Power System 2 Lecture Notes PDF Download

Power System 2 Lecture Notes: Power System 2 is a subject which is part of the larger array of subjects falling under electrical engineering courses. It is an incredibly useful subject, as the people who graduate as electrical engineers have proper knowledge about the workings of power lines, power grids, and all other things electrical.

We understand that studying engineering can be a tumultuous time for many students, as some are able to cope with it better than others. For that reason, we have provided several study materials for the subject of Power System 2. These study materials for the subject will help you get a hold of the anxiousness and nervousness you may feel about the subject, especially before an exam.

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The following is a list of all the resources or study materials for Power System 2 that we have given in the below article.

Introduction to Power System 2 Lecture Notes Free PDF Download

Electrical power system by subir ray pdf: We all know how daunting exams and even other tasks and assignments in university college. We understand this, and for this very reason, we have put together a set of Power System 2 Lecture Notes for you. These should be rather helpful during the exams, because even if you have not been able to focus, these lecture notes will help you out.

Power System 2 notes Lecture have everything that a student of Power System 2 handwritten notes pdf will need. All the relevant pointers to keep in mind when studying are provided in the notes we have listed below. Alongside, all the important points and topics to study have been provided below in great detail. These notes are also downloadable, so please do keep them with you for your reference whenever you are studying.

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BSEE Power System 2 Lecture Notes PDF Notes Download

Power System 2 Lecture Notes provide students with an understanding of electrical power systems. This is a subject which looks into the nuances of the supply and transfer of electrical power from generators to power sockets. It is an important component of electronics, or electrical engineering.

Students that are studying Power System 2 will be able to create and operate electric systems such as electrical power grids, should they choose to get into that particular stream, career-wise. Power System 2 Lecture Notes that we have provided, grouped with the other study materials for the subject, which have been given below, will be extremely useful for students who wish to pursue electrical engineering in their future.

Power System 2 Reference Books

Only Power System 2 Lecture Notes are enough for students looking to merely pass exams. On the other hand, if you are looking to gain extra knowledge to carry with you in your life, which might even get you extra marks in the examination, you must take a look at some Power System 2 reference books.

Reference books hold utmost importance in a student’s life. They have extra information to add to the useful pointers that they have inculcated in them. This is the reason why students must refer to Power System 2 reference books, Power System Pdf Notes along with other study materials.

The following are some of the good Power System 2 reference books for your use.

  • Power System: Analysis and Design – Duncan Glover, Mulukutla Sarma, Thomas Overbye
  • Electrical Power Systems – D. Das
  • Electrical Power Systems – C.L. Wadhwa
  • Principles of Power System – V.K. and Rohit Mehta
  • Electrical Power Systems: Concept, Theory and Practise – Subir Ray
  • Fuzzy logic concepts in power system stability – Neeraj Gupta
  • Operation and Control in Power Systems – P.S.R. Murty
  • Power System Analysis – P.S.R. Murty
  • Electrical Machines and Power Systems: Problems with Solutions – Dr Indulkar
  • Modern Power Systems Analysis – Xi-Fan Wang, Yonghua Song, Makolm Irving

Power System 2 Curriculum

Before we start studying, it is imperative for a student to take a look at the syllabus or curriculum for the course. This ensures not only that the student has a good idea of what is there in the curriculum, but it also allows the student to make a good study plan which will cover all the topics.

The Power System 2 curriculum holds the same importance in the life of the student, and it helps provide students with a good overview of the subject. We have provided the Power System 2 curriculum for students to refer to, below.

Here is the unit wise and topic wise breakdown of the Power System 2 curriculum for your reference.

Unit Topics
Unit 1: Basic Principles
  • Power in single phase AC circuits
  • Complex power
  • Complex power balance
  • Complex power flow
  • Balanced three phase circuits
  • Star connected loads
  • Delta connected loads
  • Delta-star transformation
  • Per phase analysis
  • Balanced three phase power
Unit 2: Representation of Power System Components
  • One line and impedance diagram
  • Per unit system
  • Per unit representation of transformer
  • Per unit impedance diagram of power system
  • Examples
    • Per unit system
    • Impedance diagram
  • Synchronous machines
  • Power factor and power control
  • Salient pole synchronous generator
  • Operating chart of a synchronous generator
  • Representation of loads
Unit 3: Transmission Line Modeling and Performance
  • Introduction
  • Short transmission line
  • Long transmission line
  • Rigorous solution
  • Evaluation of ABCD constants
  • Interpretation of long line equations
  • Ferranti effect
  • Tuned power lines
  • Power through a transmission line
  • Circle diagrams
  • Methods of voltage control
Unit 4: Symmetrical Fault Analysis
  • Introduction
  • Transient on a transmission line
  • Short circuit of a synchronous machine on no load
  • Short circuit of a loaded synchronous machine
  • Selection of circuit breakers
  • ZBUS formulation
    • By inverting YBUS
    • Current injection technique
  • ZBUS building algorithm (Type – 1, 2, 3 and 4 modifications)
Unit 5: Symmetrical Components
  • Symmetrical component transformation
  • Phase shift in star-delta transformers
  • Sequence impedances
    • Of transmission lines
    • Networks of transformers
    • Networks of synchronous machines
  • Construction of sequence of a power system
Unit 6: Unsymmetrical Fault Analysis
  • Introduction
  • Symmetrical component analysis of unsymmetrical faults
  • Single line to ground fault
  • Line to line fault
  • Double line to ground fault
  • Open conductor faults
Unit 7: Corona
  • Critical disruptive voltage
  • Corona loss
  • Line design based on Corona
  • Disadvantages of Corona
  • Radio interference
  • Inductive interference between power and communication lines
Unit 8: Overvoltages in Power Systems
  • Causes of overvoltages
    • Internal causes
  • Mechanisms of lightning discharge
  • Types of lightning strokes
  • Harmful effects of lightning
  • Protection against lightning
  • Earthing screen
  • Overhead ground wires
  • Lightning arresters
  • Surge absorber
Unit 9: Transients in Power System
  • Travelling waves on transmission lines
  • Open end line
  • Short circuited line
  • Line terminated through a resistance
  • Line connected a cable
  • Reflection and refraction at a T-junction
  • Lines terminated through capacitance
  • Capacitor connection at T
  • Attenuation of travelling waves
  • Capacitance switching
  • Overvoltages due to arcing ground


