DU SOL BA Programme 3rd Year Mass Communication and Journalism Notes Study Material

Delhi University DU SOL BA 3rd Year Mass Communication and Journalism Notes & Study Material

DU SOL BA Programme 3rd Year Mass Communication and Journalism Syllabus

1. Introduction: Mass Communication and Society
Mass Communication—Meaning and objective/Possibility and utility for society, Role of Mass Communication in developing societies – Social Change, democracy, and developmental journalism.
Practical Application—Intensive study of Issues, along with gaining efficiency through developmental writing, for example, rural issues, tribal issues, environmental issues, health and family planning, juvenile vaccination, new agricultural method etc.

2. Media of Mass Communication
(a) Print Media—Newspaper, News Agencies, books, magazines, leaflets pamphlets!
(b) Electronic Media—Radio, Television, video, Film, Computer-based techniques – Email, internal and online journalism.
(c) External Mass Communication—Exhibitions and fairs, Roadshows, Crowd behaviour and crowd mentality.
(d) Advertising.
Note—Selection of media of mass communication can be according to utility, approach, effect, frequency and cost.

3. Language of Mass Communication
Language and art of writing. Dictionary and diction. Prentauciation, script, is a number of forms of punctuation.

4. Writing for media
(a) Newspaper—News Report – What is news, News value, News Source, Types of News report, Principles of news writing, Article, views, and editorial writing in various Print Media.
Techniques of Editing, Organisation, and operation of News Room. Reporting: Qualities and Responsibility of News Reporter.
(b) Radio—Radio News/Programme, Radio script writing, and editing.
Television— News/Programme, T.V. anchoring, Techniques of interviewing, group discussion and presentation, script creation for selected T.V. programs.
Practical Application:
(а) Interview feature as a communication apparatus, investigative and interpretative Reporting, editorial and edit page etc. Inner production of newspaper or magazine and cartoon.
(б) News Reading and Interview for Radio.
(c) Vidio production and Digital Technique.
Note: One of above
Advertisement— Meaning arid definition of advertisement. Difference between, advertisement and propaganda. Advertisement Media – Print, Electronic and other and their utility.
Effects—An instrument of social, economic and cultural Revolution.
Ethical Dimension of Advertisement – Manipulation, perversion, illusion and misuse.
Practical Application – Production of story-board (with the assistance of computer) and caption writing, etc. for Audio vidual advertisement.

6. Cyber Media
Challenges of integration of Mass Communication.
Information Technology
News portal and connected web site
Practical Application – Designing/Renovation of Website.

7. Mass Communication of Conflict situations like riots, infiltration, terrorism, war and natural calamities.

8. Media Ethics and Press Law
Media Ethics-Investigative journalism, issues of Press Responsibility. Accountability of journalists and publishers.
Constitution and Press Law, Issues of Freedom of Press and its control – Defamation and law for defamatory writing, Contempt of court and violation of constitutional privilege, Right to information and Broadcasting Bill, Self-discipline, Indian Press Council.
Practical Application – Selective case studies on the struggle for control of Press and freedom of Press.
Note for Evaluation—Students have to submit Practical Assignment across the full academic session on any three subjects of the above. The evaluation may be done at the end of the year.

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