Java Program to Print Swastik Symbol Character Pattern

Printing Swastik Symbol Character Pattern

In the previous article, we have discussed Java Program to Print Downward Arrow Mark Symbol Character Pattern

In this article we are going to see how to print the Swastik symbol character pattern.


When Size : 5 

A  C 
    C   E 

Now, let’s see the actual program to print it.

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  • Enter size of the pattern and store it in an integer variable size.
  • Take one outer for loop to iterate the rows.
  • Take one inner for loops, to iterate the columns.
  • After each iteration print a newline.

Java Code to Print Swastik Symbol Character Pattern

import java.util.Scanner;
class Main
public static void main(String[] args)
    // Scanner class object created to take user input
    Scanner scan = new Scanner(;
    // variable 'size' represents number of rows 
    // variable 'r' and 'c' will be used to iterate rows and column
    int size, r, c;
    // Taking size as input from user
    System.out.print("Size : ");
    size = scan.nextInt();
    // ASCII value taken 64 
    int asciiAlpha = 64;
    // Outer Loop
    // It will cover all throws
    // After coompletion of printing one row
    // It will move to next row
    for (r = 1; r <= size; r++)
        // Inner loop
        // It will iterate one by one column 
        // and will go on printing column values
        for (c = 1; c <= size; c++)
            // This if condition represents the condition 
            // where the characters will be printed if condition satisfies
            if (r == size / 2 + 1 || c == size / 2 + 1 || (r == 1 && c >= size / 2 + 1) || (r == size && c <= size / 2) || (c == 1 && r <= size / 2) || (c == size && r >= size / 2 + 1))
                // It will print the characters
                // Printing will start from character 'A' 
                // and will go on printing upto last column value in each row
                System.out.print((char)(c + asciiAlpha));
                // Printing space
                System.out.print(" ");
        //Prints a new line
Output :

Size : 5

A  C
    C   E

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