List of Power System 2 Important Questions

Studying is something that has various components. Referring to lecture notes and textbooks is not always enough. Good preparation for an exam requires students to know what types of questions will come in the exam, and also how to answer them.

When we have an idea of what sample question papers or past years’ question papers look like, it gives us an idea of the pattern of the question paper and also helps a student figure out the important questions for the subject.

For you, we have created a list of Power System 2 important questions. These will help you understand important questions from the subject of Power System 2.

The list of Power System 2 important questions is as given below according to how many marks they each hold.

2 marks questions

  1. What are the properties of an insulator?
  2. What are the advantages of a transposed conductor?
  3. List the parameters of the transmission line.
  4. What are the differences between the lumped and the distributed parameters?
  5. Write about the incident and reflected voltage waves.
  6. What are the disadvantages of the line having the loose span?
  7. Differentiate between the string and suspension insulators?
  8. What is meant by natural loading of a long transmission line?
  9. What is meant by phase constant?
  10. What is the role of phase constant in transmission waves?

3 marks questions

  1. Derive the expression for the raise in voltage due to the Ferranti effect.
  2. What is meant by radio interference?
  3. How does the resistance of the conductor get affected due to skin effect?
  4. Write about the factors on which surge impedance depends in the transmission system.
  5. Why is the velocity of propagation same for all overhead lines?
  6. Write about the parameters that the skin effect depends on.

7 marks questions

  1. Explain the role of guard ring in improving the string efficiency.
  2. Derive the expression for the maximum electric stress in power conductors.
  3. A surge of 110 kV travelled by the line of surge impedance 550 ohms and reaches the junction of the line with two branch lines. The surge impedances of branch lines are respectively 450 ohms and 50 ohms. Find the transmitted voltage and current.
  4. Derive the expressions for the reflected and refracted waves in a line ended with infinite resistance.
  5. Analyse the long transmission line with the series impedance connected at the receiving end.
  6. Analyse the capacitance of a double circuit phase overhead line.
  7. Write the difference between glass and porcelain insulators.
  8. Explain how the atmospheric conditions will affect the critical disruptive voltage.
  9. Discuss the grading of insulators by deriving the necessary equations.
  10. Discuss the effect of charging currents via the Ferranti effect with relevant equations.

FAQs about Power System 2

Question 1.
What is the significance of Power System 2?

Those who study Power System 2 are the students who wish to go forth into the electronics field. The Power System 2 subject course allows students to evaluate and examine electrical lines and grids, analyse the faults of power systems, and describe various other components which are required for electricity. Electricity is something we all need in our daily lives, thus, the field of Power Systems and electronics, so encompassed in the subject matter of Power System 2 Lecture Notes holds immense significance.

Question 2.
What is the question paper pattern for the Power System 2 examination?

The maximum marks in a Power System 2 question paper is 70 marks. The paper is divided into two parts: Part A and Part B. Part A consists of 2 marks and 3 marks questions of which all the questions must be answered. Part B consists of six 7 marks questions, out of which the student is required to answer 4. Part A consists of a total of 14 marks, while Part B consists of a total of 56 marks.

Question 3.
Where can I find good study material for Power System 2?

In the article above, there are various study materials for Power System 2. We have provided students with the following great study materials:

  1. Power System 2 Lecture Notes
  2. Power System 2 reference books
  3. Power System 2 curriculum
  4. Power System 2 important questions
  5. Power System 2 Notes Pdf Aktu
  6. Power Systems 2 Notes Pdf Jntuh R18
  7. Power System 2
  8. Power Systems 2
  9. Power System Short Notes
  10. Power System Pdf

These will all be helpful in the students’ learning of Power System 2 as a subject and will enable them to earn fantastic marks.

Question 4.
What’s the basic Power System 2 curriculum?

The Power System 2 curriculum has 9 modules with various topics under them. These modules or units are as listed below.

  1. Basic Principles
  2. Representation of Power System Components
  3. Transmission Line Modelling and Performance
  4. Symmetrical Fault Analysis
  5. Symmetrical Components
  6. Unsymmetrical Fault Analysis
  7. Corona
  8. Overvoltages in Power System
  9. Transients in Power System


In the above article, we have provided you with some great resources and study materials for Power System II. This includes Power System 2 Lecture Notes, some good reference books for the subject, the course curriculum, and also some of the important questions for it. We have put these study materials together with the hope that each student of the subject of Power System 2 will greatly benefit from the same. We hope that you use these resources as best as you can and should while studying, because doing so will really help you in getting great marks to carry forth with you through your degree and your life.