General Questions Interview Questions in .NET

We have compiled most frequently asked .NET Interview Questions which will help you with different expertise levels.

.NET Interview Questions on General Questions

Questions 1.
Introduce Yourself?
Freshers: I have pursued my Engineering from Lakshmi Narayan College of Technology, Bhopal which is a prestigious institute in central India. My specialization was Computer Science Engineering.! have knowledge of programming with C# using OOPS concepts and some knowledge with MSSQL as Data Query Language. i have made my Major project using the same technology with the name “Project name”.

Experienced: I have a total experience of 8 years and an overall experience of 7 Years in .NET technology. Throughout my carrier, mostly I have used C# as a programming language using .NET Framework and MSSQL as RDBMS. I also got the chance to work with ASP.NET Webforms applications; MVC Razor-based applications, Web API, and WCF. I have also got experience with Desktop applications using Windows Form and WPF. I have Experienced with design patterns and Agile for Development.! also got the chance to work as Team Lead/Tech lead in the last couple of organizations. Talking about the project domain/types, I have worked with E-gov organizations, E-commerce, product-based, Service-based, Heath Domain, Finance Domain projects.

Note: Customize a bit as per Job Description (JD).

Questions 2.
Explain your Major Project/ Current Project for Experienced Candidates?
Explain the project architecture, team size, your role, and responsibilities in the project.

Questions 3.
What is the reason for the job change?
You need to find the best reason as you already know it deep down. Some reasons can be Late salary payment, Appraisal concerns, unhappiness with the technology you are currently working with, and such reasons.

Questions 4.
What is the reason for the gap/Break-in Education/Experience?
You already know the real reason behind it. Explain the family situations or other reasons that occurred during that time. And at the end don’t forget to mention that everything is well now and you are ready and very enthusiastic about this job.

Questions 5.
Why so many frequent switches?
In case you have switched organizations frequently, be prepared for this question. You need to give the best reasons to support your argument. There may be contractual jobs, explain those contacts or there might be a company that has shut down its operation. So you need to write down a good reason on paper for every switch.

Question 6.
How will berate yourself on a scale of 1-5 in C#
The interviewer may as this question before starting your technical interview. Be careful while rating yourself. Don’t go for 5 unless you are a genius in that particular technology.

Question 7.
Where would you like to see yourself in the next 5 years?
Generally, the interviewer asks this question at the very end of the interview and mostly to freshers. By that time you will get a bit familiar with to interviewer and you will kind of know him/her. Get your answer accordingly. Generally, a Team Lead / Tech Lead is fine to say. You can also go for higher posts like a project manager or further more but be cautious in case your interviewer is too judged type.

Question 8.
Explain any one situation in which you did extraordinary in some project work?
Generally asked experienced candidates. Be ready with a case where you have used some higher concepts and produced some good results which were very unusual. So better be a short storyteller for such questions. It’s just a question to get an idea about you. Be confident and make some notes about it.