Java Program on Subtraction Operator

In the previous article, we have discussed about Java Program on Addition Operator

In this article we will see the use of Subtraction operator in Java.

Java Program on Subtraction Operator

Addition operator is a binary operator and it is used to subtract two numbers. Subtraction operator is represented by the - symbol.

Syntax: operand - operand


Let’s understand it more clearly.

Suppose we have 2 variables a and b.



Then we can use subtraction operator like this.

result=a-b;  // here 2 variable operand subtracted


result = 15 – b; // here one constant operand i.e. 15 and variable operand i.e. ‘b‘ subtracted


class Main 
    public static void main(String[] args)
        //Declaring variables
        int number1 = 100;
        int number2 = 20;
        //subtracting two numbers by using subtraction operator
        int result = number1-number2;
        //print results
        System.out.println("By performing subtraction operation: " + result);

By performing subtraction operation: 80

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