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Learn effectively with our handy exam preparation resource materials and plan your preparation strategy respectively to score good grades in the exams. Hence, save your time by referring to our provided Btech Civil Engineering Third Year Lecture Notes Pdf & study well to enhance your subject knowledge. Also, you can collect extra study materials like syllabus, recommended books, important review questions list from this page along with Btech III Yr Civil Notes Pdf.

JNTUH Bachelor of Technology Third Year Civil Engineering Syllabus

Have a glance at these sections and get knowledge about the entire Syllabus of JNTU Hyderabad BTech Civil Engineering Third Year Course. Here, we have also given JNTUK and other Major Institutes or Universities Civil Engineering Syllabus of Btech III Year. Plan your preparation strategy by taking help from Btech 3rd Year Civil Syllabus.

III Year I Semester:

  • Structural Analysis-II
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering –I (RCC)
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Professional Elective-I
    • Concrete Technology
    • Theory of Elasticity
    • Rock Mechanics
  • Engineering Economics and Accountancy
  • Highway Engineering and Concrete Technology Lab
  • Geotechnical Engineering Lab
  • Advanced Communication Skills Lab
  • Intellectual Property Rights

III Year II Semester:

  • Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Structural Engineering –II (Steel)
  • Professional Elective –II
    • Prestressed Concrete
    • Elements of Earth Quake Engineering
    • Advanced Structural Analysis
  • Open Elective –I
  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  • Computer-Aided Design Lab
  • Environmental Science

JNTUK BTech Civil Engineering III Year Syllabus List

III Year I Semester:

  • Management Science
  • Engineering Geology
  • Structural Analysis -II
  • Design & Drawing of Reinforced Concrete
  • Transportation Engineering – II

III Year II Semester:

  • Design & Drawing of Steel Structures
  • Geotechnical Engineering – I
  • Environmental Engineering -I
  • Water Resource Engineering -I
    i. Electronic Instrumentation
    ii. Data Base Management Systems
    iii. Alternative Energy Sources
    iv. Waste Water Management
    v. Fundamentals of Liquefied Natural
    vi. Green Fuel Technologies

Major Universities Btech Third Year Civil Engineering Syllabus

Semester- V Semester- VI
  • Hydrology and water resource engineering.
  • Infrastructure Engineering and Construction Techniques
  • Structural Design –I
  • Structural analysis – II
  • Fluid Mechanics – II
  • Advanced Surveying
  • Project Management and Engineering Economics
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Structural Design – II
  • Environmental Engineering – I

Suggested Books of Btech Third Year Civil Engineering Course

Having proper knowledge about the subjects involved in the Btech Civil engineering Third Year Course is necessary to decide how to kickstart your preparation and what to focus on & whatnot. So, concentrating on Btech 3rd Yr Civil Engineering subjects we have listed out some important study resource called Reference Books. These books are recommended by subject experts and toppers so students should trust & practice more with these Bachelor of Technology Third Year Civil Engineering Reference Books.

  • Mechanics of Structures Vol –II by H.J. Shah and S.B. Junnarkar, Charotar Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.
  • Geotechnical Engineering by C. Venkataramiah, New age International Pvt. Ltd, (2002).
  • Design of Reinforced Concrete Foundations – P.C. Varghese Prentice Hall of India
  • Partha Chakraborty and Animesh Das, Principles of Transportation Engineering, PHI, 2013
  • Concrete: Micro structure, Properties and Materials – P.K. Mehta and J.M. Monteiro, McGraw Hill Publishers
  • Theory of Elasticity by Gurucharan Singh.
  • Structural Design in Steel, Sarwar Alam Raz, New Age International Publishers, New Delhi
  • Design of Steel Structures, M. Raghupathi, Tata Mc. Graw-Hill
  • Fundamentals of Soil Mechanics, D. W. Taylor, Wiley.
  • An introduction to Geotechnical Engineering, Holtz and Kovacs; Prentice Corridor.
  • Water Provide and Sanitary Engineering – G. S. Birdie and J. S. Birdie
  • Environmental Engineering, D. Srinivasan, PHI Studying Personal Restricted, New Delhi, 2011.
  • Engineering Hydrology Subramanya, K, Tata McGraw-Hill Education Pvt Ltd, (2013),New Delhi.
  • Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structure, Santosh Kumar Garg, Khanna Publishers.

List of Important Review Questions for BTech 3rd Year Civil Engineering

Solving and practicing the previous year’s questions help students to understand the concept’s importance and how important they are for the final exams. So, here we have compiled a list of some important questions for Btech Civil Engineering 3rd year subjects. Prepare well with these review questions and secure high marks in the exams.

  1. Explain the following:
    (i) Storage capacity of reservoir
    (ii) Fire demand?
  2. What are the requirements of good disinfectants?
  3. Which is the most suitable low-cost method of sewage treatment in tropical countries? Discuss its working principle and advantages?
  4. Write the relation between load, shear force, and bending moment acting on a structure
  5. Where do you get rolling loads in practice?
  6. A beam of 12m span is subjected to a point load of 125kN at point E as shown in figure 1. Find the slopes at point A, B, C & E, and the deflections at points C, D & E . Use the conjugate beam method.
  7. How does orthotolidin test carries out? What are the points to be noted in this test?
  8. State the procedure of starch –iodide test?
  9. a) A 300 mm diameter pipe carries water under a head of 20 m with a velocity of 3.5 m/s. If the axis of the pipe turns through 45, calculate the magnitude and the direction of the resultant force at the bend.
  10. Define compressible and incompressible flows with examples.

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