Android project ideas – Top Android Project Ideas & Topics for Beginners to try on

Android project ideas: We all are well aware of the term ‘Android’ because our lives revolve around it. Android is a Linux-based operating system that became popular in a short period, and now it is in every smartphone and tablet. Android is considered to be an open-source software that was developed and created by a consortium of developers who were known as the Open Handset Alliance. Android got licensed under Apache license and was sponsored by Google. If you are an android programming beginner, then you should try to work on multiple android project ideas for better understanding.

Practical knowledge is always a better approach than theoretical knowledge because when you complete tasks in a real-time working environment, you learn many skills. In this article, we are going to discuss some interesting android project ideas for beginners so that they can try them out and learn from them. We have listed a total of 20 android project ideas in this article.

20 Different and Unique Android Project Ideas to Develop Your Skills

Android app project ideas: We made this list of android project ideas for students who want to learn and grow. The ideas we have listed here are suited for beginners, intermediates as well as experts. When you start working on one of these ideas, you will get to know all the practicalities that are involved in android development before starting your career as an android developer.

If you are one of those students who want to learn and develop their skills to stand out from others, then you are at the right place. These android project ideas for students will definitely improve your skill if you start working on one of them. So without making any further ado, let’s dig into the article and see what ideas are there for you.

Here is the list of android project ideas that will surely help you to improve and move forward in your career:

Android Based Function Generator

Have you ever thought of using android smartphones as signal generators for executing everyday and routine tasks? Well, if you haven’t thought of this, then start thinking because it is possible.

An android-based function generator is one of the best android project ideas to start experimenting as a student in order to improve skills by understanding the practicalities. This android based function generator comes with an output range of audio frequency which is emitted from the audio jack of smartphones and it ranges between 20Hz – 20,000Hz.

The functions that come with android-based function generators include square-wave, triangular-wave, sine-wave, sawtooth-wave, and all this comes within the range of 20Hz – 20,000Hz. If you want to test the signals created by the android based function generator, then you can take the help of a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) and Windows PC-based CRO software (Telescope).

If you want to amplify the signals generated by the function generator, then you can do it with an amplifier. This is possible only when you decide to interface the function generator with other external devices. However, when you are trying to amplify the signal, make sure that you are using an appropriate protection circuit to prevent any damage to the mobile phone.

Software-Defined Radio

If you are a beginner, then you should start with this android project idea because it will suit you well. Previously SDR hardware only had one use, which was to support high-end computer systems but thanks to the advancement of the world’s technology that now SDR hardware is also used as a support system for mobile phones.

This project aims to explain how RTL-SDR dongles can perform as an SDR receiver when you combine your android smartphone with an OTG technology. RTL-SDR are capable of receiving signals that range between 25MHz-1.75GHz. When an SDR system is combined with an android smartphone, it possesses the following features:

  • The RTL-SDR dongle has the ability to make your android smartphone compatible with FM signals so that you can hear live FM broadcasts.
  • If you want, you can demodulate the amplitude modulation (AM) signal; you just need to tweak or modify the setup that is fixed between the supported frequency ranges.
  • With the RTL-SDR dongle, you can easily access the Radio Data System values of FM broadcast signals.
  • Using the android app, you can easily view the FM signal spectrum.

Home Automation System Using Arduino Uno

Seeing the name of the project, you must have got some idea about it; this project is meant for building and designing an android-based automation system by leveraging Arduino Uno along with the help of Bluetooth, which acts as the wireless communication medium. This home automation system has a simple design that is not that complex, and you can use this to control a maximum of three appliances at your home. If you want, you can extend this to six appliances. This home automation system is considered to be one of the best android project ideas for students.

There are few electronic components that you need to include in this project, and this project doesn’t require any intricate soldering. There are three core components in this project which are Arduino Uno R3 (Board), HC-05 Bluetooth Module and three relays (RL1 through RL3). The main purpose of this app is to turn electronic appliances on/off, which are connected through three relays with the help of a smartphone with an android app. When you mention in your CV that you have worked on this android project practically, it will put a positive impact on the recruiter.

IoT-Based Notification System

Nowadays, the security of oneself has become an important factor in everyone’s life. People are using multiple ways to secure their homes from any future danger. This scenario increased the demand for IoT-powered smart home systems. An IoT-enabled home security solution comes with multiple sensors that are helpful for collecting and sharing data from multiple devices. So, whenever an outsider or an external force tries to breach the system or threaten to violate it, the underlying function logic that comes with the smart system alerts the owners so that they can take the necessary actions before it’s too late. This android project idea for developers is considered one of the best practical practices.

Under this project, you can try to develop an IoT-based notification system that will include alerts for fire alarms, doorbells, door sensors, and motion detectors. Sensors that are used are magnetic reed switches which are made for doors and windows. This project makes use of the PIR sensor for motion detection and the NTC Thermistor for fire alarm. Whenever any emergency arises, the IoT-based notification system uses its sensors to trigger an event and then it starts sending relevant notifications to your smartphone.

