DU SOL BA Programme 3rd Year History of India Notes Study Material

Delhi University DU SOL BA 3rd Year History of India (1750-1970) Notes & Study Material

DU SOL BA Programme 3rd Year History of India Syllabus

Chapter 1 The First Century of Colonial Rule:
Anglo French Rivalry, Expansion and Consolidation of British Power, Lord Clive, Clive as a founder of the British empire, Institutions and Policies, Foreign Policy of Warren Hastings, Evaluation, Lord Cornwallis, Making of Colonial economy, Lord Hastings, Haider Ali and Tipu, Causes of Downfall of Marathas, Lord Amherst, Cultural responses: tradition and reform, Lord Auckland, Ranjit Singh. Anglo Sikh Relations, Administration of Ranjit Singh, Part Ranjit Singh Punjab, Downfall of Sikh Empire, Lord Ellenboroughs, Lord Dalhousie, Lord Canning.

Chapter 2 Revolt of 1857:
Nature of the Revolt, Causes of Revolt, Organisation, spread V and Suppression, Causes of Failure, Results of Revolt.

Chapter 3 Modern Colonial State after Revolt:
Lord Elgin, Lord Lawrence, Lord Mayo, Lord Northbrook, Lord Lytton, Lord Ripon, Lord Duffrin, Lansdoune, Curzen, Curzen’s administration, Lord Minto, Chelmsford, Reading, Irwin, Willingdon, Linlithgow, Wavell, Lord Mountbatton, knowing India, Movements of Race, Caste religion and custom, Social Development, Constitutional Development, under company Rule, Under Crown, The New Constitution.

Chapter 4 National Politics:
Dawn of Nationalism, Advent of Congress, Nationalist movement After 1905, Gandhian Era, Progress of Nationalist movement, Hindu Muslim Unity Last phase of the Nationalist movement.

Chapter 5 Colonial Economy and Society:
Economic Consequences of British Rule in India, Drainage of National Wealth, Features of Indian Economy under colonial Rule, English Education, the new capitalist and working classes, social movements, peasant movements, Trade Union Movements, Tribal movements.

Chapter 6 Independent India: Economy and Polity:
Constituent Assembly and establishments of Indian Republic, Economic and Social Change Planning, The Changing Caste class relations in rural India, Indian Foreign Policy, Factors responsible for the evolution of foreign policy. Non-alignment and its emergence, Indian Federalism, Linguistic states, political parties and Indian politics, 1950-1977.

Chapter 7 Independent India: Culture and Society:
Modern Indian Literature, Indian films; Scientific and Technological Developments, Dalits, OBC movement, Environmental movements.

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