DU SOL BA Programme 3rd Year Administration and Public Policy Notes Study Material

Delhi University DU SOL BA 3rd Year Administration and Public Policy Notes & Study Material

DU SOL BA 3rd Year Administration and Public Policy (Public Administration) Notes & Study Material

DU SOL BA Programme 3rd Year Administration and Public Policy Syllabus

Chapter 1 Meaning, Scope And Significance of Public Administration:
Meaning and Definition of Public Administration; Scope of Public Administration; Significance of Public Administration; Public Administration as Art and Science; Meaning, Nature and Scope of S. Comparative Public Administration.

Chapter 2 Public Administration and Private Administration:
Similarities between Public and Private Administration; Differences between Public and Private Administration.

Chapter 3 Brief Evolution, Major Approaches and Comparative Approaches To Public Administration:
Salient Features of Administrative System in U.S.A.; Approaches to the Study of Public Administration; Comparative Study of Public Administration; Behavioural Approach of Organisation

Chapter 4 The Classical Theory, Scientific, Management, The Human Relation
Theory and Rational Decision Making Theory:
Bureaucratic Theory of Organisation; Contribution of Weber to the Concept of Authority and Bureaucracy; Main Features of the Human Relations Theory; Theories of Decision Making; Views of Herbert Simon on decision-making; The Classical Theory of Organisation; Scientific Management Theory of Organisation

Chapter 5 Concept and Theories of Public Policy Relevance of Policy Making in Public Administration, Process of Policy Formulation & Implementation and Evaluation:
Meaning of Public Policy; Policy Formulation in India; Evaluation of Public Policy; Adoption of Public Policies

Chapter 6 Elements, Dimension and Politics of Development Administration:
Development Administration; Developmental Non- Developmental Dichotomy; Administrative Development and Development Administration; Administrative Development; Role of Public Administration in Developed Countries; Role of Public Administration in Developing Countries.

Chapter 7 Good Governance And Development of Corporate Governance:
Organization—Goals and Effectiveness; Organisational Effectiveness.

Chapter 8 Feminist and Ecological Perspectives on Public Policy and Administration:
Public Administration as a Profession; Cultural Factors and Public Administration; .Social Factors and Public Administration; Political Factors and Public Administration; Economic Factors and Public Administration; Legal Factors and Public Administration

Chapter 9 Functional and Fiscal Decentralization in Rural and Urban Context:
Growth, Powers and Functions of Rural Government in India; Problems Before Panchayati Raj institutions; 73rd Constitution Act, 1992; Forms of Urban Administration in India; Problems Before Urban Local Governments

Chapter 10 Social Welfare Administration and Social Protection for Worker Sections:
Strategy for Development of Scheduled Castes; Officers Responsible for Implementation of SC’s Welfare Programmes; Monitoring of Special Component Plans; Strategy for Development of Scheduled Tribes; Administrative Setup for Implementation of the Tribal Development Programmes; Role of Voluntary Agencies in the Field of Tribal Welfare; National Perspective Plan for Women (1986-2000); Women’s Development Corporations; National Commission for Women

Chapter 11 Criteria of Successful Administration, Meaning and Forms of Public Account Ability, NGOs and Peoples Participation in Public Administration Role of Machinery for Redressal of Public Grievances Right To Information and other Innovations:
Relations between Citizens and Administration; Concept of Accountability and Control in Public Administration; Means of Parliamentary Control; Legislative Control in Presidential System; Nature and Scope of Judicial Control; Habeas Corpus; Mandamus; Prohibition; Certiorari; Quo-Warranto; Power of the Indian Courts Regarding the Writs; , Modes of Enforcing Public Responsibility; Modes of Public Influence on Administration; Lok Pat; Lok Ayukta; Obstacles in the way of Administrative Reforms

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