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Stress is one of the factors that go hand-in-hand while preparing for exams. It can affect the performance of students. When candidates get nervous, it can affect their concentration, which sometimes results in blank-out during the exam. Going through with flexible manufacturing system notes can help students to overcome their exam fear. Regular reading and continuous practice will boost the confidence of candidates and make them ready for exams. Students will get information about the latest Syllabus, Reference Books, and a List of Important Questions for Flexible Manufacturing System Notes.

Notes on FMS familiarize students with how this system work, the pros and cons of a flexible manufacturing system. These Lecture Notes are well-designed so that they cover almost every vital topic of the entire syllabus. It will help them to remember all the learned chapters till the exam day.

This article helps candidates access the latest Flexible Manufacturing System Notes as per the up-to-date curriculum.

Introduction to Flexible Manufacturing System Notes

A flexible manufacturing system refers to a production method designed to adjust to deviations in the product quantity and type being manufactured. The system aims to lower the production cost of a company by enhancing efficiency. The method can serve as a key factor of a make-to-order approach that lets customers tailor the products they want. The system may involve an outline of interconnected processing workstations with computer terminals. It processes the end-to-end manufacturing of products from the loading function to storing data processing.

Flexible Manufacturing System Notes and Study Material PDF Free Download

Notes on Flexible Manufacturing System demonstrates the advanced developments made in the manufacturing technology field. The pdf highlights the importance of modelling various flexible manufacturing systems. It covers design and manufacturing scope, standards for discrete product manufacturing, usage, and the procedure for developing these standards. Students can get familiar with the tools used for the process of design. Notes offer a great chance to study queueing networks, mathematical programming, perturbation analysis, group technology, and more.

Flexible manufacturing system notes can be used by students pursuing management science and industrial engineering or system planners in the industry. Various applications of these systems in the field of technical sciences, artificial intelligence, healthcare, and more are highlighted in these notes.

Flexible Manufacturing System Reference Books

Students can shape a new way of analyzing manufacturing systems through flexible manufacturing system reference books. Some of the best books mentioned explain different models related to manufacturing systems. Candidates can go through various techniques and methods for solving problems of manufacturing designs. These reference books include the implementation of flexible manufacturing systems that help students gain vital knowledge about the topic.

Candidates can understand concepts and selection of components along with computer interfacing and process planning. Various exercises, numerical examples, and guidelines help students to select the appropriate model for their planning problems. Check out the list of best reference books for flexible manufacturing system mentioned below:

  • Flexible Manufacturing written by Raouf A and S I Ahmed
  • Constantin Filote and Calin Ciufudean- Versatile Discrete Event Models of Flexible Manufacturing Systems
  • Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Flexible Manufacturing Systems written by Keith Rathmell
  • Kusiak A- Flexible Manufacturing Systems: Methods and Studies
  • An Introduction to Flexible Automation, Manufacturing and Assembly Cells and Systems in CIM written by Ranky PG
  • Operations Research Models in Flexible Manufacturing Systems written by Archetti Serafini
  • Computer Control of Flexible Manufacturing Systems written by Sanjay Joshi

Flexible Manufacturing System Syllabus

Acknowledging the entire syllabus of a Flexible Manufacturing System is beneficial to prepare well for annual exams. Students can understand all the vital topics and can make essential topics for perfect preparation. Here is the list of crucial topics of the Flexible Manufacturing Systems Notes:

Flexible manufacturing system Introduction

  • Basic Components of Flexible Manufacturing System
  • Principle Objectives of FMS
  • General Layout and Configuration of Flexible Manufacturing System
  • Various Hardware and Software required for an FMS
  • Benefits and Limitations of FMS
  • CIM Technology

Manufacturing Cell

  • Introduction and Description
  • Classifications of Cell
  • Cellular versus Flexible Manufacturing
  • Unattended Machining

Group Technology

  • Reasons for Adopting Group Technology
  • Obstacles to Application of Group Technology
  • Benefits of Group Technology

Turning and Machining

  • Types of Machining
  • Construction and Operation Performed on Turning Enter
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Horizontal and Vertical Machining Centres
  • Automated Features and Capabilities of Turning Centres
  • Loading and Programing Options in Machining Centres

Cleaning and Deburring Equipment

  • Wash Station and Operation Description
  • Importance of Cleaning and Deburring in Automated Manufacturing
  • Deburring Station and Operation Description

Coordinate Measuring Machines

  • Types of Measuring Machines
  • General Functions of CMM
  • Importance to Flexible Cells and Systems
  • Operational Cycle Description

Automated Material Movement and Storage System

  • Types, Principle, and Working of AGV
  • General AGV Guide Path
  • Benefits of Using Industrial Robots
  • Basic Components of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
  • Automatic Work Changers
  • Coolant and Chip Disposal and Recovery System

FMS Installation and Implementation

  • Flexible Manufacturing System Installation
  • Flexible Manufacturing System Implementation

List of Flexible Manufacturing System Important Questions

Students pursuing a Flexible Manufacturing System can refer to the list of all the critical questions mentioned below. All the questions discussed can help students to perform well in the exam. Here is a list of some important questions on Flexible Manufacturing System that will help students to enhance their understanding.

  1. Define what CIM is.
  2. Explain the steps involved in manufacturing a product.
  3. Write a short note on coordinate measuring machines.
  4. Discuss the different components of CIM.
  5. What is group technology?
  6. Explain the functions performed by storage systems and material handling in FMS.
  7. Explain flexible manufacturing cells.
  8. Write different elements of a Flexible Manufacturing System.
  9. What are computer network topologies applied in manufacturing?
  10. Describe the Queuing Model.
  11. How to increase the production rate of FMS?
  12. Discuss the operational cycle of CMM.
  13. What functions are performed by the computer control system in the implementation of FMS?
  14. Write the advantages of group technology.
  15. What does discrete event simulation refer to?
  16. Write a short note of contact and non-contact measurements.
  17. Give an example of the method used for forming cells in GT.
  18. Explain using appropriate applications, the various layout configurations of FMS.
  19. Why material handling devices crucial in an FMS?
  20. What is the manufacturing automation protocol?

Frequently Asked Questions on Flexible Manufacturing System Notes

Question 1.
What is the aim of a Flexible Manufacturing System?

A Flexible Manufacturing System is a kind of manufacturing system. There is some amount of flexibility in this system that lets the system to respond in case of different changes. Various computerized systems can be organized to manufacture different parts and manage changing levels of production.

Question 2.
What are the advantages of referring to FMS notes?

After going through Flexible Manufacturing System notes, students can understand the various benefits associated with FMS. It includes enhanced machine efficiency, labour productivity, shorter lead times, and more.

Question 3.
What are some of the important questions asked in the FMS exam?

Some of the vital questions for FMS are:

  • Give FMS Justification
  • What is the need for FMS?
  • What are the merits and demerits of FMS?
  • Explain FMS types.

Question 4.
How can students prepare for the FMS exam?

Candidates can go through with effective study material, and FMS notes prepare by professional experts. Regular revision and adequate practise can help students to prepare for the exam.

Conclusion on Flexible Manufacturing System Notes

Flexible Manufacturing System Notes mentioned above will assist students at the time of exam preparations. The study materials and questions discussed are reliably focused on helping candidates improve their learning skills. Students preparing for Flexible Manufacturing System exams can refer to these notes.