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Marketing Management Study Material Free PDF: Marketing generally refers to the activities that a company or an individual undertakes to sell its products or services in the market. Marketing is a vast concept, and it includes many processes in it. Marketing starts with the advertising of the product and ends with the final delivery of the product or services to the customers. With the evolving of time and technology, the methods and concepts of marketing are changing rapidly. Nowadays, marketing is all about the customer’s preference.

Marketing management is a vast course that includes the use of marketing techniques to sell and deliver products and services to customers. Marketing management deals with choosing a good target market for a product or service. It also helps a company or a business to grow and keep its customers. With the emergence of new methods of doing business, the need for marketing management has grown rapidly.

There are various tools and techniques that a marketer has to learn in order to sell his/her products or services. Marketing management is the study of such marketing tools that will be helpful to the business to sell and deliver its products or services. Students can refer to the Big Data Lecture Notes For CSE as per the latest and updated syllabus from this article.

Marketing Management as a subject involves a lot of detailed study of the marketing tools and techniques, and sometimes it becomes difficult to learn all those techniques without proper notes or materials. So Students of marketing management can download Marketing Management Study Material PDF for the easy learning of the subject. The Marketing Management Study Material PDF covers all the concept of marketing management in detail and helps the students to overcome the difficulty they face in studying marketing management. The PDF provides the students with self-confidence and courage to understand and learn marketing management easily.

The Article given below helps the students to get access to the best student-friendly notes for Marketing Management.

Introduction to Marketing Management

Management can be explained as getting things done through others. It comprises of various functions such as Planning, Organising, Directing and Controlling the activities that are undertaken by any Organization.

Marketing Management involves the use of various tools and techniques of marketing to smoothen the delivery of product and services to the customers. Marketing management helps the administrative authorities of a business to identify its target customers. It also helps an organization to know the taste and preference of their customers in order to maintain a good relationship with them and to develop and innovate new products or services.

Marketing Management has developed a lot with time and has a vast application in today’s advanced business environment. The students of marketing management have to learn the tool and techniques of marketing so as to serve a company as a marketing manager in an effective way.

Marketing management refers to the use of marketing tools such as market planning, decision making and controlling various aspects of the market in order to sell and deliver the products and services in an effective manner.

As we know in today’s world market is very dynamic, i.e. it keeps on changing rapidly. So to cope with the market condition, it is very important for the marketing students to know the various requirement of the current markets. So the Marketing Management Study Material PDF helps a marketing student to learn and practise the techniques of marketing with ease.

Marketing Management Study Material PDF

The course of marketing management is very vast, and it becomes difficult for a student to understand and learn the course without proper notes or study materials. Some students face difficulty because they are unable to get proper study material on time. But Marketing Management Study Material PDF helps to become a better learner and understand the concepts of marketing management with ease.

Marketing Management Study Material PDF helps the marketing students to learn the concepts, tools and techniques of marketing in an easy way without facing any difficulties. Marketing Management Study Material PDF provides the students with simple and understandable notes that helps a student to secure better marks. These materials explain various concepts of marketing in details.

Marketing Management Study Material PDF helps the students to understand the subject and score good marks in the examination. It also helps to make them future-ready. They gain the confidence to appear exams without any difficulty or fear of losing marks. These materials are so well designed that it clears all the doubts regarding the subject from the minds of the students and helps them in achieving good marks and succeed in the field of marketing.

Here we have listed some Important materials of Marketing Management.

  • Marketing Management Notes PDFs
  • Notes on Marketing Management PPT
  • Marketing Management Questions with Answers PDFs
  • Short Notes on Marketing Management
  • Marketing Management Question papers PDFs

Marketing Management Reference Books

Books are known to be man’s best friend since ages and are also considered as the best source for any knowledge. Books provide the students with all the information they need on any topic. They are considered as building blocks to success in every student’s life. The books are a very important source of knowledge for a student that provides vast information. The Marketing management books provide the students with various information about the marketing tools and techniques, and it also keeps them updated with the current market condition.

In any subject, the reference of one book is not enough, and in subjects like marketing, it is very important to study various books to cope with the marketing syllabus. Referring to more than one book can help a student to gain more knowledge and secure good marks in examinations.

