DU SOL BA 3rd Year History of Social Thought Notes Chapter 16 Dr Radha Kamal Mukherjee

DU SOL BA 3rd Year History of Social Thought Notes Chapter 16 Dr Radha Kamal Mukherjee

Question 1.
Discuss idea of Dr. Radha Kamal Mukerjee on Sociology of value.
Radha Kamal Mukerjee on sociology of value. According to Dr. Mukerjee, values represent goals of society and are outcome of socialisation process. These are socially approved desires for maintaining social peace and harmony. These give solid footings to ideas and occupy an important position not only in the life of individual but also that of the society. These get transferred from one individual to the other and help in social reconstruction.

According to him, there are several ways through which values are reflected in social life. These control immoral desires and unhealthy feelings even in emotion ridden situations. These check unhealthy economic interest group clashes and express themselves in the forms of quality and justice. These are great instruments responsible for social reconstruction and social improvement. These create higher standard of consciousness among individual members.

Mukerjee believes that values are important for social life because these are useful in organising individual and social life. These help in organising individual personality on the one hand and the whole social set up on the other. These also bring about qualitative as well as quantitative changes in the life of individual. He has said that in the absence of values the people can become delinquent and being to violate even well established social norms. Even social codes are kept aside. For him, therefore, social values are of great significance.

Shri A.K. Saran in ‘Recent Trends in Sociology’ has rightly pointed, “The basis of Dr. Mukerjee’s synthesis of traditional and modern thought are concepts of rebels, hierarchy and theory of symbo-lism; also the methods of re-interpretation and adaptation. The concept and the methods are traditional. In both Economics and Sociology, he had made a big effort to meet the challenge of the west.”

As a mature sociologist he made a clear distinction between ideals, norms and values. Ideals animal maintaining values of society. These are not perfect in the beginning but become so only with the passage of time. Norms help in completing incomplete ideals and organising individual behaviour.

Dr. Mukerjee is of the view that every individual must pass through three stages of behaviour and each stage reflects’ his behaviour pattern. During the first stage each one tries to improve social relations and moral life. During the second stage, he prepares himself for social life and tries to cooperate .with others in the society. It is at this stage that he tries to develop collective behaviour.

DU SOL BA 3rd Year History of Social Thought Notes

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