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JNTUH BTech Third Year Metallurgical Engineering Syllabus

Aspirants are recommended to check out the Jntuh Btech Metallurgical Engineering 3rd year Syllabus from here and grasp all subjects covered in Sem-1 & Sem-2. Also, you can view JNTUK & other institutes’ Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgy Engineering Third Year Syllabus list via the below sections.

III Year I Semester:

  • Management Fundamentals for Engineers
  • Professional Elective – I
  • Fuels, Furnaces & Refractories
  • Nanomaterials
  • Computational Materials Engineering
  • Mechanical Metallurgy
  • Iron Making and Steel Making Technologies
  • Materials Processing – I
  • Mechanical Metallurgy lab
  • Materials Processing Lab -I
  • Fuels Lab

III Year II Semester:

  • Open Elective – I
  • Engineering Materials
  • Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists
  • Non-Ferrous Extractive Metallurgy
  • Materials Processing – II
  • Environmental Degradation of Materials
  • Professional Elective – II
  • Advanced Iron and Steel Making
  • Composite Materials
  • Electronic Materials
  • Materials Processing Lab -II
  • Advanced English Communication Skills Lab
  • Environmental Degradation of Materials Lab
  • Indian Constitution

JNTUK Bachelor of Technology III Year Metallurgical Engineering Syllabus

III Yr I Sem:

  • Foundry Technology
  • Steel Making
  • Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis
  • Phase Transformations and Heat Treatment
  • Material Testing and Evaluation
  • Foundry Technology Lab
  • Heat Treatment Lab
  • Material Testing and Evaluation Lab
  • IPR & Patents

III Yr II Sem:

  • Materials Joining Techniques
  • Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Materials Characterization
  • Metal Forming
  1. Waste Water Management
  2. Robotics
  3. DBMS
  4. CAD/CAM
  5. Functional Materials
  6. Metallurgical Analysis
  • Materials Joining Lab
  • Metal Forming Lab
  • Materials Characterization Lab
  • Professional Ethics & Human Values

Some of the Major Universities Prescribed BTech Metallurgica Engineering 3rd Year Syllabus

Deformation and Fracture Behaviour of Materials Steel Making
Physics Metallurgy- I Foundry Metallurgy
Iron Making Extraction of Non-ferrous Metals
Chemical Kinetics and Mass Transfer Solid-State Phase Transformation Processes
Electro-Chemistry and Corrosion Physics of Metals

List of Suggested Books for Btech Metallurgical Engineering III Year Course Subjects

Here is the list of recommended books for Btech 3rd year metallurgical engineering course subjects, that students may get help from during their preparation.

  • Metals Handbook Vol. 5 published by ASM, Ohio’
  • Making Shaping and Treating of Steels by United States Steel Corporation, Pittsburgh.
  • Dr. B. Kuberudu and Dr. T. V. Ramana: Managerial Economics & Financial Analysis, Himalaya Publishing House, 2014.
  • Heat Treatment of metals-Zakharv-Mir Publishers
  • Engineering Materials Science – CW Richards
  • Intellectual Property Rights (Patents & Cyber Law), Dr. A. Srinivas. Oxford University Press, New Delhi.
  • JF Lancaster: Welding Metallurgy
  • Operations Management by J.G Monks, McGrawHill Publishers
  • Modern Metallographic Techniques & their application – victor Phillips
  • Kurt Lange “Handbook of Metal Forming”, Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Michigan, USA, 1988
  • Environmental Engineering-II: Sewage disposal and Air pollution Engineering, by Garg, S.K., Khanna publishers
  • Robotic Engineering / Richard D. Klafter, Prentice Hall
  • Database Systems design, Implementation, and Management, Peter Rob & Carlos Coronel 7th Edition.
  • Mel Schwartz, “ Encyclopedia of Smart Materials”, Vol. I, John Wiley and Sons, USA, 2002
  • Agarwal, B.C. and Jain S.P., A Text Book of Metallurgical Analysis, Khanna Publishers, Delhi -1963

Metallurgical Engineering III Year Reference Books

Metallurgy and Materials Important Questions List

  • What is a Metallic Bond? How does the type of bonding influence the properties of crystals?
  • Explain Gibbs Phase Rule and its Importance?
  • Describe Ionic Bond, Covalent Bond, Metallic Bond?
  • Draw the unit cells of BCC, FCC, HCP crystal structures?
  • Explain the importance of equilibrium diagrams in the development of new alloys?
  • Define peritectic, eutectoid, and eutectic reactions?
  • Explain electron compounds?
  • What are intermetallic compounds?
  • Name the allotropic forms of iron and explain the lattice structure of each?
  • Draw the iron-iron carbide equilibrium diagram and label all the regions?
  • What are carbides?
  • Explain various nitrides?
  • Discuss applications of c-c composites?
  • Write briefly about thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics?
  • Explain the manufacture of Fibre reinforced plastic and Bring out the typical applications of FRP?

Metallurgy and Materials Important Questions

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