Introduction to Python – Python Download and Installation

In this Page, We are Providing Introduction to Python – Python Download and Installation. Students can visit for more Detail and Explanation of Python Handwritten Notes Pdf.

Introduction to Python – Python Download and Installation

Python download and installation

There are many different ways to install Python, the best approach depends upon the operating system one is using, what is already installed, and how the person intends to use it. To avoid wading through all the details, the easiest approach is to use one of the pre-packaged Python distributions that provide built-in required libraries. An excellent choice for Windows operating system users is to install using a binary file which can be downloaded from the official Python’s website (

One can install IDLE and Spyder in Ubuntu (Linux) operating system by executing the following commands in the terminal (as shown in Figures 1-4).

sudo apt-get install idle-python2.7 spyder

These can be independently installed using separate commands.

sudo apt-get install idle-python2.7 
sudo apt-get install spyder

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