Not operator in java – Java Program on Logical NOT Operator

Not operator in java: In the previous article, we have discussed about Java Program on Logical OR Operator

In this article we will see the use of Logical operator NOT in Java programming language.

Java Program on Logical NOT Operator

Not operator java: Logical NOT operator is represented by ! symbol. It is a unary operator. It returns True when the condition/expression is false and returns False when the condition is true.

Syntax: !(expression)


  • ! is the operator
  • expression is the operand

Let’s see a program to understand it more clearly.

class Main
    public static void main(String[] args)
        //initializing three integer variables a, b, c
        int a = 5, b = 8;
        //Printing values of a, b, c
        System.out.println("Value of a = " + a);
        System.out.println("Value of b = " + b);
        //using logical NOT operator
        //here the condition a>b is false
        //so NOT operator will return True
        //here the conditions is true 
        //so NOT operator will return False

Value of a = 5
Value of b = 8

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