getchar in c – getchar C Library Function

getchar in c: The function int getchar(void); gets a single character from standard input stream stdin. Calling getchar function is same as to calling getc with stdin as argument.

Function prototype of getchar

int getchar(void);
  • NONE

Return value of getchar

Get char in c: This function returns the character read from the stdio stream(type casted to an int value) otherwise returns EOF in case of error or If end of file is reached.

C program using getchar function

Getchar function in c: The following program shows the use of getchar function to read characters standard input stream stdio(keyboard).

getchar C Library Function

int main(){
   char c;
   printf("Enter a character\n");
   c = getchar();
   printf("Character entered: %c", c);

Program Output

Enter a character
Character entered: A