Data Science Project Ideas & Topics for Beginners | List of Projects on Data Science

Data Science is one of the most popular and thriving careers in recent times. It’s one of the careers which gives the most promising results to the people who follow it. In the market, there is a high demand for Data Scientists.  The demand for Data Scientists is going to keep increasing over the next few years. Therefore, becoming a Data Scientist is one of the best things you can do.

You need the best ideas for Projects related to Data Science.  One of the most critical skills you must possess as a Data Scientist is knowledge. The best way to gather more knowledge is through working on projects and coming up with more ideas. It would be best if you implemented your understanding of Data Science into projects constantly.

Your Data Science Project Ideas must be technical and real-time projects. One of the main reasons for that is so that they can contribute to your career growth. The more you work on projects, the more you are improving your knowledge of Data Science.  The more you work on projects using Data Science, the more you enhance your knowledge, technical skills, and confidence. Along with that, the more tasks you do, the much better your resume will look.

Your chances of getting a good job will increase because the employers will see that you are serious about your career.  In this article, you will find information about the Best Data Science Project Ideas & Topics for Beginners so that you can create and develop. Every project will be a new learning experience that will enhance your knowledge of the subject.

Data Science Project Ideas for Beginners

Fake News Detection

The best way to drive your career in Data Science is through excellent projects and ideas. One of the best Data Science Project Ideas is developing a Fake News Detector. You can use Python language to create and establish a Fake News Detector.

The Fake News Detector can detect situations when the journalism is misleading or fake and when it’s the truth. There are times when false reports are spread across platforms using social media and other online channels. Through the Data Science projects, you can use Python language to develop a model of a Fake News detector.

You will need to use a ‘PassiveAggressiveClassifier’ to classify the news in two sections- real or fake.  The idea behind creating a Fake News Detector is to design and develop a machine learning model which can detect social media authenticity.

Forest Fire Prediction

The most alarming and harmful disasters that happen in today’s world are forest fires. It’s one of the disasters which causes immense damage to the ecosystem. To tackle such a disaster, you need to have a vital infrastructure.  Building a solid Data Science project using k-means clustering is one of the projects you can use to help the situation.

The Forest Fire Prediction can identify all the forest fires which are happening in the hotspots. Along with recognizing where the forest fire hotspots are, the Forest Fire Prediction can help show the severity of the fire in a specific spot.

The Forest Fire Prediction can be used for improving the response time when a forest fire happens. In this program, you will have to take data from the meteorological department, like seasons when the fires are the most common and weather conditions. The more accurate data you add to the project, the correct of it increases.

Human Action Recognition

This is one of the Data Science Project Ideas where you create and develop a Human Action Recognition project. You can add data to it using short videos made on humans performing specific tasks. The Human Action Recognition will classify these actions into various categories.  The Human Recognition project will be a little more complex project than the other projects.

This is mainly because you will need a complex neural network to do this project. Your project needs to be a neutral project which is trained on the database of the short videos.  A feature of the Human Action Recognition project is the accelerometer data. This is going to be associated with the dataset of the project. You will have to use the ‘Keras’ library to complete the training, validation, and testing of the network in the project’s dataset.

Road Lane Line Detection

Another one of the best Data Science Project Ideas is the Road Lane Line Detection project. It’s one of the best Data Science beginner projects you can work on and make the best version of the project. You will have to create a Detection system that has a built-in Python language.

In the Road Lane Line Detection project, a human driver gets guidance on lane detections through the lines drawn on the road. Additional features of the project include guiding the driver towards steering their vehicle.

One of the best things about the project is that it’s one project that adds to the development system of driverless cars. Therefore, you must create a project which works perfectly fine in all the ways possible. An additional feature you can add to the Road Lane Line Detection project is the capacity to identify track lines. The Detector can identify the track lines through images or a video frame.

Climate Change’s Impact on Global Food Supply

Climate change is a space where Data Science can be helpful in various ways. It’s a phenomenon that is impacting the lives of humans all around the world. The Climate Change Impacts on the Global Food Supply project works is a critical project. It concentrates on the impact of climate change on food supply production around the globe.

Additionally, this Data Science project will tell you the quantification impact on climate change. The project’s main aim is to calculate the potential impact on staple crops due to changes in the climate.  You will need to add information regarding the temperature and precipitation changes.

This information will help you know how much carbon dioxide affects the growth life of plants—the more effect on the growth of plants which show the harmful effects of climate change. The Climate Change Impacts on the Global Food Supply project deals with the visual impact of Climate change. Additionally, it will calculate and compare the production in different regions in different zones.

