CAD CAM Lecture Notes | Syllabus, Reference Books and Important Questions

CAD-CAM Lecture Notes: CAD-CAM Lecture Notes are well-designed according to the latest pattern of the syllabus. The pdf aims to brush up on candidate’s knowledge regarding automation fundamentals, design process, implementation, and processing of CAD techniques. These notes come become handy and make it effortless for graduates to attempt the exam in the desired format.

Candidates will get information about the up-to-date Curriculum, Reference Books, and a List of Important Questions through CAD-CAM Lecture Notes PDF. Students can refer to the Big Data Lecture Notes For CSE as per the latest and updated syllabus from this article.

Lecture notes on CAD-CAM represent a thorough and concise outline of the most vital points about geometric modeling, manufacturing systems, and more. This pdf offers crucial background information about the subject, including details about system and application software, curve representation, blending functions, and programming.

The article given below helps the students access the best CAD CAM Lecture Notes as per the latest curriculum.

Introduction to CAD-CAM

CAD/ CAM refers to Computer-aided design and Computer-aided manufacturing. This software tool is mainly used to design and create prototypes, production runs of products, and finished products. Many designers, engineers, and architects use CAD tools to create digital 2D and 3D drawings for numerous spaces and items. The software enables designers to test the objects by inspiring real-world conditions. CAM majorly uses data that is geometrically designed to control computerised machinery. Its key role is to enable components to have accurate dimensions plus material consistency.

CAD CAM Lecture Notes and Study Material PDF Free Download

Pdf on CAD CAM demonstrates the broad spectrum of automated systems that enhance manufacturing productivity. It involves programmable controllers, microprocessor-based automated systems, robots, and computer controllers. CAD-CAM lecture notes cover material handling technologies, manufacturing support systems, automation and control technologies, and more. The pdf contains information about mixed-model assembly line analysis, inspection principles, quality assurance, manufacturing systems, and more.

Candidates can enhance their understanding of design, marketing, and integration of information by referring to CAD CAM lecture notes pdf. It becomes hassle-free for students to refer to these notes and understand the concepts like interactive computer graphics, automated inspections, and flexible manufacturing systems.

CAD CAM Reference Books

CAD CAM reference books are suitable for students pursuing advanced undergraduate courses in the field of computer-aided design and manufacturing. These books offer in-depth knowledge of CAM. Students can go through with certain topics like programmable logic controllers, computer control, geometric modelling, and more by referring to these books.

Reference books on CAD/ CAM cover numerical control programming, manufacturing systems, automation fundamentals, material handling, group technology, and more. Easy-to-understand language and various solved problems help candidates to prepare well for exams. Here is the list of some of the best reference books for CAD CAM:

  • David Bedworth and Philip Wolfe- Computer Integrated Design and Manufacturing
  • Concurrent Design of Products and Processes by D E Whitney and V L Nevins
  • CAD/ CAM: Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing by E Zimmers and M Groover
  • Automation, Production Systems, and Computer Integrated Manufacturing by M P Groover
  • P N Rao- Computer-Aided Manufacturing
  • T C Tang and R A Wysk- Introduction to Automated Process Planning
  • Robots and Manufacturing by C R Asfahi
  • Mastering Cad/ Cam by Ibrahim Zeid

CAD CAM Syllabus

It is always advisable to acknowledge and have a grip over the entire syllabus so that students don’t feel isolated on the final day. CAD CAM syllabus allows students to go through the important topics and analyse the uses of the software. Check out the entire syllabus for CAD CAM and mark critical topics and speedy and efficient revision:

Unit I
  • Fundamentals of CAD CAM
  • Design Process
  • Automation
  • Computer Configuration for CAD Applications
  • CAD Database and Structure
  • Design Workstation
  • Computer Peripherals for CAD
  • Graphic Terminal
  • Benefits of CAD
  • Application of Computers for Design
  • Definition of System and Application Software

Geometric Modeling:

  • Interpolation and Approximation of Curves
  • Wire Frame Entities and Their Definitions
  • 3-D Wire Frame Modeling
  • Curve Fitting Techniques
  • Definitions of Bezier, Cubic Spline, and B-Spline
  • Concept of Parametric and Non-Parametric Representation of Curves
Unit- II Surface Modelling:

  • Parametric Space of Surface
  • Algebraic and Geometric Form
  • Parametrization of Surface Patch
  • Blending Functions
  • Cylindrical Surface
  • Composite Surface
  • Regenerative Surface and Pathological Conditions
  • Bezier Surface and B-Spline Surface
  • Surface of Revolution

Solid Modelling: 

  • Definition of Spatial Occupancy and Cell Composition
  • Constructive Solid Geometry 
  • Boundary Representations
  • Sweep Representations
Unit- III NC Control Production Systems:

  • Elements of NC System
  • PostProcessor
  • Numerical Control
  • NC Part Programming
  • Methods of NC Part Programming
  • Manual Part Programming
  • Computerized Part Program
  • CNC, DNC, and Adaptive Control Systems
  • Computer Assisted Part Programming

List of CAD CAM Important Questions

While preparing for the annual exams, many students trouble with a wide list of topics. They sometimes get confused and want assistance to know vital concepts. Practising important questions for CAD CAM will help them to prepare well and secure a good percentage in final tests. Here is the list of CAD CAM important questions:

  1. Write the general configuration of a CAD Computer System.
  2. How CAD is a helpful industrial activity?
  3. Explain the requirement for the concatenation of transformations.
  4. Which database models are most preferable?
  5. Explain different kinds of CAD/ CAM systems.
  6. Write in brief about principal classifications of the geometric modelling systems.
  7. Derive equations for the cubic line.
  8. Explain what is a hybrid solid modeller.
  9. What difficulties can be faced in using conventional numerical control?
  10. Describe different methods of part formation.
  11. What is the spatial occupancy?
  12. Explain group technology.
  13. What defines Dwell?
  14. Which points are useful to control the Bezier Curve shape?
  15. What is the use of a BOM structure?
  16. Define what is an arc in CAD practice.
  17. Give some advantages to applying GT.
  18. What does the UCS icon signify?
  19. Explain the regenerative surface and pathological conditions.
  20. Give some applications of computers for design.

Frequently Asked Questions on CAD CAM Lecture Notes

Question 1.
Is learning CAD CAM difficult?

Some CAD programs and 3D applications have impartially steep learning curves due to which students find it tough to learn. Moreover, due to high complexity, it requires tremendous practice and commitment to solving vital questions.

Question 2.
How quickly can one prepare for the CAD CAM exam?

If candidates dedicate their time towards CAD/ CAM learning every day and go through with the lecture notes, they can prepare for the exam effectively. Studying notes pdf can make students fluent in the subject rapidly.

Question 3.
What makes CAD-CAM notes advantageous?

CAD-CAM permits the alteration, advancement, and optimization of the design process. Referring to lecture notes help candidates to make more accurate representations and modify the required program and enhance design quality.

Question 4.
What is the scope after getting a CAD CAM degree?

Engineering and designing is a rewarding career only if students have a great interest in it. Getting a degree in CAD CAM means candidates become capable of designing technical projects, mechanical designs, civil engineering, and more.


CAD CAM Lecture Notes Pdf provided above aims to help candidates in acknowledging the crucial concepts from the exam perspective. The study materials presented are intensive to assist candidates and clear their doubts. Students preparing for CAD/ CAM exams can refer to and practice these lecture notes.