Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts | Default Adobe Shortcut Keys for Illustrator for PC

Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts: Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based graphics editor programmed by Adobe Inc. It was initially designed for Apple Macintosh, and its, development began in 1985. Illustrator CC 2021 is the latest version, and it was released on 20th October 2020. In the product line, the Illustrator CC 2021 is the 25th generation.

For artists and graphic designers who are using illustrators, many keyboard Shortcuts are present to work more efficiently. Using keyboard Shortcuts for repetitive actions saves time from having to search loads of panels within the application to find the correct tool.

Wondering How to explore & learn Shortcut Keys for various Operating Systems, Computer Software Programs, Social media applications Keyboards? Here is the one-stop destination for all Keyboard Shortcuts, just take a look & memorize regularly for better performance in competitive exams & real-time situations.

Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts

The Most Popular Keyboard Shortcuts

Function  For Windows  For MacOS 
To undo Ctrl + Z Command + Z
To redo Shift + Ctrl + Z Shift + Command + Z
For cut Ctrl + X Command + X
For copy Ctrl + C Command + C
For paste Ctrl + V Command + V
For pasting in front Ctrl + F Command + F
For pasting at back Ctrl + B Command + B
For pasting in place Ctrl + Shift + B Command + Shift + B
For pasting on all artboards Alt + Shift + Ctrl + B Option + Shift + Command + B
For spelling check Ctrl + I Command + I
To open the dialogue box of color settings Shift + Ctrl + K Shift + Command + K
To open the dialogue box of keyboard Shortcuts Alt + Shift + Ctrl + k Option + Shift + Command + K
To open the dialogue box of preferences Ctrl + K Command + K

Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts for Working With Documents

Functions  For Windows  For MacOS 
For creating a document Ctrl + N Command + N
For the creation of a document from a template Shift + Ctrl + N Shift + Command + N
For creating a document without opening the dialogue box of New Document Alt + Ctrl + N Option + Command + N
To open a document Ctrl + O Command + O
For placing of file in a document Shift + Ctrl + P Shift + Command + P
To open the dialogue box of file information Alt + Shift + Ctrl + I Option + Shift + Command + P
To open the dialogue box of document setup Alt + Ctrl + P Option + Command + P
For browsing in Adobe Bridge Alt + Ctrl + O Option + Command + O
For closing a document window Ctrl + W Command + W
To save the changes made to the document Ctrl + S Command + S
To open the dialogue box of Save as Shift + Ctrl + S Shift + Command + S
For saving a document copy Alt + Ctrl + S Option + Command + S
For saving the documents as script files Ctrl + F12 Command + F12
For opening the export for the dialogue box of screen Alt + Ctrl + E Option + Command + E
For opening the dialogue box of Save for Alt + Shift + Ctrl + S Option + Shift + Command + S
For document packaging Alt + Shift + Ctrl + P Option + Shift + Command + P
For printing Ctrl + P Command + P
To exit the application Ctrl + Q Command + Q

Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts 1

Keyboard Shortcuts for Selection Tools

Shortcuts for tools For Windows For MacOS
For artboard tool Shift + O Shift + O
For selection tool V V
For direct selection tool A A
For the magic wand tool Y Y
For lasso tool Q Q
For pen tool P P
For curvature tool Shift + ~ Shift + ~
For blob brush tool Shift + B Shift + B
For adding anchor point tool + +
For deleting anchor point tool
For switching to anchor point tool Shift + C Shift + C
For type tool T T
For touch type tool Shift + T Shift + T
For line segment tool \ \
For rectangle tool M M
For ellipse tool L L
For paintbrush tool B B
For pencil tool N N
For shaper tool Shift + N Shift + N
For rotate tool R R
For reflect tool O O
For scale tool S S
For warp tool Shift + R Shift + R
For width tool Shift + W Shift + W
For free transform tool E E
For shape builder tool Shift + M Shift + M
For perspective grid tool Shift + P Shift + P
For perspective selection tool Shift + V Shift + V
For symbol sprayer tool Shift + S Shift + S
For column graph tool J J
For mesh tool U U
For gradient tool G G
For the eyedropper tool I I
For blend tool W W
For live paint bucket tool K K
For live paint selection tool Shift + L Shift + L
For slice tool Shift + K Shift + K
For eraser tool Shift + E Shift + E
For scissors tool C C
For hand tool H H
For zoom tool Z Z
For switching to the smooth tool while using the blob brush tool Alt Option

Keyboard Shortcuts for viewing your artwork

Functions For Windows  For MacOS
For toggling between screen modes F F
For fitting the imageable area in a window Double-click hand tool Double-click hand tool
For 100% magnification Double-click zoom tool