There are two apps, namely Raspberry Pi and Pushover app, that act as a tech base for the above IoT solution. If you are hearing about the Pushover app for the first time, then let me give you a small overlook of this app; it is considered to be a web/mobile service that is responsible for acting as a gateway for notifications. This app is eligible to send notifications for anything, including emails, home alerts, job postings, etc.  The best part about the IoT solution is that it allows you to access the alarm indications from any location in the world.

Android Bluetooth-Based Chatting App

One of the best android project ideas that you can experiment on and gain some practical knowledge is an android based chatting app. Bluetooth is considered to be the cheapest method to facilitate wireless communication. In today’s world, every smartphone has Bluetooth in it for enabling wireless communication. Under this project, you will need to grasp android’s open-source API in order to use it for developing a Bluetooth-based chatting application that will be responsible for creating a connection between smartphones via Bluetooth in order to allow message exchange between two devices.

When you are working on the design of the project, make sure that you pair the Bluetooth enable devices before starting to use the Bluetooth communication portal for different security reasons. All the devices that are connected will remain shared on the RFCOMM channel for the purpose of data transmission. You can use a Bluetooth adapter for getting the Bluetooth activity, or you can obtain the Bluetooth connection intent when you have to use the onActivity result method.

Smart Travel Guide Application

The main goal of this android project idea is to create an app that can act as a guide for those who love to travel and explore new places. This app offers all travel-related information to a person who is planning a trip. The aim of this project idea is to create a traveling app that travelers can access from anywhere or at any time. The functions of this app are based on request and response, which is why it doesn’t require the continual acquisition of bandwidth.

When travelers travel to new places, they always complain that they do not receive appropriate information about that place. Obtaining timely information about different places is essential for travelers. This smart travel guide app aims to resolve this problem by developing feature-rich texts, videos, pictures, or answers to different travel-related queries questioned by the tourist. This app aims to make your travel experience better. Modules of this app include location in map, video search, current location, weather forecast, and calculated distance between two spots.

For designing this kind of apps, developers require Mashup technology because this technology is based on open web APIs and has the ability to integrate applications and data sources in order to develop unique web services for making the user experience better.

Surveillance Camera

You must have noticed that surveillance cameras are now used everywhere, starting from home to business offices and industrial areas. They are installed to capture every activity for security purposes. In this project idea, you will learn how to develop a surveillance camera based on Raspberry Pi. This camera will be responsible for recording high-quality videos whenever it senses some movement within its range. You can also take a live view of the area covered by the camera from the web or your smartphone. If you want to view the Raspi camera module on your android device, then you need to install an app known as RaspiCam remote.

For developing the security camera, you need to connect the Raspi camera with the Raspberry Pi, which will enable the streaming of live video. The best choice for this project, considering its magnitude, is Raspberry Pi because it is affordable and consumes less power. Using this app, you can also snap photographs from the surveillance camera.

Android Controlled Robot

From the name, you must have guessed what project idea we are going to propose now; it is a robot that you can control from your android smartphone with the help of an app. The circuit of the robot includes an ultrasonic transceiver module HC-SR04, Arduino Uno Board (BOARD1), Bluetooth Module JY MCU BT, DC Motors M1 and M2, motor driver L293D(C1), and other parts that are usually used to build such systems.

The circuit is powered by two 9V batteries; from these two, one battery powers the Arduino Board, and the other powers the motors. You can easily control the robot by sending different commands through Bluetooth.

The two most important features of the robot are:

  • You can easily control the robot via touch or voice commands. You can also control the speed of the robot.
  • The robot has the ability to sense the presence of an obstacle. The robot calculates the distance between him and the obstacle then informs the user about it. The robot can also identify the direction of the obstacle.

Home Automation System

This is one of the simplest android project ideas for students; beginners should start with this project because they will get to learn a lot from it. The project aims to create a simple and easy-to-use home automation system with the help of an android app. With the help of this automation system, you can control multiple electronic appliances by clicking some buttons or by voice command.  The command will travel via Bluetooth to Arduino Uno; this way, they will automate specific tasks completely.

The circuit of this automation system is made of an Arduino Uno board, a Bluetooth module HC-05 and a three-channel relay board. You can change the number of channels, but it depends on how many appliances you want to control with this automation system. The Arduino Uno board is powered by a 12V DC power adaptor. A board power supply of Arduino Uno has the ability to charge up both the Bluetooth module as well as the relay module. This project idea is one of the best ways to start with a developer career.

Arduino-Based Visitor Alarm

Under this project, you are required to create an alarm system that is based on Arduino Uno. This alarm system is productive in shops, clinics and front offices. The alarm system was developed with the aim to alert the owner of a property whenever a visitor enters his/her establishment. The alarm system alerts the owner with a beep sound whenever somebody opens the door. The alarm gets turned off after going on for some time.

