine a few of them in detail.

1. Corporate Lawyers

Corporate lawyers represent companies and businesses on their legal duties and rights. They protect the legality of transactions and represent corps in commercial matters such as corporate tax, mergers, acquisitions, etc.

Communication skills, analytical skills, and business knowledge are all necessary if you want to be a successful corporate lawyer. A corporate law firm or another organization may be the place for you — and your salary will vary accordingly.

When you first step foot into Corporate Law, you’ll often begin as an associate. Associates work under senior attorneys, conducting research and writing briefs. Despite its reputation for long hours and difficult clients, the corporate law profession is one of the most lucrative ones out there.

Big-name firms offer generous salaries, stock options, and bonuses to new associates right out of law school. Though the challenges of the job are many, at the end of the day it’s all worth it.


  • To become a corporate lawyer, future candidates should study law for three years as a graduate.
  • Students can also opt for an integrated course of five years, where they earn a Bachelor’s degree alongside their law credentials.
  • After 10+2, you can also register for CLAT (Common Law Entrance Test) and appear in the entrance examination offered by law colleges and universities. Admission is given on the basis of the score that you get in the entrance test conducted by law schools.

Career Prospects 

After globalization, corporate law has become one of the most sought-after career options.

  • Corporate lawyers are in high demand across all fields — whether it is an organization’s corporate governance or its business consulting services.
  • The fast pace of globalization has made foreign law firms move to India. This has, in turn, increased the scope of opportunities for Indian corporate lawyers.


Corporate lawyers in Government enterprises can expect a salary of Rs.20 lakh per year on average. However, the financial success of a corporate lawyer in the private sector is based on a number of factors, including his experience and knowledge of the field.

Top recruiters

  • Khaitan and Company,
  • Amarchand Mangaldas and Co
  • DSK Legal
  • McAfee
  • Cisco
  • IBM
  • Boeing
  • Intel

2. Investment Banker

The banking industry in India has a growing number of public, private, and foreign-run financial institutions that rival the industries of most major economies. There are 27 public-sector banks, 21 private-sector banks, and 49 foreign-run banks in the country.

In addition to these, there are many regional rural banks and thousands of urban and rural cooperative banks. An investment banker is a professional who specializes in helping companies to go public, selling shares to individual investors.

This highly sought-after job is the key to advancing the careers of young professionals because it affords them stable, lucrative careers in finance. In the recently concluded fiscal year, public sector banks in India accounted for a staggering 61.21 percent of total banking assets in the country.

Asset diversification is a rather new phenomenon in the Indian banking industry. Investments have been steadily growing from being a negligible part of bank balance sheets just a few years ago to becoming the second-largest constituent today.


  • People in the profession of financial advising often hold degrees in economics or finance;
  • The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation is designed for people who want to break into financial advising.
  • An accredited bachelor’s degree in finance may also be necessary.

Career Prospects

  • An investment banker starts their career on the analyst track, gaining work experience on all levels of a deal from an idea to a final close.
  • Associates will typically work on multiple deals at a time. The associate track is a step up from analyst, and associates can move into more senior roles such as vice president, supervising analyst and associate banker.
  • The Managing Director (MD) is the highest level an investment banker can attain. At this level, investment bankers are responsible for introducing new ideas that will birth new businesses for the bank.

As investment bankers progress further in their careers, they are rewarded with higher salaries, better benefits, and titles that reflect their seniority — because the firm wants to keep them around.


Investment bankers in India make Rs. 942,390 annually on average, with the highest earners bringing home over Rs. 1.7 crore per year. In the US, investment bankers make an average of $101,465 a year with the highest-paid earning over $165,000 a year.

Top Recruiters

  • HDFC
  • Barclays
  • Morgan Stanley
  • HSBC

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3. Data Scientist

Data scientists are data experts who analyze data by using their knowledge of statistics, programming, and mathematics. They help businesses to use available information to find the most feasible solution.

Data scientists are the go-to people for businesses that need help making sense of data. They are in-demand professionals who are sought after by major players across industries, including retail, healthcare, media & entertainment, transportation, education, and BFSI.

The primary responsibility of a data scientist is to scan a vast amount of data and analyze the gathered information to help a company reach its goals. A data scientist may use many different methods to gather information, from examining the public’s opinion on social media profiles to studying customers’ behavior in-store or online.

The insights gained from this research lead to actionable strategies for increased sales and productivity.


