Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts | Top Keyboard Shortcuts for Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Keyboard Shortcut: Firefox is a web browser that is known to be faster, smaller and in some ways more secure. This web browser has been developed by the Mozilla Foundation. The Firefox browser is known widely as a not-for-profit browser that doesn’t trade the personal information of its users and helps them in protecting their privacy.

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Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

Commonly Used Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

Firefox keyboard shortcuts: The Shortcuts listed below are the most commonly used ones that will make the user’s experience with Firefox much better. The following Shortcuts include – navigation, current page, editing, search, windows and tabs, history, bookmarks, tools, PDF viewer, miscellaneous, media Shortcuts and selection of multiple tabs.


Command Shortcut
Back Alt + ←


*When the browser.backspace_action has been set to 0 (as in the Configuration Editor), which isn’t the default.

Forward Alt + →

Shift + Backspace*

*See above.

Home Alt + Home
Open File Ctrl + O
Reload F5

Ctrl + R

Reload (override cache) Ctrl + F5

Ctrl + Shift + R

Stop Esc

Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts 2Current Page

Command Shortcut
Focus Next Link / Input Field Tab
Focus Previous Link / Input Field Shift + Tab
Go Up a Screen Page Up

Shift + Space bar

Go to Bottom of Page End

Ctrl + ↓

Go to Top of Page Home

Ctrl + ↑

Move to the Next Frame, Pop-Up F6
Move to the Previous Frame, Pop-Up Shift + F6
Save Focused Link Alt + Enter

-When the browser.alt Click Save has been set to true (as in the Configuration Editor), which isn’t the default.

Print Ctrl + P
Save Page As Ctrl + S
Zoom In Ctrl + +
Zoom Out Ctrl + –
Zoom Reset Ctrl + 0

Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts 1


Command Shortcut
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Delete Del
Delete Word on the Left Ctrl + Backspace
Delete Word on the Right Ctrl + Del
Go one Word towards the Left Ctrl + ←
Go one Word towards the Right Ctrl + →
Go to the Beginning of the Line Home

Ctrl + ↑

Go to End of the Line End

Ctrl + ↓

Go to Beginning of the Text Ctrl + Home
Go to End of the Text Ctrl + End
Paste Ctrl + V
Paste (as the plain text) Ctrl + Shift + V
Redo Ctrl + Y

Ctrl + Shift + Z

Select All Ctrl + A
Undo Ctrl + Z


Command Shortcut
Find in This Page Ctrl + F
Find Again F3

Ctrl + G

Find Previous Shift + F3

Ctrl + Shift + G

Quick Find within link-text only.
Quick Find /
Close the Find / Quick Find bar Esc

– when the Find or the Quick Find bar is focused

Switch Search Engine Alt + ↓

Alt + ↑

– after the user has written something into the address bar

Focus Address bar for the Web Search (writes “? ” there) Ctrl + K

Ctrl + E

– if the search bar is not shown

Focus Search bar Ctrl + K

Ctrl + E

– if the search bar is shown

Alter the Default Search Engine Ctrl + ↓

Ctrl + ↑

– in the Search field or the search bar of the New Tab page.

View menu for switching, add or manage search engines Alt + ↓

Alt + ↑


– when the Search bar is focused

Windows & Tabs

Command Shortcut
Close Tab Ctrl + W

Ctrl + F4

apart from Pinned Tabs

Close the Window tab Ctrl + Shift + W

Alt + F4

Cycle through the Tabs in the Recently Used Order Ctrl + Tab

-in case enabled in the Options

Exit Ctrl + Shift + Q
Go a Tab toward the Left Ctrl + Page Up

Ctrl + Shift + Tab*

* See below

Go a Tab toward the Right Ctrl + Page Down

Ctrl + Tab*

* In case the setting Ctrl + Tab cycles through tabs in recently used order is disabled in Options

Go to Last Tab Ctrl + 9
Go to the Tabs 1 to 8 Ctrl + 1 to 8
Move Tab to the Right Ctrl + Shift + Page Down
Move Tab to the Left Ctrl + Shift + Page Up
Move Tab to start Ctrl + Shift + Home

– needs the currently opted tab to be “in the focus,” for example, by hitting on the keys Alt + D to focus the address bar, and then Shift + Tab until the user reaches the browser tab bar.

Move the Tab to the end Ctrl + Shift + End

– needs the currently opted tab to be “in the focus,” for example, by hitting on the Alt + D to focus the address bar, and then Shift + Tab until the user reaches the browser tab bar.

Mute/Unmute Audio Ctrl + M
New Window Ctrl + N
New Tab Ctrl + T
New Private Window Ctrl + Shift + P
Open the Address or the Search in the New Background Tab Alt + Shift + Enter

– from the address bar

Open the Address or the Search in New Foreground Tab Alt + Enter

– from the address bar or else the search bar

Open the Address or the Search in New Window Shift + Enter

– from the address bar or the Search field on the New Tab page

Open the Search in the New Background Tab Ctrl + Enter

– from the Search field or search tab on the New Tab page.

(See a note below)

Open the Search tab in New Foreground Tab Ctrl + Shift + Enter

– from the Search field or search tab on the New Tab page.