The circuit of the alarm system is built with many parts, including an Arduino Uno Board, a Piezo Buzzer and a reed switch (S1). The Arduino Uno gets powered up with a 9V DC power supply. This system is considered to be based on an ATmega328 microcontroller which also includes 14 digital input/output pins, six analogue input pins, an ICSP header, a 9V-12V DC power jack, a reset button, and a USB connection which helps to program the onboard microcontroller. In order to operate it or make it work, you might require a 16MHz crystal oscillator.

Arduino-Based GPS Clock

GPS clocks are the ones that are synchronized and are well known for providing the most accurate time information. You can see GPS clocks used in different public areas where time matters a lot. Public areas which have GPS clocks installed are bus stands, airports, and railway stations. Military professionals and multiple defense wings also use these clocks. Working on such a project will give beginners a lot of exposure to the android world, which is why we consider this as one of the best android project ideas.

The GPS clocks circuit comes with different components such as the SIM28M GPS receiver module (GPS1), Arduino Uno board (BOARD1), a GPS antenna (ANT.1), a 9V DC power supply adaptors, and jumpers for header connection. Arduino Uno is the key component because it controls every process and it also receives GPS output signals. After getting the GPS output signal, Arduino is responsible for checking all the strings and stores the required strings in a string or an array inside the Arduino program. After storing the strings, Arduino extracts the time and date from it and then transfers the info to the LCD screen so that it can display the accurate date and time.

DC Motor Controller

Under this project, you will work to create an android powered DC motor controller which has the ability to control the DC motor’s speed in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. The whole thing gets controlled by an android application.

The Bluetooth modem is capable of receiving both direction and PWM commands. When you send commands using an android device, the Bluetooth device present in the other end receives them and sends them towards the microcontroller. The microcontroller is responsible for controlling the DC motor through a motor driver. There will be an LCD screen that will show the status of the DC motor.

First of all, to start the motor, you have to click on the start button present in the android application. Once you click on the start button, the motor will start running in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. Now the LCD screen will start displaying the system’s status and the speed of the motor. You have access to increase or decrease the speed of the motor in clockwise or anticlockwise direction through the android app.

Automatic Battery Charger

Under this project, you will be working to create a battery that has the power to automatically charge a 12V, 7Ah battery or higher. The circuit of the battery charger comes with multiple components such as Arduino Uno (Board1), an adjustable voltage regulator LM338 (IC1), 16×2 LCD (LCD1), 12V voltage regulator 7812 (IC2) and other standard components.

The software program that is required for this system is written in the Arduino programming language. To compile and upload this code, you need to take the help of Arduino IDE. ATmega328P present on the Arduino Uno board has the ability to incorporate a pre-programmed bootloader which can help to upload a new program without the use of external hardware.

A unique ability of this battery charger is that it automatically controls the charging current depending on the battery charging status. Arduino is responsible for identifying the status of the battery connection and voltage; It is then displayed on the LCD screen for you to see. On the LCD screen, you can see the battery voltage levels and charging status. When the battery gets fully charged, the charger will maintain a float voltage.

Railway Level Gate Crossing

Traditionally people use a lever to open or close railway gates. This traditional method brings many complications with it, one of which is the lever getting jammed. This type of complication can cause a lot of mayhem if not fixed at the right time. Keeping in mind these issues, we came up with a unique android project idea. Under this idea, you can create a railway level gate crossing system that you can operate from your android device. If you somehow manage to create this application, then it will simplify a lot of tasks. All you need to do is send the required commands from your android device to open or close the railway level gates.

This remote controlling android app can work on any android device. You need to attach a Bluetooth device with the railway gate for this system to work. The Bluetooth device connected will receive all the commands that you are sending from the android device. After receiving every command, it will get passed on to the 8051 microcontroller, which is responsible for performing the required actions. When it receives the command to open the gate, it will trigger the gate’s motor to open and vice versa.

Remote Password Security

This is a unique and interesting android project idea. Every person is concerned about the security of its private property, commercial property, or intellectual property. When there are security breaches, a lot of personal data goes into the wrong hands, and it might cause financial losses. Under this project, you will create a remote password security system that will allow only authorized users to change the password whenever required.

Under this security system, you can change the password by using an android app from your smartphone. The android app comes with an interactive GUI for the system, which is operated through an 8051 microcontroller.

The password of the user will get stored in an EEPROM. When you enter the password in the android device, a Bluetooth receiver will catch the signal and forward it to the microcontroller, which is responsible for verifying it to check its validity. If the verification goes well, the system will unlock.

Wrapping Up

So in this article, we have listed some of the best android project ideas that can help you explore the android world properly. You can choose one of these ideas and start working on it so that you can learn more skills. When you start doing everything practically, you will get to understand a lot.