Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts | Most Commonly Used Shortcut Keys for Outlook

Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts: Outlook belongs to the family of Microsoft Office ever since 1997. You are probably using Outlook every day, isn’t it? Or do you receive your email through various web services like Gmail? Do you know Microsoft Office Outlook has hundreds of shortcuts in keyboard settings for all types of functions? No? Don’t worry; listed below are some of the most frequently used shortcuts.

These shortcut keys are a life changer! It will no doubt change the way of your email. Don’t worry; it simply takes two minutes to grasp them, and you will be saving at least 15 minutes per day of your email time! It will speed things up for you and will make emailing a lot more comfortable task. Go through this article, and you can thank us later!

Wondering How to explore & learn Shortcut Keys for various Operating Systems, Computer Software Programs, Social media applications Keyboards? Here is the one-stop destination for all Keyboard Shortcuts, just take a look & memorize regularly for better performance in competitive exams & real-time situations.

Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts

How To Enable The Shortcut Keys?

Outlook shortcut keys: Before we move to the shortcut keys, you should know about how to enable certain shortcut keys:

  1. First, you should go to the home screen and then select the ‘Settings’ option.
  2. From ‘Settings’, now select the ‘More mail settings’ option.
  3. The next step consists of moving to the ‘Customizing Outlook’ option.
  4. After you have selected the ‘Customizing Outlook’ option, you should select the option ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’.
  5. From here you can make your choice. Now click on the ‘Save’ button to save your choice.

A Brief List Of Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook With Explanations

Microsoft outlook shortcut keys: You can use the given list as a reference which is a composite list of all shortcuts. All the given shortcuts are applicable for both Mac and Windows-based computer systems. However, in case you are using a Mac, then simply substitute the ‘Ctrl’ option with the key named ‘Command’. You should press the listed keys simultaneously to activate the shortcut.

Shortcuts Of Keyboard for The Purpose Of Navigation In Microsoft Outlook

Purpose Shortcuts
Switching to Mail Ctrl-1
Switching to Calendar Ctrl-2
Switching to Contacts Ctrl-3
Switching to Tasks Ctrl-4
Moving Up One Line Up Arrow
Moving Down One Line Down Arrow
Switching to Notes Ctrl-5
Switch to Inbox Ctrl-Shift-i
Opening the address book Ctrl-Shift-B
Go to any particular folder Ctrl-Y
Delete the previous word Ctrl-Backspace
Delete the next word Ctrl-Delete
Moving to the next email Ctrl-.
Moving to the previous email Ctrl-,

Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts 1

Shortcuts Of Keyboard for The Purpose Of Searching In Microsoft Outlook

Purpose Shortcuts
Searching in Outlook Alt-Q
Searching all folders Ctrl-Alt-A
Open Advanced Search option Ctrl-Shift-F
Searching the current folder Ctrl-Alt-K
Searching the subfolders Ctrl-Alt-Z

Shortcuts Of Keyboard for The Purpose Of Any General Task In Microsoft Outlook

Purpose Shortcuts
Cancelling a task Esc
Sending and receiving any email F9
Help F1
Printing the chosen item Ctrl-P
Expanding or collapsing the ribbon Ctrl-F1
Align Left Ctrl-L
Align Right Ctrl-R
Align Center Ctrl-E
Spelling Check F7
Making Letters Bold Ctrl-B
Making Letters Italic Ctrl-I
Underline Ctrl-U
Move to another folder Ctrl-Shift-V
Increasing font size Ctrl-]
Decreasing font size Ctrl-[

Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts 2

Shortcuts Of Keyboard for The Purpose Of Working With A New Email In Microsoft Outlook

Purpose Shortcuts
Checking the names Ctrl-K
Sending a message Ctrl-Enter
Forwarding any email in the form of an attachment Ctrl-Alt-F
Forwarding any email message Ctrl-F
Marking any message as unread Ctrl-U
Marking any message as read Ctrl-Q
Replying to any email message Ctrl-R
Reply All to any email message Ctrl-Shift-R
Quick Flag Insert
Open any selected email Enter or Ctrl-O
Flag any message for follow-up Ctrl-Shift-G
Marking any message as “not junk” Ctrl-Alt-J
Searching all the folders Ctrl-Alt-A

Shortcuts Of Keyboard for The Purpose Of Creating Items In Microsoft Outlook

Purpose Shortcuts
Creating a new email Ctrl-Shift-M
Creating any search folder Ctrl-Shift-P
Creating any new contact Ctrl-Shift-C
Creating any meeting request Ctrl-Shift-Q
Scheduling any new appointment on the calendar Ctrl-Shift-A
Creating any new document Ctrl-Shift-H
Creating any new group of contacts Ctrl-Shift-L
Creating any new Note Ctrl-Shift-N
Creating any new task Ctrl-Shift-K

Shortcuts Of Keyboard for The Purpose Of Working In Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Purpose Shortcuts
Displaying the current month Alt-=
Changing the number of days that the calendar is showing Alt-[number]
Displaying the ongoing week in the calendar Alt-Minus

Advantages Of Using The Keyboard Shortcuts In Outlook

Outlook for mac keyboard shortcuts: There are lots of advantages of using keyboard shortcuts in Outlook. It will no doubt make you much more efficient while working, but also save you a lot of time. Imagine a situation where your mouse stops working and you are in urgent need to send or check any email. This is where these shortcuts are very handy.

Apart from making you efficient, these shortcuts are very helpful for those who have issues like difficulty in mobility or are visually impaired. For them, using a mouse or touching the screen for using the onscreen keyboard is very difficult. These shortcuts will help them to operate freely without any outside help.

Using keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Outlook is also an advantage in situations where the work requires precision. It helps in editing texts and these situations become more accurate to be handled if done with the shortcut keys.

The shortcut keyboard if used with the mouse as well, makes tasks easier. For example, while browsing any email, there are many times when you are required to click links at the same time. Here you can use these keyboard shortcuts to click on these links or browse the mail and do the complementary work with your mouse.

Conclusion on Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts

As you might have comprehended from the above read, using keyboard shortcuts is quite useful. In Microsoft Outlook, such an advantage becomes very handy while you work on your emails. Being on the computer almost all the time, these shortcuts will be of extreme use to you and you can save so much time.

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