  • Data scientist requires an in-depth knowledge of coding, statistical analysis, and machine learning.
  • A master’s degree in computer science or other quantitative degree is required for this high-paying job.
  • After a Master’s degree, one can further their education with an Executive Post-Graduate Program in Data Science.

Career Prospects

  • Data science is evolving as a field. In the past, it was considered as a job of its own, but today it’s more about an approach towards technology.
  • Industries have started realizing the importance of analytics and data, and have started focusing on engaging more data scientists to work with them.


If you’re passionate about data, math, and science, then the role of a data scientist is for you. Data scientists are in huge demand globally, with an average annual salary of Rs.822,895 in India and $96,501 in the US.

Top Recruiters

  • Couture
  • Mate Labs
  • Amazon
  • Sigmoid
  • IBM

4. Medical Professionals

Medical professionals are the first-line healers in our society. Whether they are called doctors, surgeons, nurses, or medical lab technicians, their job is to help people get better when they are sick. They are tasked with diagnosing illnesses and prescribing effective treatments to ease the patient’s discomfort.

Becoming a highly skilled medical professional takes an incredible amount of effort and years of study. To become a well-rounded doctor in the field, one must complete many in-depth internships, which are in turn rewarded with high pay. It’s no surprise that the highest paying jobs in the world are all medical professions.

The job of a medical professional is to care for patients with empathy and knowledge. They must examine patients thoroughly to discern the cause of their ailments. Armed with this information, they can prescribe medication and act as guides through complicated procedures.


  • 10+2 with Science PCB/ PCMB
  • M.B.B.S, followed by M. D or M. S

Career Prospects

The field of medical professionals offers endless opportunities for professionals looking to make a difference in the world. Those with bachelor’s, master’s, PhDs, and MDs can find satisfying careers in both the private and non-profit sectors. Opportunities cover everything from business management to education, whether it’s working for a hospital or a non-governmental organization.


The average annual pay of a medical professional in India is 1.1 million rupees, or about $15,000 USD. Meanwhile, general surgeons in the US make about $300,000 per year or an approximate monthly payment of $2,500.

Top Recruiters

  • AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences)
  • Apollo
  • Fortis
  • Max
  • Columbia Asia

5. IT Systems Manager

The Indian IT industry is among the fastest-growing sectors in the world. India has the highest share in the global services sourcing industry, is the second-largest hub for tech startups and has the second-largest number of internet subscribers in the world.

India offers several advantages that make it an attractive outsourcing destination, including its access to a large (and growing) pool of skilled labor, broadband connectivity, and relatively low labor costs. Businesses in this sector include providers of cloud services, technology solutions, and business process management.

The IT sector has a large pool of available talent, providing rich ground for IT professionals. And the scope of opportunities is plenty:

  • One can work in developing small-scale software solutions
  • Manage large-scale infrastructure projects,
  • Run an IT consultancy firm, or
  • Create new software for a service provider


  • Must have a graduate degree in computer science or information technology .
  • Courses like BSIT or B.Sc IT, or B.Sc CS will allow you to pursue this career path, ensuring you’ll have the skills and real-world experience you need for advancement.
  • Apart from a bachelor’s degree, internships can further boost your career prospects, as they let you gain hands-on experience after college graduation.
  • A master’s degree such as M.Sc in Computer Science and an Advanced Certificate in Cyber Security will help you even more

These advanced certifications show will help you learn and improve, which is an excellent quality that most employers look for in new employees.

Career Prospects

  • IT systems managers are in charge of the company’s computer-related tasks, including software installation, analysis, and support. They are also tasked with overseeing information security.
  • They are often required to manage the IT department, which involves strategic planning for operating budgets, working with vendors on purchases, and making curriculum decisions.
  • In a larger organization you could be promoted to work on some of the world’s most challenging projects, manage complex IT projects, or even manage other members of your team. With enough exposure, you could even become a leading light in IT management.


While the average pay of an IT systems manager is Rs.809,969 in India, it is US$87,437 in the United States.

Top Recruiters 

  • TCS
  • Cognizant
  • Infosys
  • Dell
  • SAP
  • IBM


While these are some of the highest paying jobs in the world, numerous other high paying careers have excellent job security and are just as lucrative. The key, however, is to choose a career that not only pays well but also allows you to grow professionally. Career satisfaction is a combination of a wide range of factors, but passion and growth potential are chief among them.

When you’re finding a career, look for one that will allow you to grow in both your skills and your paycheck. If you’re passionate about something, there’s no better feeling than being able to turn that interest into a part-time or even full-time job.