Computer MCQ Questions for Class 4 with Answers

Computer General Knowledge Questions for Class 4

Here is a list of Computer GK questions in English for class 4,

1) MacOS is the operating system created by _____

a) Apple

b) Microsoft

c) Google

d) IBM

2) High Sierra was released in 2017. It is a/an ______

a) Operating System

b) Graphic User Interface

c) Modem

d) Router

3) ________ is known as the father of computers.

a) Clifford Berry

b) Alan Turing

c) Douglas Englebart

d) Charles Babbage

4) ______ invented Java Programming language in 1994.

a) Dennis Ritchie

b) Yukihiro Matsumoto

c) Bjarne Stroustrup

d) James Gosling

5) 1 TB (Terabyte) is equal to ______

a) 100 GB

b) 1000 GB

c) 10 GB

d) 10000 GB

6) Dennis Ritchie is known as the father of ______ language

a) Python

b) C

c) Java

d) None of the above

7) ______ is not a programming language


b) Java

c) Python

d) C++

8) bit is short for ______

a) binary tree

b) Bivariate Theory

c) Binary digit

d) None of the above

9) ASCII Code is a ________.

a) 10 bit code

b) 9 bit code

c) 7 bit code

d) 5 bit code

10) A motherboard is also known as mainboard, main circuit board, baseboard, logic board

a) True

b) False

11) A hard disk drive (HDD), is a data storage device that stores and retrieves digital data .

a) False

b) True

12) Pratyush is a supercomputer established at _______

a) Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM)

b) Indian Institute of Science

c) Indian Institute of Astrophysics

d) None of the above

13) World’s fastest supercomputer is ______

a) Fugaku Supercomputer

b) Mihir

c) Cray XC 40

d) None of the above

14) The tasks performed by Excel is similar to _______

a) Word

b) Powerpoint

c) Microsoft Outlook

d) Spreadsheet

15) Central Processing Unit (CPU) has which of the following components?

a) Control Unit

b) ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit)

c) Memory or storage unit

d) All of the above


1. a) 2. a) 3. d) 4. d) 5. b)
6. b) 7. a) 8. c) 9. c) 10. a)
11. b) 12. a) 13. a) 14. d) 15. d)

Computer MCQ Questions