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Data Communication Notes: Data Communication course provides the theoretical and practical knowledge of Data Communication. It educates the students about the basic concepts of data and network communication used in networking technologies. Students get the opportunity to understand the fundamentals of modern data and network communication. There are different courses available on Data Communication. Sometimes, Data Communication is also taught in the bachelor’s programme. However, study materials and notes are essential for this course. In this article, you will get complete details about the reference books, study materials, and Lecture notes available for Data Communication.

Introduction to Data Communication

Data communication pdf: Data Communication is the process in which data gets exchanged between a source and a receiver through transmission media. If the communicating devices are in a similar geographical area, it is called local data communication. The device that transmits data is called the source. The receiver receives the transmitted data. Data Communication focuses on data transfer and maintenance throughout the transmission process. Data exists in various forms such as text, numbers, and bytes. This article will help you to learn more about the subject in detail before you choose to start studying Data Communication.

Data Communication Notes and Study Material for CSE PDF Free

People interested in undergoing any course related to Data Communication can get the study materials and notes from this article. These study materials will help you to understand the subject and score well in the exam. Interested students can download the study materials and practice it offline as well. Here is a list of study notes for Data Communication that will aid in your preparation.

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Data Communication Reference Books

For studying Data Communication, you must read reference books to clear the concepts. Some of the popular books recommended by experts for Data Communication are listed below:

  • Applied Data Communications and Networks by B Buchanan
  • Data Communication and Networking by Behrouz A. Forouzan
  • Computer networking: a top-down approach / James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross
  • Communication Systems by Simon Haykin
  • Analog and Digital communication by Sam Shanmugan
  • Data and Computer Communications Eighth Edition by Andrew Tenenbaum
  • Computer networks and internet by Douglas E. Comer

Data Communication Curriculum

It would help if you went through the syllabus of Data Communication before starting the course. The syllabus of the course is given below:

Unit I

Introduction: Network Types, Internet History, Data Communications, Networks, Standards and Administration.

Networks Models: The OSI model, Protocol Layering, TCP/IP Protocol suite, Introduction to Physical Layer-1: Transmission Impairment, Data Rate limits, Performance, Data and Signals, and Digital Signals.

Digital Transmission: Digital to digital conversion (Only Line coding: Polar, Bipolar and Manchester coding).

Unit II

Physical Layer: Analog, Analog to digital conversion (only PCM), and Transmission Modes.

Transmission: Digital to analog conversion.

Bandwidth Utilization: Spread Spectrum and Multiplexing.

Switching: Packet switching, Introduction, and Circuit Switched Networks.

Unit III

Error Detection and Correction: Introduction, Block coding, Cyclic codes, Checksum, Forward error correction.

Datalink control: DLC services, Data link layer protocols, HDLC, and Point to Point protocol (Framing, Transition phases only).

Unit IV

Media Access control: Controlled Access, Random Access, and Channelization, Wired LANs Ethernet: Ethernet Protocol, Fast Ethernet, Standard Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet. Unit V – Cellular Telephony, Wireless Networks WIMAX, Satellite networks, Wireless LANs: Introduction, Bluetooth, and IEEE 802.11 Project.

List of Data Communication Important Questions

  • Explain Data Communication and its characteristics.
  • What are the components of Data Communication?
  • Briefly explain different Data flow directions.
  • Please write a short note on Network and its characteristics.
  • Explain different types of connections.
  • Write a short note on different types of Networks.
  • Explain the protocol and standards.
  • Explain different kinds of topologies.
  • Write about digital signals and composite signals.
  • Explain line coding and its characteristics.
  • Briefly explain analog to analog conversion techniques.

FAQs on Data Communication Notes

Question 1.
What is Data Communication?

Data Communication is the process in which data gets exchanged between a source and a receiver through transmission media.

Question 2.
What is called local Data Communication?

If the communicating devices are in a similar geographical area, it is called local data communication.

Question 3.
What are the five components of Data Communication?

The five components of Data Communication are Receiver, Message, Transmission Medium, Sender, and Protocol.

Question 4.
What are the fundamental characteristics of Data Communication?

The fundamental characteristics of Data Communication are accuracy, delivery, jitter, and timeliness.

Data Communication Notes for CSE Conclusion

The information provided above about Data Communication study materials will help you to score well in the examination. Please reach out to us through the comment section in case you have any other doubts.