Java Program on Addition Operator

In this article we will see the use of Addition operator in Java.

Java Program on Addition Operator

Addition operator is a binary operator and it is used to add two numbers. Addition operator is represented by the + symbol.

Syntax: operand + operand


Let’s understand it more clearly.

Suppose we have 2 variables a and b.



Then we can use addition operator like this.

result=a+b;  // here 2 variable operand added


result = 5 + a; // here one constant operand i.e. 5 and variable operand i.e. ‘a‘ added


class Main 
    public static void main(String[] args)
        //Declaring variables
        int number1 = 10;
        int number2 = 20;
        int result = number1+number2;
        //print results
        System.out.println("By performing addition operation: " + result);

By performing addition operation: 30

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