Computer MCQ Questions for Class 9 with Answers

Chapter 1. Basics of internet technology.
1. ARPANET stands for-
(a) Advanced Real Projects Air Network
(b) Advanced Research Preparation Agency Network
(c) Advanced Recruitment Process Agency Network
(d) Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
2. In 1990s, the internetworking of which three networks resulted into Internet?
(a) WWW, GPS and other private networks
(b) ARPANET, NSFnet and other private networks
(c) ARPANET, NSFnet and other public networks
(d) ARPANET, GPS and NSFnet
3. Web search engines works with the help of two programs. Which are they?
(a) Web crawler and Cascading Style Sheet
(b) Spider and Indexer
(c) Web server and web crawler
(d) None of the above
4. Web Site is a collection of ______________.
(a) Audio and video files
(b) Pictures
(c) Web pages
(d) All of the above
5. AOL, iGoogle, Yahoo are examples of ______________.
(a) Web Site
(b) Web Page
(c) Web Portal
(d) None of the above
6. ______________is distributed computing over a network, and involve a large number of
computers connected via real-time communication network such as the Internet.
(a) Cloud Computing
(b) Thin Client Computing
(c) Fat Client Computing
(d) Dumb terminal Computing
7. A ______________ is a web site like any other, but it is intended to offer personal opinions
of people on their hobbies, interests, commentaries, photo, etc.
(a) Protocol (b) Blog
(c) Webpage (d) Journals

8. ______________ protocol defines how messages are formatted and transmitted, and
what actions Web servers and browsers should take in response to various commands.
(a) FTP (b) TCP/IP
(c) HTTP (d) SMTP
9. URLs are of two types:
(a) Absolute & Relative (b) Static & Dynamic
(c) Absolute & Dynamic (d) None of the above
10. DNS is an acronym for ______________.
(a) Domain Name Security (b) Domain Number System
(c) Document Name System (d) Domain Name System


1.d 2.b 3.b 4.d 5.c 6.a 7.b 8.c 9.a 10.d

Chapter 2
Web Services
A. Multiple Choice Questions:
1. In web services, the communication takes place between-
(a) Two electronic devices. (b) Two human beings
(c) Two spiders (d) None of the above
2. Now a days, an email can be sent via,
(a) PC (b) Tablet
(c) Smart phone (d) All of the above
3. An e-mail address consists of four parts:
(a) The username (b) The symbol
(c) The hostname (d) The top level domain

4. The following is not the name of e-shopping portal:
(a) Amazon (b) e-bay
(c) twitter (d) naaptol
5. The benefit of E-leaning is:
(a) Class work can be scheduled around work and family
(b) Reduces travel time and travel costs for off-campus students
(c) Students can study anywhere they have access to a computer and Internet connection
(d) All of the above

Answer. 1.a 2.d 3. 4.c 5.d

Chapter 3
Introduction to GIMP
1. GIMP is image an _________ editing tool.
(a) Open source (b) Proprietary
(c) Shareware (d) Both (a) & (b)
2. The ________ tool allows you to select a drawing with the free-hand.
(a) Fuzzy Selection (b) Lasso
(c) Text d. Bucket Fill
3. The Fuzzy Select (Magic Wand) tool helps you to select areas of the _______.
(a) Canvas (b) All the layers
c. Current Layer (d) Image with different colours
4. Shift+ C is the shortcut to _______ the image.
(a) Duplicate (b) Delete
(c) Copy (d) Crop
5. To prepare the images for the web means
(a) Reducing the size of an image (b) Zipping the image
(c) Crop the image (d) All of the above
6. GIMP’s basic palette, consisting of ________ colours.
(a) Three (b) Two
(c) One (d) Many
7. _________ are transparent sheets stacked one on top of the other.
(a) Layers b. Canvas
(c) Windows (d) None of the these
8. Scale option is used to change the _________ of an image.
(a) Colour (b) Size
(c) Area (d) All of the above
9. It is the most important part of the image window where the image is displayed.
(a) Canvas (b) Window
(c) Scale (d) Size
10. The ______ tool places text into an image.
(a) Fuzzy Selection (b) Text
(c) Eraser (d) Bucket Fill

Answer. 1.a 2.b 3.c 4.d 5.a 6.b 7.a 8.b 9.a 10.b

Chapter 4
Introduction to HTML
1. Html uses
(a) Pre specified tags (b) User defined tags
(c) Fixed tags (d) Tags used for linking
2. What is the correct html tag for inserting a line break?
(a) (b)
(c) (d) 3. Choose the correct HTML tag to make the text bold
(a) (b)
(c) (d)
4. Choose the correct html tag for the largest heading


5. How many blank line breaks will a browser create if you enter four
(a) 5 (b) None
(c) 3 (d) 4

Answer. 1.a 2.b 3.b 4.a 5.d


Chapter 5
2. Which one of the following is the list type that will create a bulleted list?
(a) Unordered (b) Option
(c) Decorated (d) Ordered
3. Which html tag is use to render text as italics?
(a) (b)
(c) (d) Text style=”italics”
4. We can view the source code of html in
(a) Notepad (b) Power point
(c) Excel (d) Paint
5. To wrap the text to the next line, the tag used for

(c) (d)

Answer. 1.a 2.a 3.b 4.a 5.aNCERT 9TH CLASS COMPUTER SCIENCE BOOK OBJECTIVE QUESTION next chapter 6

Chapter 6
Security Threats and Safety
1. Which of the following is an anti-virus program
(a) Norton (b) Quick heal
(c) K7 (d) All of these
2. All of the following are examples of real security and privacy threats except:
(a) Hackers (b) Spam
(c) Virus (d) Worm
3. Trojan horses are very similar to virus in the matter that they are computer programs
that replicate copies of themselves.
(a) True (b) False
4. _____________ monitors user activity on internet and transmit that information in the
background to someone else.
(a) Malware (b) Adware
(c) Spyware (d) None of these
5. Viruses are __________.
(a) Man made (b) Naturally occur
(c) Machine made (d) All of the above
6. Firewall is a type of ____________.
(a) Virus (b) Worm
(c) Security threat (d) None of the above
7. Unsolicited commercial email is known as ____________.
(a) Spam (b) Virus
(c) Malware (d) Spyware

Answer. 1.d 2.a 3.b 4.c 5.a 6.d 7.a

Computer MCQ Questions