Automation of Whatsapp Messages to unknown Users using selenium and Python

Nowadays, we have to send messages to multiple users for either personal reasons or for commercial as well as business reasons. 

How amazing it will be if we don’t have to send messages again and again typing the same thing to more than 100 contacts. It will be hectic and boring.
In this article, we will be making a WhatsApp bot that will automate the messages and send the messages to multiple users at the same time without you typing it again and again.

This Bot will make your work easy and will be less time-consuming.

Let’s get ready to make an automation bot!

Importing the modules:

To make this automation Bot, we have to import some modules.

Firstly, we have to import selenium and python as a basic step.

To import selenium type the following command in your terminal:

python -m pip install selenium

Now we have to install WebDriver.

For doing so, go on geckodriver releases page and find the latest version suitable for your desktop.

Extract the file and copy the path and write it in your code.

Let’s get started with the code!

Working on the code:

The first and foremost task is to import the selenium modules which will be used in the code.

from selenium import webdriver
from csv import reader
import time