Here we have listed down some books that a marketing management student can refer:

  • Marketing Management written by Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller
  • Principles of Advertising and IMC written by Tom Duncan
  • Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Strategy written by J. Paul Peter and Jerry Olson
  • Marketing Research in Practice written by Paul N. Hague, Nicholas Hague, and Carol-Ann Morgan
  • Marketing Management written by V.S. Ramaswamy and S. Namakumari
  • Marketing Management written by Rajan Saxena
  • Marketing Management written by Dr Amit Kumar and Dr B. Jagdish Rao
  • Marketing Management written by P.K. Agarwal

Marketing Management Curriculum

Every subject has a specific curriculum or syllabus that has to be followed by every student. Similarly, marketing management as a subject has also got a well-designed curriculum that is set by the board or the university. This curriculum is prepared by every university to keep control over what a student studies. Every study has to follow the curriculum prepared by the university in order to secure good marks. This curriculum specifies the chapter and course of the subject and does not overburden the students. Every unit in the marketing management syllabus is set to prepare the students as per the marketing environment. Below is the syllabus of Marketing Management.

NIT 1: INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING MANAGEMENT Marketing – An Overview – Definition, Nature, Scope and Importance of Marketing in the 21st Century, Marketing environment, Developing Marketing Strategies and plans.
UNIT 2: CONNECTING WITH THE CUSTOMERS Marketing Information System, Conducting Marketing Research, Forecasting demand, Understanding consumers, Creating Customer Value & Satisfaction, Analysing Consumer and Business Markets. 
UNIT 3: DEVELOPING MARKETING STRATEGY Identifying Market Segments, and targets, Dealing with Competition, Creating Brand Equity, and Crafting the Brand Positioning.
UNIT 4: SHAPING THE MARKET OFFERINGS Setting Product Strategy, Designing and Managing Services, Introducing new Market Offerings and Tapping Global Markets, and Developing pricing strategies and programmes. 
UNIT 5: DELIVERING AND COMMUNICATING VALUES Designing and Managing Marketing Channels, Managing Retailing, Wholesaling, and Logistics, Designing and managing Integrated Marketing Communications, managing mass communications  – Advertising, Sales Promotion, Personal selling, Public relations, and Direct marketing. 

Marketing Management Important Questions

In order to succeed in the subject of marketing and secure good marks in marketing subject, students need to know and learn a few questions that have significant importance in the study of Marketing Management. Here we have mentioned some really important questions of marketing management that would give the students an overview of the question pattern and help them achieve good marks. Questions are as follows:

  • What do you mean by Market?
  • What are the Features of Marketing?
  • What is Sales Promotion?
  • Discuss the Different concepts of Marketing.
  • What are the Functions of Marketing?
  • What is Pricing, and why is it Important?
  • What is Advertising? State its Objectives.
  • What is Marketing Communication?

Frequently Asked Questions about Marketing Management Notes

Question 1.
Define Marketing.

Marketing can be defined as the activities that an Organization or business undertakes to create, communicate and deliver products and services to the customers. These products and services keep a significant value for the customers. Marketing allows a business to provide better information about its product and services to the public. Through an efficient marketing strategy, a business increases its sales and gains a significantly large market share. Marketing focuses on the needs and wants of the customers and helps the organization to deliver quality product and services to the customers.

Question 2.
What is Marketing Mix?

Marketing mix generally refers to a set of well-organized tools that a business undertakes to achieve its marketing objectives. The marketing mix comprises 4 key elements that are called the 4 P’s of Marketing. They are Price mix, Promotion mix, Place mix, and Product Mix. An organization generally focuses on these 4 key elements. These four elements should be well formulated so as to capture more market share and increase the sales of the organization.

Question 3.
Define Sales Promotion.

Sales promotion is the most important tool for marketing. It is used to increase the demand for a product or service. It uses various techniques in order to increase the sales of a product or service, such as Offering gifts and discounts on the products. An organization can opt for various sales promotion tools such as coupons, vouchers, free gifts, prizes etc. These tools tend to attract customers and help increase sales. Sales promotion not only attracts the customers to buy the products, but it also encourages repeated buying of the product or services.

Question 4.
What are the Objectives of Advertising?

Advertising is a very helpful tool of marketing, it helps a company or business to promote its products and services. It helps an organization to build its brand name and helps in creating a large market share. The following are the objectives of Advertising.

  • It helps a firm to introduce new products or services in the market.
  • It helps a firm to build its brand name and increase a share in the market.
  • It helps to provide correct information to the customers.
  • It keeps on reminding the customers to buy the product or service.
  • It helps the firm in obtaining market data in an efficient manner.


The Marketing Management Study Materials PDF mentioned above aims at providing assistance to the marketing students to learn and understand the subject in an easy way. It helps the students to gain knowledge and secure good marks. These notes are prepared by some experts from all over the country, which reduces the chances of error. Students can refer to these notes anytime and can get access to all the important questions that would definitely increase their chances of securing good results.