Note: Foreground and the background tabs Shortcuts are switched in case of the setting when an individual opens a new link in a new tab, switch to it is immediately activated in the Options

Open the Focused Bookmark or the Link in the Current Tab Enter
Open the Focused Bookmark in the New Foreground Tab Ctrl + Enter
Open the Focused Link in the New Background Tab Ctrl + Enter
Open the Focused Link in the New Foreground Tab Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Open Focused Bookmark or Link in New Window Shift + Enter
Show All the Tabs Ctrl + Shift + Tab

– if the settings Ctrl + Tab cycles through these tabs in recently used order are activated in the Options

Undo the Close Window Ctrl + Shift + N
Undo the Close Tab Ctrl + Shift + T
Moves the URL to the left or right (if the cursor is on the address bar) Ctrl + Shift + X


Command Shortcut
History sidebar Ctrl + H
Library (History) window Ctrl + Shift + H
Clear the Recent History Ctrl + Shift + Del


Command Shortcut
Bookmark All the Tabs Ctrl + Shift + D
Bookmark This Page Ctrl + D
Bookmarks sidebar Ctrl + B
Show or hide the Bookmarks toolbar Ctrl + Shift + B
Show All the Bookmarks (Library Window) Ctrl + Shift + O
Focus on the Next Bookmark or the Folder whose name (or sorted property) begins with a stated character or sequence of characters Type the character or quickly type the character sequence

– in the Bookmarks Library, Bookmarks Menu, Bookmarks Toolbar, Bookmarks Sidebar


Command Shortcut
Downloads Ctrl + J
Add-ons Ctrl + Shift + A
Toggle Developer Tools F12

Ctrl + Shift + I

Web Console Ctrl + Shift + K
Inspector Ctrl + Shift + C
Take a screenshot Ctrl + Shift + S

Note: This is customizable – click menu, open Add-ons, and Themes, select Extensions, open up the menu present on the right top corner of the web page, then choose Manage Extension Shortcuts.

Style Editor Shift + F7
Profiler Shift + F5
Network Ctrl + Shift + E
Responsive to the Design View Ctrl + Shift + M
Scratchpad Shift + F4
Page Source Ctrl + U
Browser Console Ctrl + Shift + J
Page Info Ctrl + I

PDF Viewer

Command Shortcut
Next page N or J or →
Previous page P or K or ←
Zoom in Ctrl + +
Zoom out Ctrl + –
Automatic Zoom Ctrl + 0
Rotate the document clockwise R
Rotate counterclockwise Shift + R
Switch to the Presentation Mode Ctrl + Alt + P
Choose Text Selection Tool S
Choose Hand Tool H
Focus Page Number input box Ctrl + Alt + G


Command Shortcut
Complete .com Address Ctrl + Enter
Delete Selected Autocomplete Entry Shift + Del
Toggle Full Screen F11
Activation of the toggle Menu Bar (showing it is temporarily when hidden) Alt or F10
Toggle Reader Mode F9
Caret Browsing F7
Focus Address Bar F6

Alt + D

Ctrl + L

Focus Search Field in Library F6

Ctrl + F

Stop Auto-scroll Mode Esc
Cancel Drag-and-Drop Operation Esc
Clear the Search Field in the Library or Sidebar Esc
Close a Menu Esc



Toggle Context Menu Shift + F10
Refresh current page, frame, or tab. F5
Display the current website in full screen mode. Pressing F11 once more will exit the mode. F11
Stop page or download from loading. Esc
Moves down a page at one time. Spacebar
Open the homepage. Alt + Home
Display all last text entered in the text box and the available options on the drop-down menu. Alt + Down arrow
Back a page. Alt + Left arrow
Forward a page. Alt + Right arrow
Selects all text. Ctrl + A
Copies all the selected text. Ctrl + C
Move your cursor to a search box. Ctrl + E
Access the Find option, for searching any text on the opened web page currently. Ctrl + F
Advance to the next search result performed with the Ctrl + F.
For returning to the previous search result. Ctrl + Shift + G
View browsing history in the sidebar. Ctrl + H
For opening the history in a different window press Ctrl + Shift + H.
Display the Page Info window on the web page that is currently being viewed. Ctrl + I
Display the download window. Ctrl + J
Move your cursor to the search box. Ctrl + K
Move your cursor to the address box. Ctrl + L
Open a new browser window. Ctrl + N
Access – Open File window for opening a file in Firefox. Ctrl + O
Print the current page or frame. Ctrl + P
Opens a new tab. Ctrl + T
View the web page’s source code. Ctrl + U
Close the selected tab. Ctrl + F4 or Ctrl + W
Refresh a page, by ignoring the Internet cache (force full refresh). Ctrl + F5
Quickly complete an address. Ctrl + Enter

Media Shortcuts

Command Shortcut
Toggle Play / Pause Space bar
Decrease volume
Increase volume
Mute audio Ctrl + ↓
Unmute audio Ctrl + ↑
Seek back 15 seconds
Seek back 10 % Ctrl + ←
Seek forward 15 seconds
Seek forward 10 % Ctrl + →
Seek to the beginning Home
Seek to the end End

Selection of Multiple Tabs

These Shortcuts have to have the tab bar to be “in the focus.” Right now, the only way of doing this is to focus an adjacent object and “tab into” the tab bar, for example, by hitting the keys Ctrl + L for focusing on the address bar, and then Shift + Tab repeatedly until the current tab gets a dotted rectangle.

Command Shortcut
Select left, right, first, or the last tab. Deselect all other tabs. Arrow Keys



Move the dotted rectangle to the left, right, first, or last tab. Ctrl + Arrow Keys

Ctrl + Home

Ctrl + End

Select or else deselect the tab with the dotted rectangle. The other tabs are going to stay selected or deselected. Ctrl + Space

Conclusion on Firefox Keyboard Shortcut

These Shortcuts can be employed for making your experience with Firefox much easier. In this article above, we have listed the keyboard Shortcuts which will make your experience with the Firefox keyboard even smoother and faster.

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