Ctrl + 1

Double-click zoom tool


Command + 1

To switch to hand tool Spacebar Spacebar
For switching to zoom tool in magnifying mode Ctrl + Spacebar Command + Spacebar
For switching to zoom tool in reduce mode Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar Command + Option + Spacebar
For moving to zoom marquee while dragging with the zoom tool Spacebar Spacebar
For hiding bounding box Shift + Ctrl + B Shift + Command + B
For hiding unselected artwork Ctrl + Alt + Shift + 3 Command + Option + Shift + 3
For conversion between horizontal guide and vertical guide Alt + Drag-guide Option + Drag-guide
For releasing guide Ctrl + Shift-double-click guide Command + Shift-double-click guide
For showing the document template Ctrl + H Command + H
For showing or hiding artboards Ctrl + Shift + H Command + Shift + H
For showing or hiding artboard rules Ctrl + R Command + R
For showing transparency grid Shift + Ctrl + D Shift + Command + D
For viewing all artboards in window Ctrl + Alt + 0 Command + Option + 0
For pasting in place on the active artboard Ctrl + Shift + V Command + Shift + V
For exiting the artboard tool mode Esc Esc
For creating an artboard inside another artboard Shift-drag Shift-drag
For selecting multiple artboards Ctrl + Click Command + Click
For navigating to the next document Ctrl + F6 Command + F6
For navigating to the previous document Ctrl + Shift + F6 Command + Shift + F6
For navigating to the next group of documents Ctrl + Alt + F6 Command + Option + F6
For navigating to the previous group of documents Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F6 Command + Option + Shift + F6
For toggling between output and GPU preview of the document Ctrl + Y Command + Y
For toggling between CPU and GPU preview of the document Ctrl + E Command + E
For viewing the document in overprint preview mode Alt + Ctrl + Shift + Y Option + Command + Shift + Y
For viewing the document in pixel preview mode Alt + Ctrl + Y Option + Command + Y
For exiting the full-screen mode Esc Esc
For zooming in Ctrl + = Command + =
For zooming out Ctrl + – Command + –
For hiding guides Ctrl + ; Command + ;
For locking guides Alt + Ctrl + ; Option + Command + ;
For making guides Ctrl + 5 Command + 5
For releasing guides Alt + Ctrl + 5 Option + Command + 5
For showing or hiding smart guides Ctrl + U Command + U
For showing or hiding perspective grids Ctrl + Shift + l Command + Shift + I
For showing grid Ctrl + ‘ Command + ‘
For snapping to grid Shift + Ctrl + ‘ Shift + Command + ‘
For snapping to point Alt + Ctrl + ‘ Option + Command + ‘

Keyboard Shortcuts to Draw

Functions For Windows For MacOS
For constraining the proportion of a shape Shift-drag Shift-drag
For moving a shape while drawing Spacebar-drag Spacebar-drag
For drawing from the center of a shape Alt-drag Option-drag
For increasing or decreasing polygon sides, star points, etc. Drag then press Up arrow or down arrow Drag then press Up arrow or down arrow
For keeping the inner radius of a star straight Alt-drag Option-drag
For switching between an open-close arc Drag then press C Drag then press C
For flipping an arc Drag then press F Drag then press F
For adding or subtracting winds from a spiral while increasing its length Drag then Alt-drag Drag then Option-drag
For changing the decay rate of spiral Drag then Ctrl-drag Drag then Command-drag
For increasing blob brush size ] right bracket key ] right bracket key
For decreasing blob brush size [ left bracket key [ left bracket key
For switching through drawing modes Shift + D Shift + D
For joining two or more paths Select paths, then press Ctrl + J Select paths, then press Command + J
For creating a smooth joint or corner Select paths, then press Shift + Ctrl + Alt + J Select paths, then press Shift + Command + Option + J
For creating a compound path Ctrl + 8 Command + 8
For releasing compound path Alt + Shift + Ctrl + 8 Option + Shift + Command + 8
For editing a pattern Shift + Ctrl + F8 Shift + Command + F8
For moving objects perpendicularly Press 5 then drag the objects Press 5 then drag the objects
For switching between drawing modes Shift + D Shift + D

Keyboard Shortcuts for Function Keys

Functions For Windows For MacOS
To invoke help F1 F1
To cut F2 F2
To copy F3 F3
To paste F4 F4
For showing or hiding brush panel F5 F5
For showing or hiding the color panel F6 F6
For showing or hiding layer panel F7 F7
To create a new symbol F8 F8
For showing or hiding attributes panel Ctrl + F11 Command + F11
For showing or hiding gradient panel Ctrl + F9 Command + F9
For showing or hiding info panel Ctrl + F8 Command + F8
For showing or hiding stroke panel Ctrl + F10 Command + F10
For showing or hiding graphic styles panel Shift + F5 Shift + F5
For showing or hiding appearance panel Shift + F6 Shift + F6
For showing or hiding symbols panel Shift + Ctrl + F11 Shift + Command + F11
For showing or hiding align panel Shift + F7 Shift + F7
For showing or hiding transform panel Shift + F8 Shift + F8
For showing or hiding transparency panel Shift + Ctrl + F10 Shift + Command + F10
To revert F12 F12

Conclusion on Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard Shortcuts, you can avoid unnecessary steps and can complete your work much faster and smoother. These illustrator keyboard Shortcuts will make your job much more productive.

There are plenty more Shortcuts available exceeding this list. They are based on specific panels and separate settings. Learning these Shortcuts will help you use Adobe Illustrator like a pro.