Android Studio Shortcut Keys | Most Important Shortcut Keys for Andriod Studio

Android Studio Shortcut Keys: Humankind has seen various changes throughout the years. One of the most extensive changes in humankind is the development of technology over the years. The technological sector controls a country’s economy and future; hence, it is an integral part of society and human life.

Computers are electronic computational devices that allow users to carry out simple and very complex calculations electronically.

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In today’s world, most of the careers centered around industrial or technological development have made the use of computers mandatory and created to advance various fields existing in society.

Most jobs related to these fields demand precise and quality content from their clients and have made the use of computers mandatory for the completion of a simple task; hence having computer knowledge is a requirement to secure any job presently in the world.

Computer developers have sought to make computation easier for users worldwide to decrease workload and increase efficiency. One of the significant steps taken to reduce the pressure of learning computers and applying computer knowledge to the task at hand is developing keyboard shortcut keys.

This article discusses the shortcut keys included in the keyboard that users must have in-depth knowledge about in the present scenario to secure the dream job that has to do with the technology sector.

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What Is Meant By The Phrase ‘Shortcut Keys’?

Android studio keyboard shortcuts: Keyboards are an integral part that helps users to have control over a computer system. They make an extremely important functional segment of a computer system.

Computer keyboards are made of several keys designed to serve a range of various purposes while used by users worldwide.

Developers of electronic computers have come up with a range of different key groups that invoke a response from the computer system according to the users’ needs when used in a specific way.

This set of keys that helps achieve the desired outcome in less time and by spending less effort is known as ‘keyboard shortcut keys.’ Shortcut keys have myriad benefits to offer to its users that are explained in detail below.

A List of General Android Studio Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Android studio shortcuts: Given below is a List of the generally used Android Studio Keyboard Shortcut Keys.

Keys used Function
Ctrl + S Used to save all projects
Ctrl + Alt + Y Used to synchronize items
Ctrl + Shift + F12 Used to maximize or minimize the editor
Alt + Shift + F Used to add file to favourites
Alt + Shift + I Used to inspect the current file with current profile
Ctrl + Backquote sign Used as a quick switch scheme
Ctrl + Alt + S Used to open dialog settings
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S Used to open the dialog box for project structure
Ctrl + Tab Button Used to switch between tabs and tool windows
Ctrl + Plus Sign Used to zoom in content
Ctrl + Minus Sign Used to zoom out content
Ctrl + O Used to zoom content to fit
Spacebar + Click and Drag Used as pan function
Ctrl + B Used to go to XML
Ctrl + G Used to group items into a nested group
Tab button or Shift + Tab button Used to cycle through multiple destinations
E Used to control render error panel
Ctrl + A Used to select all the destinations
Ctrl + Click or Shift + Click Used to select multiple destinations under navigation tools

Android Studio Shortcut Keys 2

A List of Android Studio Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Navigation and Searching

Below is a List of the Android Studio Keyboard Shortcut Keys used for Navigation and Searching:

Keys used Function
Press the Shift button twice Used to search all options such as codes, menus, etc.
Ctrl + F Used as the find option
F3 Used to find next content
Shift + F3 Used to find the previous content
Ctrl + R Used as a replace function in Android Studio
Ctrl + Shift + A Used to find action
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N Used to search by symbol names
Ctrl + N Used to find class
Ctrl + Shift + F Used to find in path
Ctrl + F12 Used to open the file structure
Alt + Right Arrow or Left Arrow Key Used to navigate between the open editor tabs
Ctrl + Enter or F4 Used to jump to the source
Shift + F4 Used to open the current editor tab in a new window
Ctrl + E Used to display recently opened files
Ctrl + Shift + E Used to display the recently edited files
Ctrl + Shift + Backspace Key Used to go to the last edit location
Ctrl + F4 Used to close the active editor tab
Esc Key Used to return from the tool window to the editor window
Shift + Esc Key Used to hide the currently active or last active tool
Ctrl + Shift + H Used to open method hierarchy

A List of Android Studio Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Viewing and Editing Layouts

Android Studio Keyboard Shortcut Keys used for Viewing and Editing Layouts:

Keys used Function
Ctrl + plus sign Used to zoom in
Ctrl + minus sign Used to zoom out
Ctrl + O Used to zoom to fit size
Spacebar + click and drag Used to activate pan
B Used to control design and blueprint modes
O Used to control the portrait and landscape modes
D Used to control devices
R Used to force the refresh function
E Used to control render errors in the panel
Ctrl + Click or Del key Used to delete the constraints
Ctrl + B Used to go to XML
Ctrl + A Used to select all the components
Shift + click or Ctrl + Click Used to selects multiple components
Alt + Insert Key Used to generate the codes such as getters, setters, equals, new files, etc.
Ctrl + G Used to group into nested graphs
Tab button or Shift + Tab button Used to cycle through different destinations

A List of Android Studio Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Debugging and Refactoring

Android Studio Keyboard Shortcut Keys used for the purpose of Debugging and Refactoring are discussed below:

Keys used Function
Shift + F9 Used as the debug function
F7 Used as a step into function
Shift + F7 Used as the smart step into option
Shift + F8 Used as step out option
Alt + F9 Used to run to the cursor
Alt + F8 Used to evaluate the expression
F9 Used to resume a program
Ctrl + F8 Used to toggle the breakpoints in the program
Ctrl + Shift + F8 Used to view the breakpoints
F5 Used as the copy option
F6 Used as the move option
Alt + Del Key Used as the safe delete option
Shift + F6 Used to rename programs
Ctrl + F6 Used to change the signature
Ctrl + Alt + N Used as Inline function
Ctrl + Alt + V Used to extract variable
Ctrl + Alt + F Used to extract field
Ctrl + Alt + M Used to extract method
Ctrl + Alt + C Used to extract constant
Ctrl + Alt + P Used to extract parameter

Android Studio Shortcut Keys 1

A List of Android Studio Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Local History Control and Build and Run Commands

The List of essential Android Studio Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Local History Control and Build and Run Commands are compiled below:

Keys used Function
Ctrl + F9 Used as the build command
Shift + F10 Used to activate the build and run command
Ctrl + F10 Used to apply the changes and restart the activity
Ctrl + Alt + F10 Used to apply the code changes
Ctrl + K Used to commit a project to VCS
Ctrl + T Used to update a project from VCS
Alt + Shift + C Used to view the recent changes
Alt + Backquote Used to open VCs group

A List of Android Studio Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Local History Control and Build and Run Commands

Conclusion on Android Studio Shortcut Keys

Keyboard shortcut keys aid users in a plethora of ways, as discussed explicitly in this article. They help users achieve precision in work and help them finish their tasks faster than the general methods of computing, which involve several necessary steps.

Android Studio keyboard shortcuts can come in handy when users want to achieve faster results but simultaneously maintain the quality of their work.

It cuts downtime and helps produce quality content which jobs are usually in demand in the current scenario. Hence having knowledge of keyboard shortcut keys can benefit users in ways that will help them manage work-related problems and their lives better.