Degree symbol in solidworks – Solidworks Keyboard Shortcuts | Essential Shortcut Keys for Solidworks

Solidworks Keyboard Shortcuts: Solidworks is one of the most popularly used 3D Computer-Aided Design packages used by both students and professionals. Designed primarily by the famous Dassault Systems, Solidworks has a smooth performance on Microsoft Windows. Although it works well on Mac (Intel-based), the developers have highly recommended against it.

By using the Solidworks keyboard shortcuts, you will work way faster and have minimum wastage of time. Learning these will make your command launches quicker, and you will be wasting no time searching for these actions on the toolbar. Do you know you can also create several customized shortcuts based on those features that you use most frequently? Let us go through these shortcut keys, then! degree symbol in solidworks.

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Using The ‘S’ Shortcut

Solidworks degree symbol: This shortcut is the most frequently accessed and allows easy access and customization to various other shortcuts. You can do this with minimal movement of the mouse.

This key can be accessed by pressing the ‘S’ key, which will lead to opening a pop-up window. This pop-up window will show you four modes: assembly, sketch, part editing, and drawing. All of these modes can be easily customized with any command of your choice.

Using The ‘D’ Shortcut

Solidworks smart dimension shortcut: This key will bring options like Breadcrumbs and Confirmation Centre to your use. The Confirmation Corner has three sections, namely Command Confirmation, Assembly Confirmation, Sketch Confirmation.

Basic Windows Shortcut Keys

Shortcuts Purpose
Ctrl + O for opening a file
Ctrl + S for saving a file
Ctrl + Z for Edit or Undo
Ctrl + C for Copy
Ctrl + V for Paste
Alt + This combined with specified values
will insert various standard windows symbols
Alt + 0176 Inserts a degree symbol
Alt + 0216 Inserts a diameter symbol
Alt + 0181 Inserts a micro symbol

Solidworks Keyboard 2

Shortcuts for Selection

Shortcuts Purpose
Ctrl + click  This shortcut will let you choose multiple entities
Shift This option will let you select the transparent face on any part
Shift + click This  shortcut will select everything
between the two items that you select
in the ‘FeatureManager’ section of the design tree

Assembly Shortcuts

Shortcuts Purpose
Alt + drag
Mates Creates a SmartMate if
you Alt + drag a component
Reordering components While moving any component in the FeatureManager design tree,
this will ensure that the component will stay at the similar level
in the tree and this will prevent it from being
shifted into any other sub-assembly
Alt + Ctrl drag Copies the component and creates a SmartMate
Ctrl + drag Copies a component
Ctrl + drag: Selection In any assembly of preselected components, this option will invert
the selection if a selection box is opened
Toolbox. This will create some part instead
of any configuration if you drag any
Toolbox component to any assembly
Hide/Show This will hide all the components below the one shown by the pointer
While you insert a component, this will rotate that component 90º.
Shift + Tab
Hide/Show It will show all
components below the one shown by the pointer
While you insert a component, this will rotate that component to -90º.
Ctrl + Shift + Tab This will temporarily show
all the hidden components like transparent
and it will let you select the one you
wan to show

Shortcuts for User Interface

Shortcuts Purpose
Ctrl + Q Complete Rebuild
Enter Repeats the last command
Ctrl + Tab Moves among open documents

Shortcuts for Moving

Shortcuts Purpose
Ctrl + drag the middle mouse button Pans a model
Shift + drag
Parts Moves a feature.
Sketches Moves a set of sketch entities.
Drawings Moves the selected drawing view or
any other related view, and brings them together
and makes them look like a single entity.
You will also be able to move a dimension
to a different view.

Shortcuts for Display

Shortcuts Purpose
Alt + arrow keys Will rotate your model
parallel to your viewing plane
Alt + drag the middle mouse button Will rotate your model
parallel to your viewing plane
Shift + arrow keys Will rotate the model 90º
Spacebar It will open the option ‘View Selector’
and also the ‘Orientation’ dialog box
Alt + click It will show you a hidden component
or body when you move
over the body or component
Alt + middle mouse wheel I Will show you a particular section view
when you use the option of magnifying glass
G Magnifying Glass
Shift + Z Will zoom the model inwards.
Shift + Z Will zoom the model outwards.
Shift + F Will zoom the model to fit.

Solidworks Keyboard 1

Shortcuts for Sketching

Shortcuts Purpose
Ctrl + drag It will suppress the inference lines
if you drag to an endpoint
Shift + drag While sketching a line, if you
select this option, it will snap
the line to specific lengths
Shift + click It will turn on snapping
Pressing Ctrl If you press ‘Control’ while sketching
it will turn off the
automatic sketch relations
Tab It will change the
XYZ plane if you are
sketching in a 3D sketch

Shortcuts for Dimension

Shortcuts Purpose
Alt + click It will turn off the automatic alignment
if you place the
dimensions and annotations
Alt + drag It will move an annotation
independently from a particular group
in which it was initially stored
Ctrl + drag It will create some additional leaders
on the note, if you Ctrl + drag
any leader’s arrowhead
Shift + click It will snap any dimension to the maximum
or minimum location if
the dimensioning arcs or circles
with the Smart Dimension tool

Creating Customized Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. After opening any document, you have to select the option ‘Tools.’
  2. After choosing the ‘Tools’ option, you now have to select the ‘Customize’ option.
  3. Now, you have to select the option named ‘Keyboard tab.’
  4. The next step is to click on any command you use frequently, which does not already have a shortcut.
  5. Now, the next step is to add a customized shortcut.
  6. You will receive an ‘error message’ if you have entered any shortcut that exists already. You have to overwrite this option if you want.

Changing The Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. When you open any document, you should select the option ‘Tools.’
  2. After choosing the ‘Tools’ option, you should now select the ‘Customize’ option.
  3. Now, you should select the option ‘Keyboard tab.’
  4. The next step is to click on any keyboard shortcut that you wish to alter.
  5. Finally, you can add a new customized shortcut to your document.
  6. You will receive an ‘error message’ if you have entered any shortcut that exists already. You have to overwrite this option if you want.
  7. Now select the OK option to finish customizing and save.

Conclusion on Solidworks Keyboard Shortcuts

So, as you can see, learning the keyboard shortcuts is quite handy. No doubt, it will save you a lot of time but will also make you tech-savvy. Being on the computer all the time has never been better as these shortcuts will save you so much time.