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Gender and Age Detection with Data Science

One of the best Data Science Project Ideas is the Gender and Age Detection with OpenCV project. This is one of the projects which you can use to impress a future employer. The task of Gender and Age Detection revolves around it being a machine learning project based on computer visioning.

One of the outcomes of developing this project is learning about convolutional neural networks and their practical application. You will also learn how to create a model in different files like .pb, .pbtext, and others.  Gender and Age Detection is one of the most practical projects that you can do as a project. It will help detect a human’s age and gender through facial recognition through an image.

The classification would be shown as either a man or woman. As for the age will be classified in ranges like 0-2, 4-7, 25-32, and others. You will have to use a regression model for making the most accurate prediction while using this project.

Recognition of Speech Emotion

Among some of the famous and best Data Science project ideas is the Recognition of Speech Emotion project. It’s one of the projects where you will learn about the different kinds of libraries.  When you are doing this project, you will have to use ‘librosa’.

This will run the speech emotion recognition for you. The Speech Emotion Recognition process is a trial process that can help you recognize human emotions. Additionally, it can recognize speech from affective states. This is because we use various combinations of tones and pitches for expressing emotions through our voices.

It is a challenging project where you might feel the pressure to succeed more than other projects. However, you don’t need to worry as it’s one of the projects which is achievable.  In the Gender and Age Detection project, you will use mfcc, mel, and chroma features. Additionally, the database that you will use in this project is ‘RAVDESS’.


One of the things whose demand is increasing day by day is Chatbots. If you are a Data Scientist, you can work on creating and developing a Chatbot project. It’s something which is becoming a significant part of every business recently.

The Chatbots will help businesses give vast amounts of time and energy to human resources. It will help provide a personalized business service to all the customers.  Chatbots provide people in business with the option to do away with large scale human resources, which can be used for something else in the organization. These Chatbots can help you with customer interaction and answer the simple sets of questions that the customers ask.

There are two kinds of Chatbots that you can develop and create: Domain-specific chatbot and Open-domain chatbot. The former is used often for a specific problem solution. They are designed so that they are strategic and intelligent, which makes them work effectively.  On the other hand, an Open-domain chatbot needs a lot of training material. You need to continuously train it for it to answer all kinds of questions.

In this Data Science project, you will need to train the chatbots using the ‘Deep Learning’ techniques. The dataset of this project will include things like vocabulary listing, lists of common sentences, appropriate responses, among other things.

Driver Drowsiness Detection in Python

An excellent idea for a Data Science project can be Driver Drowsiness Detection using Python. This is one of the projects which will be helpful for all the drivers who drive overnight, which is a risky and challenging job.

The Driver Drowsiness Detection project can help in preventing road accidents. One of the project’s main aims is that it will recognize when the driver is getting tired and falling asleep while driving. In this project, you will use Python language to help you build a model that will detect the sleepy driver through their behavior and raise an alert alarm.

You will need to implement a deep-learning model and use it for classification to check if the human eyes are closed or open.  In this project, you will use ‘Keras’ as well as ‘OpenCV’. You will use Keras to classify whether the eyes are open or closed. OpenCV will help you detect face and eye movements.

Handwritten Digit and Character Recognition Project

The Handwritten Digit and Character Recognition Project is a project which will help you learn Deep Learning concepts. If you are a student of Data Science, you will enjoy doing this project. You will have to develop this project with the help of CNN, which will help you gain an in-depth knowledge of Deep Learning concepts.

Besides learning Convolutional Neural Networks, you will discover many other things when you are doing this project. One of the things you will know is how to build a creative graphical-based user interface.

This will help in drawing digits on the canvas, and you can build a model that will be used to predict the numbers.  One of the main focuses of the project should be developing the computer’s ability and empowering it.

When you do that, you will be able to recognize the handwritten formats by human beings. It will analyze and evaluate it to understand it to produce reasonable accuracy.  In the Handwritten Digit and Character Recognition Project, you will learn about the implementation of ‘Keras’ and ‘Tkinter’ libraries.


In the above article, you will learn about the various Data Science Project Ideas for Students when studying the course. There are multiple projects which can be created and developed by beginners. When you start doing these projects, you will increase your knowledge about Data Science and its practical application. If you can pick up things as they are doing tasks, you will have no difficulties with any project of Data Science.

The best way to test your knowledge of a subject is by applying it to projects. You can use all your expertise in Data Science and develop it into projects that increase your research. We hope that our list of ideas and project ideas have helped you.

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